Top 6 ways to increase safety in a car

Scientists and automakers have made a rating of ways that can save your life while driving. Before you get behind the wheel, read the following six provisions that can improve the safety of your car. I present the Top best ways to improve car safety:


  • 1. Steering wheel
  • 2. Headrest
  • 3. Headlights
  • 4. Interior temperature
  • 5.
  • 6. Cell phone

1. Steering wheel

If you sit very close to the steering wheelat the time of the impact, you will most likely hit the steering column before the air bag or belt tension opens. Therefore, adjust the seat so as to be as far from the steering wheel, but at the same time do not reach for it with your hands. Hands should be only slightly bent at the elbows.

2. Headrest

For maximum safety, the upper part of the head restraint should be at the level of the ears, it is easy to see and adjust by looking in the rear-view mirror. This measure will prevent a fracture of the cervical spine.


lights Here our dear inspectors of the traffic police came to meet you, who had already made a point in the traffic rules, according to which it is necessary to turn on the lights at any time of the day. According to some reports, this measure reduces the frontal collision by 5% and by 12% the probability of a pedestrian accident.

4. Interior temperature

If you have a long trip, then you need to set the temperature just below the comfortable one, so that God will not fall asleep behind the wheel. Another thing that can help is a periodic change in the temperature of the cabin.

5. Tires

It is necessary to monitor the condition of the tire, because of its deterioration and pressure. A worn-out tire at times increases the braking distance, and insufficient pressure can cause a change in the trajectory of movement, rocking the car on the road, and the wheel is more likely to burst. And you often hear on TV the phrase: "I failed to manage"? !

6. Cell phone

The question of whether the wireless headset is more secure, also becomes a very controversial statement recently, so it's better to turn off the phone while driving. After all, life is more expensive than a telephone conversation, is not it?

Here we have considered the top best ways to improve the safety of cars. Good luck on the road and always come back home!