TV rating 32 inches in 2016, the best models

TV is an integral part of home entertainment. We present to you the best TVs of 32 inches of 2016 .The rating is based on feedback from users of Yandex. Market.

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  • 10. SUPRA STV-LC32T850WL
  • 9. LG 32LB580U
  • 8. Fusion FLTV-32T24
  • 7. Samsung UE32H4290
  • 6. LG 32LF580V
  • 5. Sony KDL-32R303B
  • 4. LG 32LB570U
  • 3. LG 32LB572V
  • 1. LG 32LF653V


The price is from16 890 rubles.

Advantages of the model: deep sound, beautiful appearance, convenient form of the console, digital tuner, "omnivorous" player. The TV can be attached to the wall( mounts are included), and on a regular stand it stands very stably.

Disadvantages: if you look horizontally, at an angle of 45 degrees, then the red tones turn into white. Video files are not played when the hard drive exits sleep mode.

9. LG 32LB580U

The price is from 25 470 rubles.

Advantages: bright picture, the presence of SmartTV and Wi-Fi, many additional features, such as Miracast and Smartshare.

Disadvantages: a small number of applications with free channels, an uncomfortable remote.

8. Fusion FLTV-32T24

The price is from 15 450 rubles.

TV rating 32 inches in 2016 continues the model from a not too "promoted" brand. Advantages: realistic color rendering, good viewing angles, digital tuner and convenient remote control.

Disadvantages: The built-in player does not allow you to control subtitles and select soundtracks.

7. Samsung UE32H4290

The price is from 20 400 rubles.

Pluses: juicy and high-quality picture, a powerful 20-watt stereo sound. The model "reads" most video file formats, it has a picture-in-picture function, DVB-T2 signal reception capability, and Common Interface support.

Disadvantages: not very convenient menu, when switching channels, errors with scaling may occur.

6. LG 32LF580V

The price is from 23 240 rubles.

Another model from LG in the top of TVs. And although this is not the best 32-inch TV, it has what many other models lack: Wi-Fi, SmartTV, anti-glare screen, the ability to control TV from a smartphone( you need to download the program from Google Play), which reads all video player formats.

Disadvantages: if you switch to the TV Guide, the current transmission and sound will turn off and in the options you need to get to the sleep timer or turn off the screen for a long time.

5. Sony KDL-32R303B

The price is from 20 582 rubles.

Advantages: light model, which can be fixed on the wall, matte screen without glare, good viewing angles without fading pictures, there is a decoder DTS.

Disadvantages: Although the instructions state the frequency at 100 Hz, some users in the reviews complain of eye fatigue when viewing moving images. Mounting on the stand is unreliable, and a domestic pet can easily knock down the TV on the floor.

4. LG 32LB570U

The price is from 22 750 rubles.

Advantages: rich color rendering, attractive design, internet access( SmartTV) and Skype support.

Disadvantages: uncomfortable headphone input( located on the back of the internet cable).Requires an adapter for Wi-Fi( AN-WF500).

3. LG 32LB572V

The price is from 24 450 rubles.

The first three rating of TVs of 2016 for quality( 32 inches) is opened by another South Korean model. What did she like about the users? A smart SmartTV, IPS matrix, the ability to view any files from a flash drive and built-in satellite tuner with support for CI +.

Disadvantages: the channels are slowly switched and it is not very convenient to configure them. In order for Wi-Fi to work, you need to buy an AN-WF500 adapter.


The price is from 12 900 rubles. Advantages: large viewing angles( 176 °), natural colors( yellow and red - not "poisonous" as in many models), loud speakers, remote control with large control buttons, which is good for the elderly. And this is the most inexpensive TV in the rating.

Disadvantages: there is no built-in digital television decoder.

1. LG 32LF653V

The price is from 26 650 rubles.

And here is the best smart TV in 2016, 32 inches with excellent image quality. In it - the only one of the top 10 - there is 3D( glasses are included).And also Wi-Fi, SmartTV and a powerful speaker system( two speakers of 10 watts).

The only negative of this model is the price, the highest in the rating.