Top 10 gadgets to save from the heat

Winter is over, and spring and summer promise us many warm days. But sometimes the temperature grows too fast, and it is important to prepare in advance for the hot season. Here is the top-10 gadget that will allow you to survive the heat of .You can even take some of them with you if you are planning a summer vacation this year.

For those who love the coolness in the house, we selected the best air conditioners for the 2017 apartment in terms of price and quality.


  • 10. Cooling fan with water spray
  • 9. Knob-fan Breeze Pen Fan
  • 8. Thermostat Ecobee
  • 7. Refrigerator for car
  • 6. Cooling USB-roller from Brando
  • 5. Ice cream
  • 4. Smart bracelet NetatmoJune
  • 3. Dyson fan
  • 2. Car cloak WAECO MagicComfort
  • 1. Fan for bed BedFan

10. Cooling fan with water spray

Why use a traditional fan when you can choose a portable fan combined with a water spray? These unusual gadgets are smooth, light and inexpensive( from 350 rubles), which makes them a useful thing in the hot season. They work from conventional batteries. Powerful blades will chase a cool breeze on your face, and a single click on the "trigger" will spray the life-giving moisture( whether it's ordinary or mineral water).

9. Pen-fan Breeze Pen Fan

The small size of this gadget will allow you to take it to work, study or travel. It works surprisingly quietly, so you do not have to worry about the dissatisfaction of colleagues, classmates or passengers. The Breeze Pen Fan is powered by just one AAA battery. It costs about 400 rubles.

8. Thermostat Ecobee

After a long working day in summer it's so nice to come to a cool house. But what if you live alone and there is no one to even turn on the air conditioner for your arrival? In this case, the company Ecobee released a smart Wi-Fi thermostat, compatible with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Echo. It offers complete remote control of heating and cooling your home - via a website, or an application for a smartphone or tablet. The only drawback of this gadget is the price - $ 395 or about 23,500 rubles.

7. Refrigerator for the car

If you've ever traveled by car in the summer, you know that drinks and snacks in the car are terribly hot. And there are hot sandwiches and drink warm drinks in hot weather - a pleasure below average. Avoid this situation will help a portable refrigerator for cars, which can be connected to the cigarette lighter through the adapter. Many similar gadgets also have a warm-up function, which means that you can use them all year round. Stand automotive refrigerators from 3500 rubles.

6. Cooling USB-roller from Brando

In the sixth place in our cool rating is one of the best devices that save from heat and, in addition, an indispensable thing for people who have a lot of time to spend at the computer. The roller, made in the form of a crescent, cools the hands, thanks to the air vents located on it, and also offers support for the wrists. Such a device is sold on the manufacturer's website - USB for $ 19 plus shipping costs.

5. Ice cream

What a summer without ice cream? Of course, you can always buy ice cream in the store. But on a hot day, you do not always want to leave your cozy home coolness. A sweet, cold cream dessert can be made even when there is such a useful device as a freezer. The benefit of ice cream recipes on the Internet is full.

Buy an ice cream maker, on average, for 3000 rubles.

4. Smart Bracelet Netatmo June

There is no number of smart accessories that control the heart rate, show how many calories you burned, and so on. There are even gadgets that will help you not to scorch in the sun and maintain the beauty and health of the skin. Such devices include Netatmo June. He real-time measures the intensity of sunlight and recommends you put on a hat on a hot day, and also indicate which sunscreen is better to use. The UV sensor is synchronized with your smartphone and the settings of the bracelet can be personalized to meet your needs.

The cost of this bracelet is about 9000 rubles. The clever accessory is made in the form of a diamond and very beautifully shines in the sun.

3. Fan Dyson

The third position in the selection of the best heat gadgets is an innovative option for those who want to quickly and effectively cool the room. The lack of blades makes this fan safe for families with pets or small children. However, in Russian stores it is very expensive - about 28 000 rubles, so it makes sense to order it on foreign Internet sites. In the heat along with the fan it is better to use good air humidifiers, we have already prepared the rating of such ones.

2. Car cloak WAECO MagicComfort

The hot seat of the car is an unpleasant sensation, especially if you have to spend a lot of time in the car. To make motorists feel comfortable, a cloak with cooling effect WAECO MagicComfort is created. The air comes from the fan, which is attached under the seat and is dispensed in a dose so that the driver does not chill the lower back and other important parts of the body. The device is powered by the cigarette lighter and does not interfere with the deployment of airbags. The cost of the cape is from 4600 rubles.

1. Fan for bed BedFan

Perhaps, the best gadget for rescue from hot spring-summer nights. BedFan is designed to be installed on the side of the bed or in its footplate. It will blow you cool air while you rest. And it is not very expensive - about 100 dollars or 6000 rubles.