Top-10 best air humidifiers, rating of 2017

Dry air causes many problems, from the common cold and cough to dry skin and chapped lips. Investing in a good air humidifier will help make life more comfortable. It is worth such a device is inexpensive, it serves a long time and requires minimal maintenance. We present to you rating of the best humidifiers of the year 2017 .The list was compiled on the basis of user ratings on Yandex. Market.


  • 10. Royal Clima Murrrzio
  • 9. Atmos 2652
  • 8. Ballu UHB-280 M Mickey Mouse
  • 7. Atmos 2715
  • 6. Ballu UHB-270 M Winnie Pooh
  • 5. Atmos 2640
  • 4. Atmos 2653
  • 3. Ballu UHB-275 E Winnie Pooh
  • 2. NeoClima NHL-060
  • 1. Marta MT-2659

10. Royal Clima Murrrzio

Average price - 2 990 rub.

Coverage area - 20 square meters.m.

Very stylish air humidifier for an apartment, which will surely appeal to children and adult lovers of seals. In addition to an attractive appearance, this model boasts a function of room aromatization. When the water runs out in the humidifier, the lamp on the power controller lights up.

Disadvantages: Some users complain about the noise from the device, others say that it works quietly. Apparently, the issue of individual perception of noise.

9. Atmos 2652

The average price is 4 750 rubles.

Coverage area - 35 sq.m.

Unusual kind of model with a convenient led-display and neat buttons that replace the power adjustment knobs. There is a night illumination mode. Compact dimensions and quiet operation make this humidifier one of the best choices for small apartments.

8. Ballu UHB-280 M Mickey Mouse

The average price is 4 990 rubles.

Coverage area - 20 square meters.m.

This humidifier, made in the form of Mickey Mouse, will be the favorite of children. And adults will love it for quiet work, a small consumption of electricity and self-shutdown after the evaporation of all the water."Full tank" Mickey enough for 13-14 hours of work.

7. Atmos 2715

The average price is 7 390 rubles.

Coverage area - 40 sq.m.

Powerful and high-quality air humidifier, designed for large rooms. Looks Atmos 2715 is very beautiful, and will fit even into a futuristic interior. At the maximum mode, a two-liter tank is enough for 8 hours of operation. There is a mode of automatic humidification, and after reaching the necessary level of humidity in the room, the humidifier is switched off. It works noiselessly and does not disturb the most sensitive sleep.

To the disadvantages can be attributed a high price, but its humidifier fully fulfills its functionality.

6. Ballu UHB-270 M Winnie Pooh

The average price is 3 990 rubles.

Coverage area - 20 sq.m.

Another "cartoon" option in the list of the best moisturizers. This time it's not Mickey Mouse, but Winnie the Pooh, on the belly of which is the power adjustment. In the absence of water, the device turns off automatically, works quietly and is great for a small children's room. It has a cleaning cartridge, so you do not have to worry about the appearance of a white coating.

5. Atmos 2640

The average price is 4 750 rubles.

Coverage area - 30 sq.m.

The funny appearance of this device reminds one of artificial shoots, or about how a punk-style hairdo looks on the robot's head. Advantages of this humidifier: large 3.4-liter reservoir, convenient and simple control, built-in hygrostat, and filter for water softening in the delivery.

4. Atmos 2653

The average price is 4,890 rubles.

Coverage area - 35 sq.m.

In the selection of humidifiers for the house there are already several Atmos models, with an "5 points" rating from Yandex. Market users. And it is not surprising, because such a variety of designs, in combination with affordable price, reliability and a large serviceable area you will not meet with all manufacturers. The Model 2653 has a large 4.5-liter tank, an unusual and catchy a-la casket with a backlight. The reviews moisturize the device well and do not make noise, but what else do you need from a good moisturizer?

3. Ballu UHB-275 E Winnie Pooh

For sale, on average, for 4,900 rubles.

Coverage area - 30 sq.m.

Twin brother number six of our rating, only the covered area is larger, plus there is a built-in hygrostat and instead of a power regulator a comfortable and intuitive panel with buttons. And the price is accordingly higher.

2. NeoClima NHL-060

It is offered, on average, for 2 790 rubles.

Coverage area - 30 sq.m.

This good home air humidifier in a strict black and white color scheme is cheaper than similar in terms of the serviced area of ​​the device. It has a huge 6-liter tank, there is an indication of low water level and a pre-filter.

Of the shortcomings: it works quietly, but still not soundless.

1. Marta MT-2659

Average price - 2 133 rubles.

Coverage area - 25 sq.m.

At the first place in the selection of the best in terms of price and quality of air humidifiers is a model with simple shapes and many useful options. Marta MT-2659 has three modes of intensity of moisturizing, touch control and a flavoring function. The device operates silently, and a 5-liter tank is enough for a day's work. Perhaps the best option for such money is not found.