Top 10 most popular genres of cinema

Serious films that raise philosophical questions and make you think about the meaning of being are certainly worthy of admiration. But it turns out that viewers are much more likely to give preference to so-called "easy" genres.

Experts of RBC.Rating interviewed nearly 6,000 respondents who indicated their favorite movie genre. The survey results formed the basis for our current Top-10 most popular genres of cinema .


  • 10. Disaster film( 2.46% of respondents)
  • 9. War movies( 2.51%)
  • 8. Detective( 3.94%)
  • 7. Other( 4.29%)
  • 6. Mysticism( 4.49%)
  • 5.Melodrama( 6.99%)
  • 4. Action( 9.68%)
  • 3. Horror( 10.41%)
  • 2. Sci-Fi( 21.51%)
  • 1. Comedy( 33.71%)

10. The catastrophe( 2.46% of the respondents)

the origins of the genre lie such films as "Airport"( 1970) and "Adventure" Poseidon ""( 1972).Among the modern tapes of this genre, the most popular are, perhaps, "The Day After Tomorrow" and "2012", which can also easily be attributed to the genre of fiction. This year, the catastrophe "Impossible" was included in the best films of 2013 .

9. War movies( 2.51%)

Many fans of war films are most awaited for large-scale battle scenes. But historical plausibility increasingly evokes a lot of criticism. So, such movies about the war of recent years as "I Serve the Soviet Union!", "They were soldiers" and even Mihalkovskaya "Citadel" were criticized.

8. Detective( 3.94%)

Almost all the detectives of recent years can equally well be attributed to other genres. For example, "Access Code" Cape Town "ยป 2012 - this is also a thriller, and a criminal thriller. Such a heap of movie genres makes it possible to make the picture dynamic, because the modern viewer simply does not go to other films.

7. Other( 4.29%)

There are some movie fans who prefer such rare genres as Western or musical. To an even less common can be attributed pessimistic film noir and Japanese films about samurai in the genre of Jidai-geki.

6. Mysticism( 4.49%)

In 2013, fans of mystical movies will enjoy "Viy" in 3D, as well as horror films "Jeepers Creepers 3" and "Paranormal phenomenon 5".One of the most popular films of the genre can be considered "Green Mile" and "Butterfly Effect".

5. Melodrama( 6.99%)

Among the most anticipated melodramas of 2013 are "Quiet Harbor" and "Beautiful Creatures".As in the case of detective films, modern cinema to classical melodrama prefers such action-packed hybrids, as a melodrama-thriller or a fantastic melodrama.

4. Action( 9.68%)

The most expected militant in 2013, of course, is the new part of Die Hard - "A Good Day to Die."Last year, the audience "took a look at" a new part of the Bond, "The Evolution of Born", as well as the continuation of the "Collector", "The Hostage" and "The Expendables".

3. Horror( 10.41%)

Top three leaders Top 10 most popular genres of cinema close horror movies. And especially popular are the animated scarecrows from Japanese animators. So, in 2012, the best reviews of the resource version of "" were received by the Japanese anime "Other", and also the cartoon "Resident Evil: The Curse".

2. Sci-Fi( 21.51%)

Fantasy is experiencing an unprecedented peak of popularity, this particular genre of cinema can be called the highest grossing. So, in the top five of the rating of the highest grossing films in history, according to the data of film distribution in the USA, there are 3 fantastic tapes - "The Dark Knight", "Avengers" and "Star Wars: Episode 1".And in the top ten most profitable paintings of the past year, there are eight films to the fantasy genre.

1. Comedy( 33.71%)

Comedy helps to distract and bring a positive note to life. Therefore, the fun and easy cinema leads Top 10 most popular genres of .And the management of the film industry is ready literally packs to supply the viewer with a favorite product. So, only 2013 will add to the list of ten comedic tapes, among which are "Muvi 43", "21 and more", as well as Russian tapes "What Men Do!" And "What Girls Keep silent".