The best robotic vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning for 2017( according to reviews)

9 place.

iBoto Aqua

The average price is 15 500 rubles. The volume of the dust bag is 0.45 liters. Maximum operating time without recharging 120 min. It is able to adapt to different types of flooring, thereby not only providing the most complete removal of dust and dirt, but also achieving 30% less energy consumption. At the same time, it is equipped with a HEPA filter and an ultraviolet lamp: it removes microscopic dust and destroys microorganisms. Limiter of the cleaning zone is a virtual wall. There is a timer, programming by day of the week.


"It works like a clock, never zaglyuchival, did not fail, cleaning at any level of charging is always of high quality. Wet cleaning is good, the nozzle sits tight, the material is excellent. "

"Excellent washes the floor, a little detergent in the water container and the floor in excellent condition. We have a cat and a dog in the apartment, as a result of a lot of wool, small pebbles and fodder, well, of course, dust;with all these troubles copes without difficulty. The bristles along the sides collect garbage without scattering it. With the carpet, too, is doing quite well. Comes with 2 spare side brushes and a strainer that is easy to clean and dry. Side brushes are easy to clean from hair, dust, wool. "

8 place.

Robo-sos LR-450

The average price is 19,990 rubles. Dust collector of increased capacity - 0,8 l. Maximum operating time without recharging 120 min. Automatically recognizes the type of floor covering and, based on this, adjusts the suction intensity. Disinfects the floors with a UV lamp. The device is equipped with a virtual wall and a fine filter. Equipped with optical sensors. There is a function of programming on the days of the week. Works almost silently.


"Strong, does not beat about objects. Large wheels, easy to work on carpets, wet cleaning is very important. "

"Programmed for cleaning 4 times a week and forgot what the dust underfoot. The apartment is large and used to spend a lot of time to help his wife in cleaning - now this issue was solved by itself. "

" Well overcomes obstacles( there is a small porch between the kitchen and the living room).Not noisy. "

7 place.


Average price - 12 990 rub. Volume of a dust collector 0,4 liter. Maximum operating time without recharging 120 min. Limiter of the cleaning zone is a virtual wall. Equipped with an integrated ionization system and an ultraviolet lamp, which allows you to remove unpleasant odors, disinfect the floor and air, reducing the number of bacteria and fungi in the apartment. There are optical sensors, a timer and programming by day of the week.


"Inexpensive for such a powerful technique that perfectly vacuums, looks great and has spare accessories in the package. Easily restored side brushes. "

"The continuous operation time is more than 2 hours. Practically ideally cleans hard floor coverings. Copes with rugs with short nap. You can program the inclusion at a specific time on any day of the week. Yorkshire, compact, hardworking! Two turbo-brushes perfectly collect small garbage, throwing it in the container. Suction power is small, but sufficient to be clean. "

6 place.


The average price is 16,999 rubles. Volume of a dust collector 0,6 l. Maximum operating time without recharging 110 min. There is a choice of automatic or command power adjustment. Equipped with fine filters and optical sensors, allowing the vacuum cleaner to orientate itself in space as accurately as possible. There is a function of collecting fluid. Limiter of the cleaning zone is a virtual wall. Electric brush included.


"It is really completely autonomous, the developers have carefully thought out the functionality of the device, the ease of management. The touch buttons on the case are triggered by a light touch, but you can control from the console. The power of 50 watts is enough to ensure that the robot cleans the floors perfectly. The battery is excellent, very capacious and quickly recharged. "

"Dust tightens chic! Not a gram does not throw back into the air, nothing scattered around. "

"Works autonomously in 6 modes, incl.wipes the floor. It is convenient to get to the dustbox and you can wash it. The vacuum cleaner does not allow dirt on the floor( except in rare cases).Operated by remote control! »

5 place.

Clever &Clean AQUA-Series 01

The average price is 17 990 rubles. The volume of the dust container is 0.5 liter. Maximum operating time without recharging 90 min. There is a function of collecting fluid. Three stages of filtration, standard and HEPA filters. The height difference sensors do not allow the robot vacuum cleaner to get stuck and fall off the steps.6 modes of motion. There is a function of programming on the days of the week and a UV lamp for disinfection of the floor.


"Wipes the floors neatly, without pouring water, and does not slip itself. As a result, a really clean floor without divorces and traces from the robot itself. "

"Conveniently located garbage container, is removed easily, so that the garbage does not emerge from the" recoil ".Easy to use, there is a menu with settings, does not hang. Charges itself stably to the full mark. Do not get confused in walls and furniture. "

"Wet cleaning, it is wiping, and does not carry water around the floor. Immediately it clarified with the purchase, because I have a laminate and swollen boards absolutely nothing. "

4 place.

Panda X850 Total Clean

The average price is 16 555 rubles. The volume of the dust container is 0.5 liter. Maximum operating time without recharging 90 min. Equipped with fine filters and infrared sensors, allowing the vacuum cleaner to accurately navigate in space. Limiter of the cleaning zone is a virtual wall. There is a timer, programming by the days of the week and 4 driving modes.


"Sufficient functionality. It's pretty decent to collect small debris. Good combination of quality / price. Convenient design of access to the container. "

"Only useful modes, there is nothing superfluous. There are only 4 of them and it is convenient to use them all. There is a side brush. Really works 90 minutes without recharging. "

"I was looking for a vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function. This model was chosen as the most suitable. There are a lot of regimes, it works quietly, there is a schedule of inclusions. It's good that there is no bag, you can get the dustbag and rinse it, it's convenient. "

3 place.

iClebo Pop

Average price - 24 900 rub. Volume of a dust collector 0,6 l. Maximum operating time without recharging 120 min. Has two modes of operation: automatic and the mode of overcoming high thresholds. Equipped with 20 infrared sensors and sensors. There is a quick cleaning function. Electric brush and additional wiper for wet cleaning included.


"I really like the quality of assembly and materials. Brushes do not deteriorate at all, filters are changed every 3-4 months, they are available on sale and not expensive. "

"With cleaning, it's doing great, especially in MAX mode. It also works well in polisher mode, it's certainly not a vacuum cleaner, but after it gets much cleaner. "

"Minimum care, simple, quiet. And vacuums, and washes the floors, the box for garbage is very roomy. With a long-haired dog, we practically do not notice the wool. "

2 place.

iRobot Braava 390T

Average price - 18 900 rub. Maximum runtime without recharging 240 min. It uses the NorthStar navigation cube as its main reference: instantly calculates the optimal trajectory for fast and efficient cleaning of the room. In the complete set an additional napkin for wet cleaning.


"Works in broom mode, collects wool very well. Then, I let him in with a wet napkin to collect dust. It does not cope too badly. "

"The robot is almost noiseless, it works for itself, does not interfere with anyone and does not distract anyone. When the cleaning is over, the robot will give a signal. After that it will be necessary to pour out the remaining water, unfasten the cloth, rinse it and put the vacuum cleaner on charge. By the way, 1 full battery can clean all our trash. Very economical. "

"The house was clean, while the labor costs are minimal. I do not see cat's hair in the corners anymore, and I can walk around the house barefoot and do not stick to my feet. "

1 place.

iClebo Omega

Average price - 39 900 rub. Maximum operating time without recharging 80 min. There is a timer, programming by day of the week. Equipped with an advanced navigation system: the robot registers the location of all items in the apartment and remembers the route of movement. It is able to overcome interior thresholds up to 15 mm high. High suction power with low noise. Equipped with a reusable antibacterial HEPA filter with five filtration stages. There is a function of collecting fluid. Limiter of the cleaning zone is a magnetic tape. Electric brush included.


"Very powerful, well-oriented and finds the base, there is a mode of wet floor wiping, rarely touches the furniture."

"Perhaps the most powerful. Probably the most intelligent so far. The fastest in work and cleaning. That's what they wanted: very clean, fast due to navigation. He is friends with carpets for 100%, he does not lapashitsya in furniture, correct and logical trajectories. So clearly no one robot before Omega could cope. A real, good Korean! »

« No pokes for furniture. Builds a map of the room to be cleaned. It is strong in strength, allowing sucking hair and wool from carpets. "

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Today, maintaining the purity of floors and flooring in the house is not difficult - it is enough to have at hand a quality robot vacuum cleaner. With such a device, cleaning will be done practically without your participation. A function of wet cleaning will not only clean the floors, but also wash them.

To choose the model of the robot vacuum cleaner, capable of completely taking care of cleaning the floors, it is necessary to take into account a number of important parameters:

• Dust collector capacity. For small apartments, a device with a minimum volume of a dust collector - about 0.3 liters, for apartments of an average area( up to 80 sq.m.) - from 0.3 to 0.5 liters, for large ones - from 0.5 liters is suitable.

• Battery capacity. This parameter directly affects the capabilities of the robot vacuum cleaner to clean rooms of certain areas. The more battery capacity - the more square meters will have time to process the unit.

• Presence of sensors. Determines the ability of the vacuum cleaner to navigate in space without bumping into obstacles.

• Programming. Not a paramount parameter, but important enough for those who want to minimize their involvement in the cleaning process.

• Virtual wall. It will be necessary for those who have places at home that the robot vacuum cleaner should not be touched: bowls for animals, aquarium on the floor, etc. It is an infrared emitter or a magnetic tape that is glued to the floor.

• Wet cleaning. Practically all modern robotic vacuum cleaners with the function of wet cleaning work in a polisher mode( rub the floor with a wet wipe).This is enough to keep the floor surface clean.

• Additional functions. The presence of ultraviolet lamp and ionization system does not affect the quality of the floor cleaning, but it allows to further refresh and disinfect the surface, remove mold and other unpleasant phenomena invisible to the naked eye.

We offer to your attention the rating of the 10 best robotic vacuum cleaners with wet cleaning function for 2017.All models are able not only to clean the floor surface, but also to refresh it with a damp cloth. Top-10 is made taking into account the technical characteristics of models and customer reviews from Yandex-Market.

10 place.


Average price - 12 490 rub. Volume of a dust collector 0,6 l. Maximum operating time without recharging 60 min. There is a function of collecting fluid. Limiter of the cleaning zone is a virtual wall. Equipped with optical sensors, not allowing the device to run across walls.


"Powerful, inexpensive, easy to overcome obstacles, not zazhevyvaet all in a row."

"The quality of cleaning is good, there is no visible litter, you can also wipe the floors by putting on a nozzle with a wet napkin that is included in the kit. Wheels are given on the carpets to climb and the doors between the rooms are not a problem, there is a base and a console. "

"Large volume of garbage container, quiet work, after cleaning is returned to the station for recharging".