Top 4 ways to create flash drives with company logo

A gift to customers or business partners should be practical and necessarily related to the symbolism of your company. Just imagine, flash drives with logo, will remind you every day about your company, since the use of USB drives is very popular! The main advantage of producing the logo on the is the choice of engraving, color, and also you can order a case with its original design.

Flash drives with company logo perfectly proved themselves in the role of corporate gift! The device with the logo printed on the case will be a kind of advertising move, capable of moving the business up one more step.

The application of the logo on the USB flash drive can be done in several versions, each way has its own peculiarities.

The method of laser engraving , most often used to apply the logo on the metal case of the usb-drive.

The technology in which engraving is performed is a way to burn the surface layer of the case to a certain depth with a laser beam, which results in a given sketch in the form of an engraving. Laser engraving allows you to vary the depth of the relief, as well as preserve the smallest detail of the image.

Pad Printing is the method that is most often used to apply a logo to a USB flash drive, by means of an elastic swab, the image is transferred to the surface of a USB drive for printing, and applied to the surface from any material, including relief and smooth. One of the advantages of this method is the possibility of using up to 4 colors, the durability of the drawing, and also the presentable final result. The embossing method fashka under the application of the logo can have a body made of different materials.

The Cliche is another way in which a relief image is applied to the body under a pressure of a specific pressure( special stamp).USB - devices for which the embossing method is applicable, differ in unique and presentable appearance.

Full-color printing is a popular method of applying a brand to USB storage medium, which is performed by reproducing color original images on the device's case.

The inexpensive price of a flash drive under the application of a logo, today more and more attracts users of USB flash media. Printing or engraving on the surface of the device does not affect the performance of the flash drive at all.