Fuel cards: Top-5 advantages and features of use

Fuel cards are an analogue of bank media, but they have another way of using them. These are cards for quick calculation for refilling at a gas station using a terminal. They are protected by a PIN code, which guarantees safe operation. Have an unlimited duration.

What are the attractive fuel cards?

The account is replenished using bank transfers or the use of virtual settlement systems. It is possible to link to any of the best credit card ratings and set a limit on the expenditure of money by days, weeks. Allows you to closely monitor the spent embezzlement, if necessary, hold a lock. Fuel cards - the best option for a company with its own fleet of vehicles and car owners, who are watching the expense of personal funds to refuel vehicles.

High quality plastic and chip have no operating restrictions. Strong materials ensure the safety of the product and its uninterrupted operation. The chip is well read by a special terminal even after several years of use. Completely excluded cases when it is impossible to pay for refueling due to wear of the carrier. The owner, after losing an attractive card, can contact the company-designer and order a new product. All data and stored money will be transferred exactly.

Advantages and disadvantages of using fuel cards

The calculation for a personal carrier is carried out only in one network of filling stations and at partner stations. To get the card, you need to make a statement. If there is a shortage of funds on the account, the service fee is paid in cash. All these shortcomings can be avoided with proper operation and timely replenishment.

Advantages of the media much more:

  1. practicality and ease of use;
  2. adjustment of expenses, receipt of statements;
  3. set limits on withdrawals;
  4. personalization during the calculation;
  5. reliable media protection and long life.

The majority of modern filling station networks are engaged in servicing customers for fuel cards.

Quite interesting is the proposal from the ESA network of filling stations. In addition to the convenience of calculation, motorists can receive additional discounts, the company guarantees a VAT refund of 18% on ongoing operations. Media owners can receive SMS on the calculations performed, provide a report and become familiar with the operations in the virtual office.