Best discount coupon sites

Within a month, the site was voted for by the best discount site or discount coupon service, as you please. Five of the most famous sites were presented to the visitors' court: Biglion, Groupon, KupiKupon, Vigoda, Darberry, as well as the option "I do not use discount services".

What are these services: ordinary citizens buy coupons and receive discounts on special offers from cafes, bars, restaurants, travel agencies and to Chinese online stores with free delivery to Russia and the CIS.The benefit of firms is that they provide a stable flow of visitors, while allowing them to save up to 90%.


  • Best discount sites for coupons
    • 5. Darberry
    • 4. Vigoda
    • 3. KupiKupon
    • 2. Groupon
    • 1. Biglion - Best discount website for coupons

Best discount sites on coupons

As this is quite a new trend in Russia, most people are waryand distrust of such proposals, this is confirmed by the results of voting, the option: "I do not use discount services" became the most popular, for it visitors gave 107 votes, which is 54% of the total number of voters.

5. Darberry

It used to be an independent service, but after a short existence it was bought by another site, For him 7 voices of those people who have had time to use it are given.

4. Vigoda

The Discount Club treats the Benefit to the top five, and the visitors who gave 8 votes agree. The advantages include diversity and frequent occurrence of special discounts and offers on the site, however, the difficulties in buying coupons are slightly larger than in other sites.

3. KupiKupon

The project was launched in early 2010 by the organization KupiKupon LLC, currently has about 20 branches throughout Russia. Offers quickly became popular with users because of the simplicity and convenience of receiving coupons, as well as the lack of commission when buying them, but the practical use of coupons leaves much to be desired, since their presentation is possible only in hard copy, which is not always convenient.

2. Groupon

One of the largest in our country discount site , began its activity in March 2010, currently operates in 18 cities. Advantages Grupon in a variety of proposals, the operational support of users, a lot of bonus shares and the opportunity not to print out the coupon. Be careful, in most cases, the shares have a very short period of 1-3 days.

1. Biglion - Best discount site for coupons

Biglion is the very first and the best website offering discounts on bars, restaurants, sinks, tickets, tours, cars, coats and much much more. Has the largest network of representations from 28 cities of Russia, offers the most diverse assortment of discounts and bonuses. The only drawback of the system can be called obligatory to print out the coupon.

Now you know where you can get the best service for the lowest price!