The best apps for purchases on Black Friday, 2014 in Russia

on November 28, 2014 is declared the Black Friday in Russia, it is from this day that festive shopping will start all over the world, so do not miss the chance to find quite profitable offers in numerous stores and save your money at the same time. Will this be an iPhone 6 for $ 99 or a tablet for half the price?

Meanwhile, in 2014, it's better not to go shopping with your smartphone, as there are now many applications that will help you save your money thanks to discount and gift cards. Below you will find the best of these applications for quick and convenient search for products on Black Friday, viewing holiday offers and discounts.


  • 1. Black Friday
  • 2. Raise
  • 3. Wanelo
  • 4. Dealnews
  • 5. RedLaser Barcode &QR Scanner
    • List of stores participating in the promotion:

1. Black Friday

The most important thing in this application is that it advertises various profitable offers, but you can not make purchases here. This will save you from having to carefully analyze tons of paper brochures. The application is available for both Android and iOS.

2. Raise

Raise is a new opportunity to buy and sell gift cards, looks like Apple's Passbook in terms of appearance and functionality. This program will allow you to purchase a discount gift card for the store in which you are now, and get a great savings from the perfect purchase.

3. Wanelo

Often the problem is what to give to a person who has absolutely everything? Wanelo is a great new application in order to decide what exactly to give and how to purchase it. Enough to sit and read, just install it on your phone and you will see yourself how quickly the giant wish list of your friends will grow, and the eternal problem with the idea of ​​a gift will be solved once and for all.

4. Dealnews

Available for Android and iOS.This is a mobile version of the well-known website of the same name. It makes daily purchases, coupons are played, there are various categories of goods and a convenient search function - all that is necessary for a real shopping. The interface, however, is a little outdated and awkward, but with its wide assortment no one can compare.

5. RedLaser Barcode &QR Scanner

What if you are already in the store and want to quickly find out the value of the product? Install yourself a program RedLaser, which allows you to scan a bar code or article number. You will be available the price of the purchased goods, and on Black Friday you can present an electronic tag at the checkout and ask the cashier for a discount.

List of stores participating in the promotion: