Top-10 foreign online stores with delivery to Russia

Buying abroad, you can save on clothes, cosmetics, sports goods and even on food. Unfortunately, not all Internet shops in principle deliver goods to Russia. And sometimes the delivery is so expensive that the savings on the price of the product itself is reduced to zero.

We offer you a useful Top-10, which includes foreign online stores with delivery to Russia. And the cost, and the delivery time from these trading platforms allow you to make purchases easily and with great pleasure.


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Perhaps this is the best foreign online store .On Aliexpress you can buy anything cheap: Chinese electronics, clothes, shoes and accessories from the Middle Kingdom, as well as cosmetics, teas and toys. The store offers the lowest prices for thousands of items and constant discounts of up to 90%.But the most important advantage is free shipping to Russia !


The store offers smart and casual clothes, stylish shoes, as well as bags and accessories of the brand Lipsy and other brands. The shipping cost is only 5 pounds, the delivery time is about 4-5 weeks. Often there are promotions with pleasant discounts, as well as free delivery.


The discounter for fans of elite perfumes offers perfumes and cosmetics with delivery to Russia. With a shipping cost of 5.5 pounds, the period is about 3 weeks. When buying from 100 pounds, the order will be delivered by courier home, with a smaller amount - sent by mail.


The German store offers clothes, accessories and shoes of various European brands. Ordering goods to Russia, the buyer saves on the amount of VAT, which will be deducted from the price. The cost of delivery is 1200 rubles. The delivery time will be about 20-40 days.


The Italian multi-brand store offers high quality clothes, shoes and accessories. Free delivery to Russia is made when ordering from 9000 rubles. Often the store holds promotions, and the threshold for free shipping is reduced.


The British online store of clothing and accessories offers free shipping to Russia in a period of 4 to 6 weeks. The store often holds shares, when the purchase of 5-6 thousand rubles free becomes express delivery.


In this store you can buy a real Spanish jamon, as well as sweets, spices, wines and other products. Delivery will be free for any order from 250 euros. Delivery takes about 14 days.


The American online store of cosmetics and health products delivers an order to Russia in a period of 1 to 6 weeks. The cost of delivery is from 4 dollars. Russians readily buy iHerb hygiene products, essential oils, herbal remedies, children's cosmetics.


The British store of adult and children's clothes delivers any product in record time - 6-10 working days. Delivery is free when ordering from 1250 rubles. The store gives a discount of 300-500 rubles for the first order.


The British cosmetics and perfumery store offers free delivery to Russia of any order from 600 rubles. In Feelunique there are also elite brands( DIOR, Decleor, Cacharel), and affordable, but very high-quality cosmetics.