Rating of the best car vacuum cleaners 2014

For most owners of your own car, it is extremely important that such a component as convenience, cleanliness and beauty of its interior. Especially important is cleanliness, because it is a guarantee of health. To maintain the interior of the car clean, you can use a car vacuum cleaner, which is perfect for everyday cleaning.

Today we will find out which vacuum cleaner is best for the car. We present rating of the best automobile vacuum cleaners 2014.


  • 10. Heyner 208/1 VacuPressor
  • 9. Vitek VT-1840
  • 8. Heyner 243 Turbo3Power
  • 7. Aggressor AGR 100H Turbo
  • 6. ZEUS ZVC206
  • 5. Agressor AGR-110H
  • 4. Black &Decker ACV 1205
  • 3. Black &Decker ADV1220
  • 2. Electrolux ZB412C
  • 1. Electrolux ZB4112

10. Heyner 208/1 VacuPressor

Advantages. The car vacuum cleaner is equipped with a "2 in 1" compressor. There is a 3-meter cable to connect to the cigarette lighter, a manometer. Copes with pollution in hard-to-reach places. A storage bag is included.

Disadvantages. There is no power control. There is no "cyclone" function. Not enough power to absorb large debris.

9. Vitek VT-1840

Advantages. Affordable price. Compact and lightweight, great for a car. A long cord, many nozzles, including a slotted nozzle and a turbo brush. A capacious bag.

Disadvantages. Noisy, unremarkable design. Undeveloped design - short cord. The capacity for harvesting large debris is not enough.

8. Heyner 243 Turbo3Power

Advantages. Affordable price. Relatively powerful, cleans well with a turbo brush. Quality at the level, a good bundle, including a convenient bag.

Disadvantages. Poor sealing, dust on the body after cleaning. It is often necessary to clean the dust bag.

7. Aggressor AGR 100H Turbo

Advantages. Long cord, good power, a lot of useful attachments, built-in flashlight, the presence of a turbo brush. An adequate price, and also a guarantee.

Disadvantages. The kit is heavily placed in the bag. The turbo brush is tight. Too bright design.

The only Russian representative in the rating of vacuum cleaners for cars.

6. ZEUS ZVC206

Advantages. The low price, long cord-wire, three nozzles, works from the cigarette lighter. It can be used for wet and dry cleaning. There is a storage case.

Disadvantages. Insufficient power. Not a very good build.

5. Agressor AGR-110H

Advantages. Low price, long cord-wire, good cyclone cleaning filter. There is an air blowing function. Good package, compact model. Convenient bag.

Disadvantages. Cuts the corrugated hose. In winter, the hose freezes and hardens. Not a very high-quality assembly of Chinese production.

4. Black &Decker ACV 1205

Advantages. Excellent combination of price and quality. Pleasant design. Plastic of good quality. Simple and easy to use. Good equipment - there are all necessary attachments, there is a storage case. Sufficiently powerful with small dimensions. Filters are easy to clean.

Disadvantages. Hard wire. In cold weather, it can damage the cigarette lighter. The same goes for the plastic case - it is fragile at sub-zero temperatures. The air outlet overlaps from the bottom, if you put it on the seat. The filter quickly clogs.

3. Black &Decker ADV1220

Advantages. Worthy of performing its functions, powerful, collects both crumbs and fine grains of sand. Good bundle, many attachments, easy to clean, bag included. Long wire, for which there is a place on the body for winding.

Disadvantages. In the cigarette lighter is fixed not very well, in the frost wire hardens.

2. Electrolux ZB412C

Advantages. Good price-quality ratio, build quality and equipment. Compact, with the necessary nozzles. Also good for power, excellent dirt removal. Easily disassembled.

Disadvantages. Short crevice nozzle. There are a number of defective products.

1. Electrolux ZB4112

Our rating is led by the best car vacuum cleaner for 2014 Electrolux ZB4112 .

Advantages. Excellent price-quality ratio, powerful enough, mobile. Additional attachments are stored in the case of the device. Interesting design. Easy to clean. Ergonomic.

Disadvantages. Dust collector with strong dirt is quickly filled, it needs to be cleaned. Otherwise, the power drops noticeably.

Video review Electrolux ZB4112