Top 10 best films about athletes

Professional sports are always a huge strain of moral and physical strength, overcoming oneself, striving for result. Naturally, the success story of a talented sportsman is always interesting to the viewer.

Today we offer Top-10 best films about athletes .On the KinoPoisk portal, these pictures have a viewer rating of at least 8.


  • 10. Million Dollar Baby
  • 9. Peaceful Soldier
  • 8. Knockdown
  • 7. Invisible Side
  • 6. Hurricane
  • 5. Game by Foreign Rules
  • 4. New
  • 3. Prefontain
  • 2. Gerry Maguayer
  • 1. Legend number 17

10. Baby per million

Young Maggie has everything you need to win the ring - fortitude, will and skill. These qualities help coach Frank Dunn to believe in his charge and with it to go through a difficult path to fame and survive the tragic finale. The role in this film brought Hilary Swank, who played the main role, the second in her career Oscar.

9. Peaceful warrior

Talented gymnast Dan Millman dreams of performing at the Olympics. The guy has fame, friends, reckless parties. But everything changes after meeting with the mysterious Socrates, who opens to Dan a new world.

8. Knockdown

The history of the heavyweight boxer unfolds in the United States during the Great Depression. To feed the family and children, Jim Braddock undertakes any work, leaving the ring. But fate gives him a chance to return and win.

7. The Invisible Side of

The film is based on the book of writer Michael Lewis, which tells the real story of footballer Michael Oer. The guy was a homeless teenager, but a wealthy and well-to-do family, taking him to his house, helped the boy turn into a NFL star.

6. Hurricane

The plot of the film is based on real facts from the life of the famous boxer Rubin Carter, who was nicknamed "Hurricane."After the murder of three people in one of New York's bars, Carter was found guilty and sentenced to three terms of life imprisonment.

5. The game according to another's rules

The film tells about the struggle for the rights of black Americans. In 1966, the student basketball team coach recruits black players. For that time, it was an unprecedented offense. The team is brilliantly coping with the task - it manages to win in the prestigious championship.

4. Brand new

Soviet 1968 film tells about the career of gymnast Vali Chernova. The girl comes to the national team for gymnastics and takes it under her care team leader Olga Kameneva. The coach decides to replace the eminent Olga with a new one, but she refuses to speak.

3. Prefontaine

The film tells the story of the life of the famous athlete Steve Prefontaine, who had no equal in running. On the way to victory, Steve came to overcome the bitterness of defeat and, without losing the will to win, go ahead to the gold of the Olympic Games.

2. Jerry Maguayer

Despite the fact that the main character of the film is a sports agent performed by Tom Cruise, the picture tells a lot about overcoming yourself, about the pitfalls in the world of professional sports, about how important is not only talent, but also well-coordinated workteam.

1. Legend №17

The Russian film about the career of the legendary hockey player Valery Kharlamov had a resounding success at the box office. The plot tells about the victory of the USSR national team in the opening match of the Super Series against the national team of Canada. In front of the viewer, perseverance and talent help the student of the great Anatoly Tarasov to become a star of world hockey.