Rating of the rich who left the children without inheritance

Many wealthy people have "made money" all their lives to ensure a comfortable existence for their beloved offspring. Many, but not all! Owners of multi-billion dollar states more and more publicly declare that wealth acquired by excessive labor will be willing to bequeath to charity, regardless of the needs of their own offspring.

Today we bring to your attention rating of the rich who left children without inheritance .

10. Thomas Boon Pickens began to knock together its almost one and a half billionth state from the job of a newspaper peddler. It is logical that for his offspring the industrious oil tycoon did not want life on everything ready. Almost half of his fortune Pickens bequeathed to charity, becoming a member of the campaign "Oath of Donation."

9. Andrew Lloyd Webber is a famous millionaire composer who wishes to serve art after his death. Most of his state Webber bequeathed to the development of music education.

8. William Barron Hilton is not only the head of the Hilton Hotels Corporation, but also the father of six children. He bequeathed 97 percent of his fortune to the charity organization Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. A similar move is the family tradition of the Hilton. After all, Barron's father, Conrad Hilton, also transferred almost all the state to charity. However, Barron himself testified and surrendered to himself a significant part of the parental status.

7. Ted Turner is a billionaire philanthropist who regularly donates millions of dollars to charity. It is for sure not known how much the billionaire "remains in the piggy bank", but in 2010 he stated that he had approached "to the poverty line".It is likely that the five offspring of the owner of the information giants CNN and TBS should not expect a decent inheritance.

6. Nigella Lawson is a famous TV presenter and writer, firmly convinced that her children are simply obligated to earn their bread by their own labor. This year, one of the most beautiful and wealthy women of British TV will celebrate its 52nd birthday, and nothing is known about its will. But Lawson firmly stated that after graduation her children Bruno and Cozima will earn their living.

5. Bernard Markus owns a fortune of 1.5 billion dollars, earned on the trade in construction materials. Most of the money Markus plans to transfer to the self-founded charitable foundation. The billionaire said that he deprives children of a significant part of the state for their own good.

4. Bill Gates is one of the richest people on the planet and the father of three children. In 2010, Gates said he did not see anything good in leaving the children a huge inheritance. Together with his wife Melinda and Warren Buffet, Bill initiated the philanthropic campaign "Oath of Donation", which was joined by about 70 American billionaires.

3. Gene Simmons is the bassist of the legendary KISS band, who independently climbed to the top of fame and fortune. The musician is firmly convinced that his children are also obliged to achieve everything in life without resorting to the help of his father's capital of 300 million dollars.

2. Michael Bloomberg is the richest mayor of New York in history. His fortune is estimated at more than $ 19 billion. Despite the fact that Bloomberg has two daughters, he plans to send all of his fortune to charity in the framework of the "Oath of Donation" campaign.

1. Warren Buffett - the owner of a fabulous state of $ 47 billion promised 99 percent of his fortune to charity. Such generosity will become the largest act of charity in the history of mankind .About the children the billionaire speaks, that gives them enough means to be engaged in favorite business, but it is not enough, that not to be engaged in general anything. By the way, one percent of Buffett's fortune will be almost half a billion dollars!