Car brands that are trusted( Top-10)

Because of the upward rushing dollar, buying a car has become an extremely costly exercise. Going for his "iron horse" is important to make sure that the money will be spent on a reliable model from a well-known and respected manufacturer, and not on a capricious and frail "nag".

To find out which car brands are better and which are worse, you can refer to the ACSI Automobiles Report for 2015.It is an assessment of 27 American and foreign motor brands on a 100-point scale of satisfaction.

This is how the looks like a dozen car manufacturers that enjoy the greatest consumer confidence.

10. Volkswagen

  • 9. The Mazda
  • 8. The Hyundai
  • 7. The BMW
  • 6. The Toyota
  • 5. The Subaru
  • 4. The Mercedes-Benz
  • 3. The Lincoln
  • 2. The Acura
  • 1. The Lexus
  • 10. The Volkswagen

    Having scored 80 points, German Volkswagen ranks 10th in the list. The brand's sales have fallen somewhat recently, but it has a reputation as a developer of reliable and beautiful cars. The company offers diesel engines to most of its cars.

    9. Mazda

    With the same account as Volkswagen, Japanese Mazda ranks ninth in the rating of the most reliable brands, according to American consumers. This brand creates externally attractive cars and focuses on their internal comfort, which not all cars can boast of.

    8. Hyundai

    Until the late 2000s, the Korean company Hyundai could not get on this list, but times are changing. Having scored 81 points of customer satisfaction, this brand ranks eighth. Its products are now competitive and of high quality, and the Solaris model in May 2015 became the leader in the Russian rating of the most popular models of new cars.

    7. BMW

    One point ahead of Hyundai. This is one of the few brands that improve their performance year after year( by 2.5% in 2015).

    6. Toyota

    Has typed 82 points. Toyota cars are comfortable and reliable, and usually serve their owners faithfully for many years. The Russian market is particularly popular with the RAV4 SUV, as well as the Camry and Corolla sedans.

    5. Subaru

    Top-5 of the most popular brands in US customers opens Subaru with a score of 82 points. It offers a wide range of all-wheel-drive vehicles that are popular with those who travel a lot or live in cold climates.

    4. Mercedes-Benz

    German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz scored in the rating 83 points out of 100 possible. It sank three lines down from 2014, but the company still offers some of the most comfortable and luxurious cars on the market, and the new C-class has raised interior standards for the entire premium segment of mid-range cars.

    3. Lincoln

    Although the score for Lincoln and Mercedes-Benz is equal to( 83), the American pressed the German from the third place of honor. He produces a luxury car, and Lincoln limousines drove many American presidents, from Franklin Roosevelt to Bush Sr..

    2. Acura

    For a separate unit of the Japanese concern Honda 83, the points scored are a huge step forward compared to 2014.Acura cars are distinguished by a huge number of available functions and a low price. They are chosen by those who are looking for a reliable, functionally encumbered car.

    1. Lexus

    With a score of 84 on a 100-point scale of customer satisfaction, Lexus topped the rating of automotive brands that consumers trust the most. As in the case of Acura, Toyota's vehicles are known for their reliability and comfort. At the same time, Lexus offers first-class features and controllability, which can take away some of the buyers from the big three of the German luxury car manufacturers. In Russia, the models of Lexus ES, Lexus GS( sedans), Lexus NX, Lexus RX( crossovers), Lexus GX and Lexus LX( SUVs) are very popular.