The best winter wiper blades 2016-2017

In the cold winter months, snow, slush, and anti-ice reagents caught on the windshield can cause problems while driving the car. If you have been using windshield wipers for the last six months, it's time to check and possibly replace them with winter wiper blades .Which are the best to choose?

To answer this question, we looked in the reviews on various profile sites, studied the results of comparative tests and selected the best winter car wipers, which deserved the highest ratings with a relatively small number of complaints. When ranking also took into account such criteria as the popularity of the manufacturer in the Russian market and the price of janitors.


  • 5. Horse Acrobat
  • 4. Alca Winter
  • 3. TRICO Ice
  • 2. Champion Winter
  • 1. Bosch Aerotwin

5. Horse Acrobat

  • The price is from 408 rubles.
  • Length - 41 to 65 cm

These all-weather wipers from the Russian manufacturer are suitable for left-hand and right-hand drive vehicles. The creators adapted the brushes to the Russian winter as much as possible. They do not have hinges and cavities, where ice can linger, which increases the working capacity of the product in conditions of frost and high humidity. Acrobat is resistant to anti-ice reagents due to its anti-corrosion properties. The wiper frame is protected by a silicone spoiler. To brushes it is possible to buy replaceable elastic bands.

Disadvantages: when you change the direction of the wipers sometimes click, perhaps because they are too closely pressed against the glass. In many reviews there are complaints about scratches on dry glass. When driving at speeds above 120 km per hour, the brush moves away from the glass.

4. Alca Winter

  • The price is from 483 rubles.
  • The length is from 33 cm to 65 cm.

The top model of the best winter wiper blades of 2016 is the Chinese model of the German brand in a rubber cover intended for passenger cars. Advantages: thanks to the protective casing inside the brushes the ice does not clog, so you do not have to constantly beat it. In the snowfalls and severe frosts, the wipers are "cold" not much. With the adhering snow they cope with playfulness, which reduces the consumption of non-frosting. In most reviews, there is a low price of brushes.

Disadvantages: a modest appearance, at a speed of more than 100 km / h poorly cope with the task that threatens an accident. So if you are a fan of driving in the snow on the highway, then this model is not for you. At a positive temperature can leave small stains on the glass.

3. TRICO Ice

  • The price is from 590 rubles.
  • Length - from 40 to 70 cm

The third position in the list is occupied by brushes of Mexican production. Clean well and noiselessly, require a minimum of non-frost protection. A well-considered move of the manufacturer: complete with TRICO Ice there are adapters, which allows you to install them on various mountings. And in the cold and in the wet snow with the cleaning of the glass is handled perfectly.

Cons: There are complaints from users that the right brush leaves a rough area. This is due to its loose clamp to the glass. In a heavy snowfall, the sticking snow thaws and ice builds up, which causes the brushes to begin to clean the glass with the pass.

2. Champion Winter

  • The price is from 430 rubles.
  • Length - from 41 to 60 cm

The second ranking number is winter wipers produced in the European Union. Thanks to hermetic waterproof cover, worn on the frame, they do not stick snow. Very soft rubber perfectly pressed against the glass and cleans it.

Cons: with the arrival of the second operating season, the cover can begin to flow moisture, sometimes in the frost, the brushes have to "knead".At a speed of 120 km / h clean is bad, which does not contribute to safe driving. And do not leave the Champion Winter for the summer, because they stop cleaning well and leave an ugly "fan" on the glass.

1. Bosch Aerotwin

  • The price is from 670 rubles.
  • Length - from 34 to 80 cm

And in the first place among the best winter wiper blades was a model of Serbian production. What is it superior to competitors? Firstly, a wide, dimensional row. Secondly, it completely repeats the bends of the glass and does not rustle into frost( to minus 10 degrees).Thirdly, it serves a very long time, from 2 seasons and more.

There are also no shortcomings: high price, creaking, some car owners complain about thin strips on the glass after the work of Bosch Aerotwin.

A good windscreen wiper should smoothly remove water, snow and slush from the glass, without squeaking, rattling or rattling. If you notice these shortcomings, or if the wiper regularly leaves the stains or passes the water strips, it's time to replace it with a new one.

Our janitor rating for winter is designed to ensure that you do not end up in an unpleasant situation. For example, do not get stuck on the side of the road in the snowstorm, because the janitors could not remove the ice formed on the windshield.

Tip: If you notice that the windshield wipers are not working properly, first try to clean the rubber blade. Sometimes this is all it takes to get another few weeks or months of janitor service. Dampen a clean paper towel or cloth with a little water, a washer fluid, or alcohol and rub along the edge of the janitor. The edge should be sharp and smooth, without chipping, chips or gaps, and the rubber should be malleable, without cracks.

In winter, carefully scrape the ice from the windshield before using the wipers, as ice can rip off rubber or damage the edge of the wipers.