Rating of schools in Moscow 2011

Among the variety of schools in Moscow are the secondary schools that we are accustomed to, as well as gymnasiums, lyceums, progymnasiums. Sometimes it is very difficult to choose a worthy educational institution! Our rating of Moscow schools 2011 can help in this important matter. In the rating were the best, according to the Internet community, the schools of each of the districts of the capital.

The updated rating of the best schools in Moscow for 2012 was published.


  • 10. School №229
  • 9. Gymnasium №1532
  • 8. School №1349
  • 7. Gymnasium №1576
  • 6. School №738
  • 5. School №659
  • 4. Education Center № 548 "Tsaritsyno"
  • 3. Educational Center No. 654 named after A. D. Friedman
  • 2. School No. 222
  • 1. School №45

10. School No. 229

is the best in the Zelenograd Administrative District of Moscow. In addition to the general program, there are branches, mugs and additional education sections in the school: the Battle Glory Museum. P.V.Logvinenko, the museum "Grandmother's Chest", the memorial hall of B. Momyshuly, sports sections in football, volleyball, basketball, OFP, mugs of applied and technical creativity.

9. Gymnasium № 1532

was the best school in the South-West Administrative District( SWAD) of the capital. The institution was recognized as the winner in the competition for the Grant of Moscow in the field of education in 2011.In the gymnasium there are more than 30 additional studios, circles and sections.

8. School # 1349

is recognized as the best in the Eastern Administrative District( HLW).
In addition to the standard general education program, the school offers additional classes on IZO, music, choreography, vocal, chess, table tennis, mini-football, sambo, wrestling. There is own theatrical studio.

7. Gymnasium No. 1576

entered our rating as the best in the Northern Administrative District( SAO) of Moscow. The educational institution teaches English, French, German, Italian and foreign languages. Among the additional circles and sections: a psychological theater, the study of humanitarian subjects using information technology, sports orienteering, basketball, OFP.

6. School number 738

- the best in the North-West Administrative District( SZAO).The educational institution has the status of a school of health. In addition to the educational program, the school offers weekly visits to a neurologist, surgeon, offices, BOS-health, massage, and a swimming pool for primary school children. In the second half of the day more than 20 circles and sections are available to the students.

5. School № 659

became the leader among the schools of the Western Administrative District( CJSC) of the capital. The educational institution has in its composition gymnasium classes, much attention is paid to the leisure of students, including during the holidays - there are field trips, days of health.

4. Educational Center № 548 "Tsaritsyno"

- the best school in the Southern Administrative District( SAD).This educational institution, working with children since 1936, is the owner of the President of the Russian Federation award in the field of education. In addition to the general educational program, the school staff offers 58 additional education programs of a very different orientation.

3. Friedman Education Center No. 654

is the leader among the educational institutions of the South-Eastern Administrative District( SEAD).In the 8th and 11th grades, instruction is given in the specialized fields with in-depth study of individual subjects. Special courses are taught by leading universities in Moscow.

2. School No. 222

was recognized as the best in the North-Eastern Administrative District( NEAD).
In the senior classes of an educational institution, the teaching has a profile orientation: social, humanitarian, physico-mathematical or natural-mathematical.

1. School number 45

is the leader of not only the native Central administrative district of Moscow, it has the highest rating among all secondary schools in the capital in 2011 according to surveys of Internet users. On the basis of the school there are more than 20 additional circles and sections.
The listed by us the best schools in Moscow rating 2011 is a small hint for parents who aspire to give their children a quality education in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.