Rating of cities with the longest traffic jams

According to statistics, Moscow residents spend about 7 days a year in traffic jams. And the Dutch company Tom Tom, engaged in the production and maintenance of navigation systems, collected data on congestion on the roads in the cities of Europe and North America.

Today we offer you the rating of the cities with the longest jams by Tom Tom. Moscow in the current rating was not, although last year it was in the top ten on the eighth line.


  • The busiest cities in Europe
    • 10. Stockholm.
    • 9. Hamburg.
    • 8. Brussels.
    • 7. Stuttgart.
    • 6. Paris.
    • 5. Rome.
    • 4. Palermo.
    • 3. Marseille.
    • 2. Warsaw.
    • 1. Istanbul
  • The busiest cities in North America
    • 10. Miami.
    • 9. Chicago.
    • 8. New York.
    • 7. Seattle.
    • 6. Washington.
    • 5. Toronto.
    • 4. Montreal.
    • 3. San Francisco.
    • 2. Vancouver.
    • 1. Los Angeles.

The busiest cities in Europe

10. Stockholm.

The city is inhabited by about 2 million people. The roads of the Swedish capital are considered to be the busiest in Scandinavia. Fortunately, bicycles are becoming increasingly popular.

9. Hamburg.

Among the cities that are not capitals, Hamburg is the most populous in Europe. In addition, the city is a large industrial, economic and transport center.

8. Brussels.

Last year, the Belgian capital was in the lead in the European ranking of cities with the longest traffic jams.

7. Stuttgart.

The layout of the ancient city with its narrow streets favors the creation of long traffic jams.

6. Paris.

The French capital was in the lead in the rating in 2010.And last year Paris was in the TOP-15 cities with the most complex automobile traffic according to the version of the British portal MSN Cars.

5. Rome.

Italians are accustomed to spend hours on the clock, standing in long traffic jams.3 million inhabitants suffer from the fact that the architecture of the ancient city does not allow expanding existing transport arteries.

4. Palermo.

The number of inhabitants does not reach even a million people, but the intricate layout of streets and the excessively free attitude of drivers to traffic rules often cause congestion on the roads.

3. Marseille.

The largest port of the Mediterranean literally "stands" in the daytime and evening hours. Tourists are recommended to move on foot.

2. Warsaw.

The Polish capital is among the leaders of the rating for the second year in a row. Residents have high hopes for the opening of a new ring road.

1. Istanbul

is the leader in Europe in terms of the length and duration of congestion on the roads. For example, if on an empty road the driver gets to the place in 30 minutes, then in the evening hours he will spend 2.5 times more time on the same path.

The busiest cities in North America

10. Miami.

Florida's most populous city is a cultural, tourist and business center, which naturally affects the number of cars on the streets.

9. Chicago.

Last year, this American city became the leader of the rating from the portal CarBuzz, which studied the situation on the roads of the United States.

8. New York.

Despite getting into the top ten, New Yorkers rarely complain about traffic jams, except on the eve of the Christmas holidays.

7. Seattle.

A large port and industrial center, naturally, suffers from a large number of cars. The authorities are trying to promote the use of bicycles and public transport.

6. Washington.

According to the mayor of the city, the future is for public transport. And the slogan was the main slogan of the year: "Live where you work".

5. Toronto.

Residents and guests of Canada's largest city are constantly complaining about the deteriorating situation on the roads. The time for a trip in the evening increases by about 70%.

4. Montreal.

City authorities are promoting the use of public transport in every possible way, but 53% of residents get to work on cars.

3. San Francisco.

City residents joke that long traffic jams are a lifestyle in San Francisco. Since 2003, the city has a traffic police commission.

2. Vancouver.

The city has almost one and a half million cars, and despite the efforts of the authorities, the Vancouverians are not too eager to transfer to bicycles and public transport.

1. Los Angeles.

Residents of the city spend in long traffic jams for several days a year. The authorities attribute the problem to the fact that it is simply impossible to bring public transport to many areas because of the characteristics of the building.