The rating of summer tires 2016 R16, R14.Test "Behind the Wheel"

Summer tires are one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase the safety of a car. Winter and summer tires are made from different types of rubber( the first - from soft, the second - from solid), so in winter, the winter tires "float" along the road, losing performance, and this can lead to an accident. In addition, summer tires have a different tread pattern than winter tires to ensure a good grip of the wheels with the track.


  • Test of summer tires 2016 "Behind the wheel"
  • Summer tires rating 2016 R16( behind the wheel)
    • 10. Cordiant sport 3
    • 9. Bridgestone Ecopia EP200
    • 8. Toyo proxes CF2
    • 7. Nordman SX
    • 6Continental Conti Premium Contact 5
    • 5. Hankook Ventus Prime 2
    • 4. Michelin Primacy 3
    • 3. Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance
    • 2. Nokian Hakka Blue
    • 1. Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue
  • Summer tires rating 2016 R14( behind the wheel)
    • 10. Matador Stella 2
    • 9. Cordiant Road Runner
    • 8. Pirelli Formula Energy
    • 7. Michelin BFGoodrich g? Grip
    • 6. Hankook Kinergy Eco
    • 5. Yokohama BluEarth
    • 4. Nokian Nordman SX
    • 3. Toyo Proxes CF2
    • 2. Nokian Hakka Green
    • 1. Continental ContiPremiumContact 5
  • Conclusions

Test of summer tires in 2016 "Behind the wheel"

The magazine "Behind the wheel" tested 14- and 16-inch summer tires at the Avtovaz training ground in the middle of last summer season. As a carrier of "auto shoes" were "Lada Priora" with anti-lock system and two cars of golf class.

Based on the test results, the rating of the summer tires of 2016 was compiled.

Summer tires rating 2016 R16( "Behind the wheel")

Firstly we present the top 10 tires of the most popular dimension - 205/55 R16.Are "test subjects" from 2600 to 4 thousand rubles apiece.

10. Cordiant sport 3

Russian tires with good braking on the wet and mediocre - on dry. With them, the test car had the highest fuel consumption.

Price - 3100 rub.

9. Bridgestone Ecopia EP200

This rubber helps save fuel, but fails the test on wet asphalt. And on a winding road to the driver, the car of which is "tucked" in such tires, will have to be on the alert.

Price - 3550 rub.

8. Toyo proxes CF2

These Japanese tires have low ride comfort, but excellent braking on dry and wet asphalt.

Price - 3500 rub.

7. Nordman SX

The best value for money. Drivers were satisfied with the "behavior" of these tires in the usual and extreme driving mode, on dry and wet surfaces.

Price - 2800 rub.

6. Continental Conti Premium Contact 5

The Germans showed themselves superbly when braking on dry roads and fuel economy. The rest is good, but not brilliant.

Price - 4000 rub.

5. Hankook Ventus Prime 2

With these tires, the car will be tenacious "hold on" to the track in any weather. Cons - brought fuel economy and ride comfort.

Price - 3400 rub.

4. Michelin Primacy 3

Experts noted the high coupling properties of German tires. With them, the car is nice to drive and the course stability - no complaints.

Price - 4000 rub.

3. Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance

The leader in the nomination "Comfort".High grip on a wet and dry track. But on the dry surface, with extreme maneuvering, the rubber behaved not in the best way, for which it was lowered the score. However, the third place among the worthy competitors is quite good.

Price - 3700 rub.

2. Nokian Hakka Blue

These Finnish tires have a record speed on dry shuffling and excellent - on wet. Slightly worse( compared to the leader of the rating) showed themselves when braking on dry surfaces.

Price - 3650 rub.

1. Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue

Good tires should provide not only excellent handling and exchange rate stability, but also be affordable. All these qualities are enjoyed by the winner of the rating, who scored 944 points( choosing the best summer tires of 2016, "Behind the wheel" was guided by a bar of 900 points - an indicator of excellent tires).And the Pirelli tires have better braking properties on wet surfaces.

Price - 3600 rub.

Summer tires rating 2016 R14( "Behind the wheel")

It's time to evaluate other summer tires. The rating of 2016 continues tire sizes 185/60 R14.

10. Matador Stella 2

With such tires it is better to forget about fast driving, it will take a long time to brake. But they save fuel well.

Price - 1800 rub.

9. Cordiant Road Runner

In the pluses of Russian tires: good handling in extreme conditions. In the minuses - mediocre comfort and clarity of the course.

Price - 2135 rub.

8. Pirelli Formula Energy

In the test for course stability and direction of movement at high speed, they scored 40 points out of 50 possible. But at sharp turns the driver-driver will have to try very hard to keep the car.

Price - 2150 rub.

7. Michelin BFGoodrich g? Grip

For all indicators, the experts behind the wheel rated these tires as "slightly below average".

Price - 2165 rub.

6. Hankook Kinergy Eco

Korean tires "behaved" more dignified than the owner of the 7th place. A strong average and speed of braking on dry / wet asphalt, and in terms of noise and comfort management.

Price - 2135 rub.

5. Yokohama BluEarth

Japanese tires have the lowest fuel consumption if the vehicle is traveling at a speed of 90 km / h. They also demonstrated quick rearrangement and braking on wet roads.

Price - 2000 rub.

4. Nokian Nordman SX

The case when cheap - does not mean bad. Drivers praised the handling of the car with the Nordman SX in extreme conditions. No complaints and on the coupling properties on different coatings. Good anti-crisis solution for the summer.

Price - 1970 rub.

3 . Toyo Proxes CF2

For confident behavior on the road and rapid braking on a dry and damp surface is not inferior to number 2 of this top-10.The disadvantage is that it is not the quietest and softest summer tires.

Price - 2180 rub.

2. Nokian Hakka Green

The tires of the Finnish brand and produced in Russia are responsive in extreme maneuvering and demonstrate excellent course stability at high speeds.

Price - 2380 rub.

1. Continental ContiPremiumContact 5

Advantages of the winner: high-speed rearrangement and a small braking distance on wet and dry asphalt( 27.5 meters at a speed of 80 km / h and 40 meters at acceleration to 100 km / h, respectively).

Price - 2660 rub.


Do you want tires to be both inexpensive and high-quality - purchase Nordman SX.If you want the machine to listen perfectly well in the heat and rain, and did not fail at a sharp turn, then the best choice is the tires from Continental( for R14) and Pirelli( for R16).

And finally, we recall the winners of the summer tire test of 2015 "Behind the Wheel"( R16, R14).They were Michelin Primacy 3 and Pirelli Cinturato P1.