Rating of the best TVs of 2011

Imagine: you came from work tired, ate, and now went to watch TV. .. Yes, yes. Most of us now can not live without a rectangular box, and after work, and on the day off. We are constantly attached to news and favorite programs. But the bad luck, one day our TV breaks down or does not satisfy the requests and we have to face the choice of the TV, in such a case, I prepared you the rating of the best TVs of 2011.

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So, let's start from the best TV to the best:


  • 9th place. It takes Rolsen RL-32D50D
  • 8th place. Hitachi 32LD9800TA
  • 7th place. LG 32LC2R
  • 6 place. Panasonic TX-R32LX700
  • 5 place. JVC LT-32P80B
  • 4 place. Sharp LC-32RD2RU
  • 3 place. Samsung LE-32M87 BD
  • 2 place. Philips 32PFL7962D
  • 1 place. Samsung UND8000

9th place. Its occupies Rolsen RL-32D50D

This LCD TV is a plasma panel. Its feature is that there is already built-in DVD player. Judging by the dynamics of sales, this feature is compensated by a poor-quality image, so this model occupies only 9th place.

8 place. Hitachi 32LD9800TA

This model can not boast of a DVD player, however it, like many other models, has many built-in technologies: picture in picture, high definition standards, progressive scan and so on. But this model can not boast of high quality pictures, so only 8th place.

7 place. LG 32LC2R

A slightly more popular model of a good TV, but despite many years of experience and worldwide recognition, LG has been very difficult. According to feedback from users, some time after operation, there are various problems in image processing, apparently this is a consequence of saving manufacturers on components.

6 place. Panasonic TX-R32LX700

A slightly outdated model that has proved itself well in the Russian market, but due to the rapid change of technologies, this model has already been discontinued. Currently, everything can still be found in the warehouses of some shops. Last year it was one of the best TVs in terms of price / quality ratio .

5 place. JVC LT-32P80B

Brand matrix, improved image processing quality thanks to a special built-in technology. This TV is already better quality, but still does not reach the leaders of the rating.

4 place. Sharp LC-32RD2RU

Good sound built-in acoustics, good picture quality, two high-definition HDMI inputs. In general, a good model and a well-deserved 4 place.

Here we have reached the top three of the best :

3 place. Samsung LE-32M87 BD

And immediately there is a large number of innovative technologies positively affecting the convenience of viewing and using this TV.Samsung Corporation holds the bar with dignity, producing really some of the best TVs in the world .

2 place. Philips 32PFL7962D

The model was developed in 2010 and is ready to present to the user only the best technologies and components from the world-renowned TV manufacturer. You are unlikely to find or hear adequate negative feedback about this device. The model is distinguished simply by an excellent matrix and crystal-clear sound.

1 place. Samsung UND8000

Not yet released on the Russian market model UND8000, in absentia takes the first place . Such a high bar of this model provided both assurances of the manufacturers themselves and the expectations of experts of the digital market. The model contains LED technology, and its release is planned from the second half of summer 2011.