The best worn gadgets of 2015

The term "wearable gadgets" covers a wide range of portable devices that can be worn on the body.

Here is a brief overview of the top 10 wearable gadgets of 2015 by according to the Internet edition of Richestlifestyle.


  • 10. Google Glass
  • 9. MetaWatch
  • 8. Pebble Steel
  • 7. Basis B1 Band
  • 6. Jaybird Reign
  • 5. Skulpt Aim
  • 4. NeuroOn
  • 3. Smarty Ring
  • 2. Creoir Ibis
  • 1.Vigo

10. Google Glass

"Smart glasses", which should combine 3 in 1: a video diary, augmented reality, mobile communication plus Internet access. In the first version of the glasses, only the video diary was fully functional, and the other components were only partially realized. Currently, the glasses of version 3.0 are sold for 100,000 rubles and it's too early to draw conclusions about whether it will be possible to win this gadget.

9. MetaWatch

Wristwatch, compatible with Apple iPhone( 4S and 5 versions) and all mobile phones on Android. They allow you to view updates from your smartphone, check for missed calls, get weather information and do everything you can expect from SmartWatch. The gadget connects to smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0.The battery charge of MetaWatch is enough for 7 days of battery life.

8. Pebble Steel

The merits of the "smart watch" from Pebble Steel include: an elegant metal case, a strap of ply steel, a backlit display, great functionality and five to seven days of battery life. To protect the clock screen, Corning Gorilla Glass is used. The gadget supports Android and iOS platforms, allows you to receive notifications and respond to SMS, email, messages on Facebook and Twitter.

7. Basis B1 Band

This fitness bracelet offers basic functions such as sleep tracking and motion tracking, as well as additional features such as a heart rate tracker. The gadget monitors the pulse rate during the day and analyzes the received data. He will also tell you how much you sweated during training.

6. Jaybird Reign

Another fitness bracelet that got into the rating of wearable gadgets thanks to the notification system about the need to switch from inactivity to activity and activity detector. The bracelet is compatible with all versions of the iPhone, ranging from 4S to the iPhone 6+, as well as phones running Android-4.3 and higher. Great idea for a gift for the New Year or birthday for a teenager.

5. Skulpt Aim

The world's first gadget for measuring muscle mass with the help of a single button press. He is able to measure the percentage of fat in the muscle and the quality of the musculature as a whole. All you need to do to measure is to place Skulpt Aim in front of the muscle. The results will be transmitted to the dashboard via Bluetooth.

4. NeuroOn

Everyone hates alarm clocks. But until now they were necessary so that we could wake up in time in the morning. The NeuroOn mask performs all the functions of the alarm clock and is devoid of its shortcomings. This device is for polyphasic sleep - a regime that allows you to reduce the required time of daily sleep to 2-6 hours. If you ever wanted to sleep less and feel great, NeuroOn will fulfill this desire.

3. Smarty Ring

A stylish portable gadget for managing your smartphone. With it, you do not need to worry about having to press a button to accept or reject an incoming call. All alerts for calls and SMS and player control will be directly on your finger.

2. Creoir Ibis

The Finnish company Creoir offers luxury watches Ibis SmartWatch. They differ from many other "smart clocks" in bright design and represent a real decoration for a man's hand. The gadget is compatible with iOS and Android devices, uses Bluetooth 4.0, is equipped with Wi-Fi, has an accelerometer, GPS and light sensor.

1. Vigo

Heads the list of wearable gadgets for 2015 the development of students from the University of Pennsylvania. Vigo analyzes the state of health of the driver who drives the vehicle and warns of an increased likelihood of an accident. For prevention, you can choose a soft pulsating vibration, a dim LED light, or an inspirational song. If none of the above had any effect and the driver did fall asleep, Vigo immediately sends a special vibration signal.