Which is better to choose a coffee maker, coffee machine

Many modern people prefer to start their day with a cup of fragrant coffee. Often buy instant coffee, since there is no time to stand behind the stove. Today in the outlets you can buy a coffee maker or a coffee machine for the house. Such household appliances will give the opportunity to enjoy the incredible taste of the drink every day, while spending minimal energy and time for cooking. The cost of the device depends on the brand, functionality, material, power. There are many different coffee makers, among them the main types are distinguished: drip, capsule, espresso coffee machines, combined.

Drip coffee makers

These products have a minimum of functions, their body is usually made of plastic. The drop version is the most popular and inexpensive. Prepares ground coffee filtering method. Hot water drips on coffee, located in a special mesh. Coffee beans at the same time give water aromatic substances, and the drink falls into the coffee pot. Such machines are able to prepare several cups of a delicious drink.

An important part of the device is a filter, which can be paper, nylon, "gold".The paper type is considered to be the best, but such filters often have to be changed. The most widely used nylon appearance, it comes complete with a machine."Gold" is specially coated with a layer of titanium nitride to ensure a long service life. Additional functions that can be in drip coffee makers:

Transfusion protection allows you to turn off the filling of the coffee pot when the drink reaches the upper limit.

Automatic dosage is necessary to ensure the most optimal ratio of water and coffee.

The ability to choose the strength of a drink is achieved by adjusting the power of the machine or changing the water path through the filter.

Automatically turns off the device after a while.

There are models with a special compliance scale that allows you to determine how much coffee you need to add to get the specified volume of the drink.


This kind of machines allows you to get a delicious drink only from ground beans.

Espresso coffee machines

These machines are specially designed for making tasty coffee under high steam pressure. This method ensures the separation of the maximum amount of useful substances from the grains. They are simply designed to make the best espresso, for daily enjoyment of unsurpassed taste. The "carob" type coffee maker does not have filter grids, for this purpose special metal or plastic horns are used.

Steam-Espresso( steam) are designed for use in the home, allow you to prepare 2-4 cups of drink. The necessary pressure in them is achieved due to steam injection during the boiling of water. Pump-Espresso( pump) allow you to get coffee of excellent quality. Their cost is higher, working pressure is created thanks to a special pump. When using these machines important is the quality of grinding of grains and the ability to properly compact the coffee powder obtained.

There are also combined and capsule coffee makers. Combined devices are universal, allow you to prepare coffee in many ways. They are suitable for small rooms, will save space in the kitchen. The capsule type will make a drink from pressed coffee in capsules. The advantage of these devices is their ease of use.

Choosing a coffee machine

This is a complex and expensive device with many features. When choosing a device, you need to determine the parameters that are important for the future owner. It should take into account such parameters: reliability, performance, functionality, ease of use, cost, etc. These machines are fully automated, they can simply fill up grains, press a button and get a delicious drink. They are multifunctional, they make it possible to prepare different kinds of coffee. The best coffee machines have a display, informing the user about the operation of the device.

How to take care of a coffee machine and coffee machine

Drip types are not demanding in care, they can be cleaned with any detergent that does not contain abrasives. Espresso coffee machines require special attention, care must be taken in accordance with the instructions. Some models are equipped with self-cleaning functions. Coffee machines themselves remind the user that it's time to clean them. To do this, detergent is placed in the machine and the machine automatically executes the process. It is necessary to change the filters in time to avoid getting into the drink various impurities.

Choose the device you need according to your own preferences, which will allow you to enjoy aromatic coffee every day.