Can I put a refrigerator next to the oven or not?


  • Why is the refrigerator and oven not the best neighbors?
  • Kitchen appliances stand-alone
  • Neighborhood of built-in appliances
  • What can be used as insulation?

The arrangement of kitchen equipment is a responsible task. The question arises among many: is it possible to put a refrigerator next to the oven? After all, in a small space it is necessary to store furniture and household appliances in such a way as to provide functionality, safety and comfort. We will deal with this issue.

Why is the refrigerator and oven not the best neighbors?

Do not advise manufacturers of kitchen appliances to install a refrigerator with an oven. Refrigeration and thermal equipment has its technical, operational and functional features. During the work period, they release heat into the surrounding space, which can put additional strain on the operating system of the neighboring unit. This is fraught with the speedy breakdown of equipment, wear of its individual parts and mechanisms.

The property of the cooling system of the refrigerator is that it gives the external environment heat, while heating the rear wall of the unit. With an additional thermal effect on the refrigeration equipment, the compressor is forced to increase power, while the technique overheats. Therefore, if the distance between the fridge and the oven is small, the lifetime of the first one is reduced. With the increased influence of heat on the heated oven, sparks may appear, it is possible that the temperature inside the appliance increases.


When buying a refrigerator and oven, pay attention to the recommendations in the instructions manual. Manufacturers always specify the minimum distance for installation of equipment and possible restrictions on joint operation.

Kitchen appliances stand alone

Most often in the attached instructions to household equipment it is said that it is necessary to install heating devices and a refrigerator at a distance of not less than 50 cm from each other. Remoteness of technology can provide a working surface, table or cabinets.

The magazine "Miss cleanness" reminds that in case of non-observance of the rules of operation and location of devices in the immediate vicinity, the service department has the right to refuse warranty free repair of the equipment in case of malfunctions.

In a small kitchen due to lack of space, homeowners are forced to place electrical devices close together. In such cases, it is important to consider isolating technology or modern embedded instruments.

Neighborhood of built-in appliances

Is it possible to put the oven next to the refrigerator? This question can be answered positively in the event that at least one of the devices is built-in. Modern models of ovens not only meet the aesthetic requirements, but also have excellent thermal protection characteristics. Such types of equipment are additionally provided with a heat-insulating layer. This reliable fence will not allow heat to escape into the external environment. The layer is made of heat-resistant cardboard or insulation. Built-in fan and protective shutdown are responsible for the safety of the oven.

Built-in refrigerator is also endowed with additional thermal insulation, unlike its predecessors. It is carried out by external elements of decoration.

High thermal insulation characteristics of built-in appliances allow it to be placed in the kitchen space arbitrarily. At the same time it is quite possible to put equipment in close proximity.

What can be used as insulation?

If you build in an oven next to the refrigerator to the homeowner, then you should think about ways to isolate the devices from each other. It is important that the neighborhood of household appliances is safe. To do this, the gap between them can not be less than 15 cm. Separate household appliances can be a narrow cabinet or a small shelf.

Separate the kitchen space, but at the same time arrange the oven and refrigerator nearby, you can with a furniture partition. It can be replaced by a wooden frame for the construction of machinery. So the devices will be protected from additional thermal impact.

Another method of separation is to cover the wall of the refrigerator, which is located near the oven, with a special heat-reflecting foil. Another name for the film is foil-insolated. It will return heat waves, while the risk of overheating is minimal.

Thus, modern models of refrigerators and ovens can easily get along side by side. Heating appliances and refrigeration equipment that do not meet such requirements and are not additionally protected should not be adjacent, but can be isolated from each other. Following the above recommendations, you can ensure the safe coexistence of equipment in the kitchen.