Top 5 best remedies for sweat and odor

Modern hygiene products can solve almost any problems, including eliminating the problems associated with increased sweating. Find the best remedy for the smell of sweat is not easy, because store shelves abound with colorful bottles, each of which promises a magical effect. We offer our own Top-5 best remedies for sweat and odor , compiled from reviews of the Internet audience.


  • 5. Inserts in clothes with silver ions
  • 4. Various folk remedies for sweat
  • 3. Ration and exercise
  • 2. Deodorant cream Lavilin from the Israeli manufacturer Hlavin
  • 1. Sweat dry dry remedy

5Inserts in clothes with silver ions

"Stop Agent" - a rescue for those who despaired in search of an effective remedy for sweat under the armpits .These disposable liners are made from a natural absorbent - fluff pulp, which is treated with a natural antiseptic - silver ions. Inserts not only eliminate moisture and odor, but also protect clothing from possible stains.

4. All kinds of folk remedies against sweat

Can be very effective if properly applied. The most popular are the bark of oak, burnt alum, baking soda and essential oil of tea tree. It is believed that regular baths with infusion of oak bark - a wonderful remedy for the smell of sweat feet .Baths for feet with drinking soda and tea tree oil have a wonderful antiseptic effect. Burned alum significantly reduces the secretion of sweat glands, have high hygroscopicity, and also disinfectant and soothing effect.

3. Ration and exercise

Observance of certain rules of nutrition and drinking regimen, oddly enough, are also excellent remedies against sweat .In the hot season it is recommended to drink more pure and cool water, giving up strong tea and coffee. The use of any beverages and products containing caffeine, stimulates sweating. Increases the unpleasant smell of sweat, spicy, fried, fatty and smoked food. These same products often lead to the fact that on a damp skin sweat irritation and inflammation.

2. Deodorant cream Lavilin from the Israeli manufacturer Hlavin

Eliminates sweat and odor for 5-7 days. According to customers' reviews, the product does not lose its effectiveness from contact with water and clothes and does not require repeated application. Protection from sweat is achieved by blocking the activity of sweat glands, and not at the expense of perfume content - there are no extraneous odors when using Lavilin. The main advantage of this drug is its long-lasting effect.

1. Dry sweat remedy

is a whole line of cosmetic preparations of the Swedish trade mark Dry Dry, which is represented in the Russian market by the company Scandi Line. Dry-Dry is a long-acting preparation that relieves sweating for a whole week. Among the advantages can be attributed and the fact that Dry-Dry - remedy for sweat feet , armpits and even palms. Namely, these three zones, according to experts, most often suffer from hyperhidrosis, i.e.excessive sweating.

Most experts unequivocally agree that hygiene is the main ingredient in the fight against sweat odor. Any means that block sweating should be applied only to clean skin without signs of irritation and inflammation.