How to choose the right pillow to sleep: the main criteria

Quite a lot of time a person spends in a dream. Its quality affects productivity, health, energy. To ensure a good and quality sleep, you need to choose the right bed mattress bed linen, pillow. Not everyone knows how to choose a pillow to sleep. Here many aspects play an important role. We offer to find out what factors influence the choice, what to look for, and how to make sleep comfortable.

To a morning person felt really relaxed, his body during sleep should take a comfortable relaxed posture


  • 1 How to choose the right pillow
  • 2 Factors affecting our choice
    • 2.1 filling Material
      • 2.1.1 polyester fibers
      • 2.1.2 Feathers
      • 2.1.3 Bamboo
      • 2.1.4 Wool
      • 2.1.5 Latex
      • 2.1.6 Foam
      • 2.1.7 buckwheat husk
    • 2.2 The form
      • 2.2.1 rectangular
      • 2.2.2 square
      • 2.2.3 In the form of the platen
      • 2.2.4 round
      • 2.2.5 With the deepening of
      • 2.2.6 In the shape of a horseshoe
      • 2.2.7 unusual shapes
    • 2.3 A few tips for care
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How to choose the right pillow

Right and wrong position during sleep at high, low and comfortable cushion

Before you go shopping, decide exactly what you need, what a pillow is suitable for you. Seriously approach the matter, it is necessary to measure the parameters of the bed, and your own. This will help you determine the correct size and shape. But this is not necessarily action. Basically, the standard size pillows following: 50x70 cm, 50x50 cm, 70x70 cm. However, you can make a pillow on request. Then you definitely need measurements.

Choice of pillows size depending on the position during sleep

If you decide to buy a pillow, the first criterion, which is necessary to pay attention to it - money. This applies to the material, sew, cut. Here you will be in the first place their own hands. When buying, take a pillow in hand, determine whether it is hard, if you shape it fits.

The position of the neck during sleep in different positions

In the same way one can determine the softness of the material, both internal and external. Squeeze the pad in his hand. It will also help you to determine its characteristics.

A good pillow will fully relax your spine

Next, look at the manufacturer. Most of the good imported manufacturers. However, the domestic textile market can also offer good options. The factors in the theory, and then go to the store. But remember that the basic choice is a practical way. It is worth noting that in this main advantage of live online purchases before shopping.

Different variants of orthopedic pillows

Factors affecting our choice

We proceed to the study of the main factors. To choose the right pillow for sleeping, identify several important criteria for selection. This list is our view of the following factors.

Factor options
Filler Polyester fiber, feathers, bamboo, wool, foam, latex, buckwheat husks, tea.
The material for the cover · Natural;

· Artificial.

The form Rectangular, square, cushion, in the form of a horseshoe shaped form

Initiate a review.

filling Material

Topping the list of criteria filler. On it depends the density, hardness, quality pillows. Also, the filler determines the mode of operation, and how long will the product. Available options can be divided into two groups: natural and synthetic. In daily use products from both groups, so we have prepared a summary of the most popular filling for pillows.

polyester fibers

The most common representative of this group is sintepon. He goes back to the thirties of the 20th century. At this time, it was the most common material made from polyester hollow fibers. At the moment, there are better and more modern counterparts syntepon, which are also used as fillers.

High-quality padding polyester - perfect material for stuffing pillows and toys

Such fillers have many positives, such as:

  • hypoallergenic;
  • good breathability;
  • ease of care;
  • light weight;
  • lack of ability to attract dust, odors, electrify;
  • low price.

However, this material has some drawbacks:

  • transience (no more than 3 years);
  • loss of volume after washing;
  • low orthopedic characteristics.

As you can see, this material is quite affordable, easy to maintain, has many positive characteristics. It is also used as a filler for baby blankets.


Bird fluff and feathers are used as a filler for pillows for many years. At one time it was the most widespread and the best material. Even our grandmothers in their homes were only feather pillows.

Pillows filled with "down-feather" warm, soft and fluffy

At the moment, this framework is also used as a filler due to the following advantages:

  • high levels of thermoregulation;
  • good orthopedic properties;
  • the ability to quickly absorb and evaporate moisture;
  • durability (feather pillow can last more than 5 years).

The disadvantages include the following:

  • difficulty in maintenance (cleaning requires only 2 times per year);
  • high cost;
  • the possibility of dust accumulation, which attracts bed bugs and mites.

This material belongs to the group of natural, however it is expensive and difficult to maintain. Modern synthetic analogues have a lower price, but the same good performance.


Pillows of bamboo fiber most common currently. This is due to the following indicators.

Pillows filled with bamboo different ecological structure

Bamboo cushions:

  • hypoallergenic;
  • have antibacterial properties;
  • have high air permeability;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • dries quickly;
  • undemanding of care;
  • They lend themselves to machine washing;
  • They have a low price.

The only low orthopedic performance can be identified as negative. Bamboo pillow is very soft, because of this no holds its shape. However, in the absence of any diseases of the spine such an option would be ideal in all respects.


In the manufacture of pillows for sleeping, a sheep and camel wool. This material is one of the first in the history of mankind has been used to fill pillows. He does not lose popularity to this day.

Camels and sheep wool holds heat well and has a healing effect

Pillows made of wool have:

  • excellent thermoregulation;
  • affordable price;
  • the ability to keep a good shape.

But unfortunately, this type is more negative than positive sides. Among the shortcomings highlight the following:

  • fragility (after a few months of use often falls);
  • insecurity (wool - a good breeding ground for negative bacteria, dust mites and bed);
  • complexity of care (pad of wool must be frequently ventilated, and it requires only dry cleaning).

It is also worth noting that on the textile market there are many fakes of woolen goods, so the pillow with a filling made of natural wool is difficult to find.


Latex pillows are classified as orthopedic. Natural latex is extracted from the milk of the rubber plant. Such an embodiment is considered the best for the manufacture of orthopedic pillows. Basis for latex grows in Thailand, it is costly in procuring and transporting, so such products in Russia are quite expensive. But their high price justified a lot of positives.

For the filling of pillows are used as a natural or synthetic latex

Latex pillows:

  • They keep their shape;
  • They are natural antiseptic;
  • able to eliminate pain in the neck;
  • shows people with spine problems;
  • They do not require special care;
  • They have a great life.

Of the minuses can be identified increased rigidity and a high price. However, the increased stiffness is indicated for the treatment and recovery of locomotor system.


This material is made of a modified polyurethane foam. It has low elasticity so that adapts to the shape of the human head, then quickly comes to the home. Option is suitable for those looking for a budget orthopedic pillow. The properties of this filler similar to the previous, but have some differences. The first of them - this is natural. This material is classified as artificial, thanks to the foam cushions to have a lower price than in the latex.

Polyurethane foam with high elasticity and the ability to "remember" the shape used for the manufacture of orthopedic pillows

In turn, they have the following positive qualities:

  • They do not require special care;
  • They are hypoallergenic;
  • does not lead to the formation of pathogenic microorganisms, and dust mites;
  • have an optimum price for orthopedic pillows.

The disadvantages include the following:

  • have poor regulators;
  • by clicking this takes the form of an object that may not like some users.

The service life of such a cushion about 3 years.

buckwheat husk

Introducing unusual options, which can also serve to create pillows for sleeping most common of them is - buckwheat husk.

Buckwheat husks separated from grains and specially treated, is environmentally friendly filler and is suitable for people with allergies

It's a pretty interesting option. This pillow has a light massage effect and minor orthopedic properties. It is well breathable, not a breeding ground for bacteria. The main positive qualities is that it is hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, it is a natural antiseptic.

Speaking about the cons, it is worth noting that this pillow is quite a lot of weight: an average weight of 2.5 kg. Also, buckwheat husk noisy material and requires special care.

Its ability to quickly accumulate and attract moisture can be both positive and negative. This feature will help you to remove the excess moisture in the air of the room. But, because of this ability, buckwheat filler is necessary to dry quite often, depending on the humidity of the room.

The form

To choose the right pillow for a good night's sleep, it is necessary to pay attention to its shape. It depends on what position you like to sleep, some stiffness and size mattress and a bed, which will also target the pillow.

Thanks to an orthopedic pillow, your head will automatically take the most comfortable position


The most common form of the pillow to sleep - a rectangle. Products in the form of rectangle can be both orthopedic and conventional. Choosing such a form, you can pick up any fillers, because each manufacturer has a rectangular cushion, regardless of their content.

Most rasprostranennnye rectangular pillows

The best of this form - made of bamboo. Suitable for any bed and of any age, for each sleep posture. Rectangular cushion also convenient in that they have a linen pillowcases size of 50 cm by 70 cm. This is the standard size, and by selecting a pillow, you will not be difficult to find a case for it.


Standard sizes are 70 square cushions 70 cm. Quite large, so it is not suitable for each bed. The bed linen pillow cases also come with these measurements, so selecting a square cushion smaller, you will be hard to find on her case.

Pillow 70 * 70 Microfiber suitable for most bedding sets

In recent years, the square has become less used, since it displaces a rectangle.

In the form of the platen

Cushion in the form of rollers can be of several types. To begin, consider a classic. It is a cylinder with rounded ends. This type is not suitable for permanent use. Its purpose - the removal of pain and blocks in the neck muscles. It can be used for a short sleep during the lunch period or after the workday.

Pillows rollers low enough solid and underlay directly below the neck, thereby allowing the spine to be in the flat position

The second type is designed for continuous use. It has a rectangular shape, equipped with a hand roller. Bags such shape advantageously orthopedic.


This type mainly relates to decorative. But there are circular models, designed for continuous use. It depends on the filler.

Beanbag - a great item for interior decoration

If you purchase a fairly large round cushion stuffed with wool, bamboo or any other synthetic fiber it will last you a long time.

However, with such a model, there are some difficulties:

  • It is not easy to find a bean bag, designed for continuous use, that is not a souvenir. Often, it has to be manufactured to order.
  • You will be hard to find a pillow for her. None of the standard set of bed linen does not offer circular pillow cases, it will have to make their own.

With the deepening of

This form also has several variants:

  • With the deepening of the center. This option is mainly used for children's pillows, but there are models for adults. The advantages of this embodiment is that the groove is completely describes the shape of the skull. The downside is that such a model for an adult is necessary to sew on order only.

    Orthopedic Pillow "Crown" - the perfect solution for a healthy development and comfort of your baby

  • With the deepening of the upper arm. Such an option - a godsend for people who like to sleep on your side. This situation is useful for the neck, as it will not be bent during sleep. The downside of this model is that it is suitable only for sleeping in the same position.

Orthopedic three-layered cushion helps to take the correct position of the shoulders and supports the natural curvature of the spine

In the shape of a horseshoe

It is also a specific model, which is not suitable for permanent use. It is used mostly while traveling. Also it can be used when watching TV or sitting at the computer. Its main purpose - to maintain and relax the muscles of the neck and shoulders. Use only in a sitting position.

Pillow under a head in the shape of a horseshoe

unusual shapes

Recently, manufacturers are increasingly seen interesting solutions. Cushion in the form of banana, orange slices, flower, month, and others. These models are popular among teenagers and children. They are suitable as gifts or decorations. But they are not suitable for permanent use as a pillow to sleep.

Unusual bright fruit pillows for decor

A few tips for care

To bought pillow to sleep lasts a long time, and properly perform its functions, it needs proper care. Even for those models that are unpretentious in use need regular cleaning, drying, laundry.

If you follow a few simple rules, the product will meet all the costs.

  • Regularly washing.

    Depending on the material and filler cushions, have products that can not be washed at all and can be washed by hand or machine

  • Refer to the operating instructions indicated on the label.

    Label for pillows holofaybera

    Table decrypt shortcuts to the label for proper care

A pleasant shopping!

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