The best SPA-salons in Moscow - 2015 rating

Moscow by right can be considered not only the capital of Russia, but also the capital of spa salons and beauty studios. Now their services are very popular, and every month new places are opened for the maintenance and acquisition of beauty and health. Some of them are considered the best, while others have not scored the number of reviews that would help them enter the list of the best spa salons in Moscow.


  • Rating SPA-salons in Moscow
    • Beauty Club Cardo Suite
    • Spa Lakshmi
    • Cosmetic clinic Beauty Trend
    • Salon Art of Spa
    • Beauty salon TBeauty

Рейтинг SPA-salons of Moscow

Beauty Club Cardo Suite

Almost all visitors evaluate this salon very muchhigh. Cardo Suite offers a variety of treatments including massages, hairdressing and epilation. The materials used in the salon are of only high quality, and the masters are real professionals. Customers are always satisfied with the work.

Spa Lakshmi

Offers any cosmetic services to its customers. It is a network of salons, which are located in the most convenient places of the city. Only the best specialists from Thailand and Tunisia work here. There is a bath complex, massages and other spa treatments. All customers are satisfied with the cozy atmosphere and quality services. Positive assessments allow the salon to occupy high positions in the rating of spa salons in Moscow.

Cosmetology Clinic Beauty Trend

It is recommended by all visitors to the salon. Beauty Trend offers services for massage sessions, face and body care, manicure, pedicure and many other procedures that have not left any customer indifferent. In addition, it is also a cosmetology clinic, so here you can also get consultations of dermatologists and cosmetologists. A certificate in such a spa in Moscow will be an excellent gift for any girl. In addition, there is a service for spa procedures for two. It is in great demand, that's why it is present in many similar salons.

Salon Art of Spa

Also offers services for massages, beauty treatments, manicures, aromatherapy, various types of wraps and so on. A pleasant atmosphere, skilled craftsmen who have been working in this spa for a long time and are considered to be recognized masters of their craft, distinguish it from many others.

Beauty salon TBeauty

Here you can come to various procedures: cosmetic masks and hairdressing services, wraps and spa procedures, eyelash extension and hair treatment, and much more. Experienced professionals, excellent service and a flexible system of discounts make this salon popular and in demand among customers.

Of course, in Moscow there is a huge number of spas that are more or less in demand, but the listed beauty studios occupy a leading position among them.