Top 10 interesting facts about pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important periods in a woman's life. The process of the birth and development of a new life is amazing. The future mother looks, thinks, moves and speaks in a very special way.

Today we bring to your attention Top-10 interesting facts about the pregnancy .Many unusual at first glance things find a completely scientific explanation, others - puzzling modern scientists and doctors.


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Contrary to popular belief, the pregnancy duration of the is not exactly 9 months, but somewhat more. On average, the process of bearing a baby lasts 280 days( 40 weeks).


Many people think that a pregnant woman is absent-minded, always forgets everything and thinks completely illogically. Scientists refute this error. Numerous experiments show that ordinary women and future mothers are equally successful in coping with tasks on logic and memory.


It is known that the expectant mother should eat well. But, contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary and even harmful to eat "for two".On the day of the pregnant woman, about 300 additional calories are laid.


When looking at a pregnant woman it seems that she is proud to show off her rounded tummy. In fact, such a posture arises against the wishes of the future mother. As the abdomen grows, the back flexes in the waist, and the shoulders and head recline. So the "pregnant" posture is formed.


Almost all babies are born with blue eyes. This color of the eyes is caused by the absence of melanin - the pigment, which begins to accumulate in the iris from six months. If the melanin turns out to be small, the blue or gray-blue color of the eyes will last for life. And if there is a lot of pigment, it will change to brown or green.


To give birth to twins is fated to approximately 3% of pregnant women. Only 30 years ago this figure was less by 60%.A considerable role in increasing the number of multiple pregnancies is played by in vitro fertilization( IVF) and other achievements of modern medicine.


Most children are born on Tuesdays. The smallest number of babies are born on a Saturday or Sunday. Perhaps, amazing statistics can be explained by the fact that planned cesarean sections are almost never appointed for the weekend.


Pregnancy is not an excuse to put a cross on one's own interests. Scientists have proved that a pregnant woman more often demonstrates non-standard thinking, and maternity leave for many expectant mothers becomes an opportunity to do something really interesting. Teachers of painting argue that a pregnant woman is the best student.


Thousands of couples are trying in advance to to determine the gender of the child .Someone passionately wants a boy, give someone to a girl. Scientists have proved that the probability of conception of a male child increases with each subsequent pregnancy. Consequently, mothers with many children more often than others give birth to sons.


The record holder for the number of pregnancies and births is Elizabeth Greenhill from the UK.She gave birth to 38 times, having produced 39 babies!