Rating of the best female shampoos

In the choice of cosmetics, we have to trust only the intuition, advertising and advice of acquaintances. Neither the one nor the other, nor the third, can be objectively, and very few professional assessments are conducted. In order to help women determine the choice of shampoo for washing their heads, we present the rating of the best women's shampoos , compiled by the experts of the magazine "Consumer. Home pharmacy. "

The new rating of the best hair shampoos 2016 of the year was published, compiled according to the test results.


  • 8.
  • sponges 7. Sunsilk
  • 4. CLIVEN
  • 2. NIVEA Hair Care


Country of origin: Russia.

According to the advertisement, this conditioner shampoo includes a full complex of vitamins that feed hair, and the added conditioner with protective properties gives volume and lightness to the hair. Of the real advantages of this shampoo, you can note its cost - only 25 rubles, especially since it includes 2 active components( although this is a matter of taste).In contrast, the tests showed an unfavorable slightly alkaline environment: pH = 7.5-8.Also of the disadvantages can be called insufficient amount of foam. Thus, we can say that the quality of shampoo is quite consistent with its price category.

7. Sunsilk

Country of origin: Russia.

Advertisers praise the provitamin B5 and the silk protein contained in shampoo that nourish the hair. There is also a conditioning effect, which should impart volume and protect hair from electrostatic stress. However, according to experts, its pH level is just as unfavorable for hair as the previous shampoo, but the cost of Sunsilk is 2 times more. Of the advantages of shampoo can be called a large amount of foam, easy combing after washing, no increase in hair loss.


Country of origin: Russia.

is declared as a shampoo made from the most useful foodstuffs, which contains more than 200 nutritional and biologically active substances, improves their metabolism in the hair. Prevents hair loss, removes inflammation. Unlike previous brands, the pH level turned out to be closer to the norm - 6-6.5, but the foaming properties are below the required level, and the viscosity is too low. This is offset by the low cost of the product, the softness of the hair after washing.


Country of origin: Russia.

Advertising of this product promises gentle, but effective hair care, due to natural extracts of herbs. Also indicated is a balanced pH and a thick foam that will wash the hair well. However, tests showed that the level of foam is not enough and it settled down quite quickly. The pH level was in fact neutral, which is harmless to the hair, but it will not bring any benefit. After washing, the hair became soft and fluffy, which is an undoubted plus of shampoo, as well as the fact that a large bottle( 400 ml) costs as much as most shampoos cost 200-250 ml. Also, the dignity of shampoo can be considered its density, but it does not dissolve quickly enough in water. On the whole, the impression was favorable for the experts.


Country of origin: Italy.

Specializes in hair with split ends, as well as after painting and perm, declaring restorative and protective effects due to active ingredients, provitamins PP and B5.The tests showed slightly higher than normal pH - 7-7.5.After washing, hair is easier to comb, but after a long period of use, the hair becomes slightly more than it can be, which can be associated with an elevated pH.In addition, the shampoo has a persistent synthetic odor.


Country of origin: Russia-Germany

According to the idea of ​​the developers it is designed specifically for fine hair, the basis of the action is the increase in volume due to the proteins that are included in the composition. When tested, the shampoo showed good results - and pH = 6.5, and foaming is quite sufficient. Among the shortcomings can be called the "dirty hair effect", which is felt already on the 2nd day after washing.

2. NIVEA Hair Care

Country of origin: Germany

Manufacturers pay attention to how effectively shampoo cares for damaged and dry hair thanks to a unique calcium-vitamin complex. According to the image of the product created by advertisers, it restores damaged and fragile hair, gives hair a silky shine, penetrating into the base. Tests showed a fairly low amount of foam, but its composition was at the required level, but the pH was at an altitude, amounting to 5.5.After the first application, the hair became silky, but there were difficulties with combing after a weekly application.


Country of origin: Poland.

Active components of shampoo, if you believe advertising, free the scalp from the surface layer, which contributes to an active cleansing of dandruff. During testing, the product demonstrated the highest result in foaming, showing not only its large number, but also high quality. The pH level was within the normal range: 7-7.5.After washing, the hair is soft, easy to comb, and the effect of "dirty hair" may not appear for a week. Also, from the positive side of the product can be noted a pleasant smell, which persists on the hair.

This is what looks like today is the best female shampoo!