Top 10 Best New Year's Movies

In the company of the cult film "The Irony of Fate, or With Easy Steam!" New Year was celebrated by millions of our compatriots for decades. In many houses this tradition is strong to this day. And since January 1, and before the end of the vacation, cinema has become one of the most favorite entertainment. Naturally, at this time the films devoted to New Year and Christmas look better than others.

We offer to evaluate Top-10 best New Year movies of domestic and imported production. By the way, those who do not have a pre-New Year expectation of a miracle, viewing such a movie is highly recommended!


  • 10. Christmas story.
  • 9. Real love.
  • 8. The grinch is the thief of Christmas.
  • 7. New Year's tariff.
  • 6. Come and see me.
  • 5. Survive Christmas.
  • 4. Firs.
  • 3. Merry Christmas.
  • 2. Exchange holiday.
  • 1. One at home.

10. Christmas story.

The film is based on the novel by Charles Dickens and tells the story of the mean Ebenezer Scrooge. The spirits of Christmas give a person a chance to change themselves for the better.

9. Real love.

Nine stories of love on the eve of Christmas skillfully intertwined in front of the audience. The film is permeated with the atmosphere of the Christmas miracle. One of the best New Year's films is distinguished by a brilliant cast.

8. The grinch is the thief of Christmas.

Unloved by all Grinch decides to steal a hated Christmas, as looking at happy faces and universal wishes of happiness is unbearable to him. However, the magic of the holiday changes even this unsympathetic grumbling green man.

7. New Year's tariff.

The heroine of Valeria Lanskoy does not believe in New Year's miracles. However, her life, like magic, changes one phone call. The film features good humor, an amusing plot and such a touching naivety. From the viewer gets a continuous New Year's positive.

6. Come and see me.

New Year's melodrama is full of sad and joyful moments. The final, as expected, on the eve of such a holiday, will be bright. The film is decorated with a magnificent game by Oleg Yankovsky and Irina Kupchenko.

5. Survive Christmas.

Despite the fact that the picture received 2 nominations for "Golden Raspberry" for "Worst Screenplay" and "Worst Film", for many people it is the favorite New Year's film. The main idea of ​​the plot is the suffering of a lone millionaire who has no one to spend Christmas with.

4. Firs.

Events in this New Year's comedy unfold in just 11 cities. Here there is a place for a real miracle, and fulfillment of a cherished desire, and real friendship and, of course, love.

3. Merry Christmas.

The magic of Christmas stops the bloodshed in December 1914.The Germans, the British and the French are coming out of the trenches to shake hands and wish: "Merry Christmas!".

2. Exchange holiday.

Two girls with broken hearts decide to swap homes and start life anew. In the New Year's romantic melodrama, each of the heroines will find its half. The film inspires faith in itself and gives a great mood.

1. One at home.

Favorite New Year comedy for millions of people. Macaulay Culkin, playing a boy, a forgotten home on Christmas Eve, can raise even the most depressing mood.