Top 10 Highest-Paid Financiers in the World

The speed of decision-making, sober calculation and intuition of these people is beyond praise. They get millions for managing billions. The company Bloomberg has published a rating of fifty high-paid heads of the largest financial companies in the United States.

We chose the top ten for publication and offer today Top-10 of the world's highest-paid financiers for 2011.It is noteworthy that in comparison with the previous year, the income of the rating participants increased by an average of 20%.


  • 10. Jim Rohr, annual revenue of $ 16.6 million
  • 9. Richard Fairbank, $ 18.7 million
  • 8. James Cracchiolo, $ 18.8 million,
  • 7. John Stumpf, $ 19.8 million
  • 6. Larry Fink, $ 21.9 million
  • 5. Kenneth I. Chenault, $ 23.1 million
  • 4.Jamie Dimon, $ 23.1 million
  • 3. John Strangfeld, $ 23.7 million
  • 2. George Roberts, $ 29.9 million
  • 1. Henry Kravis), $ 30 million

10. Jim Rohr, annual revenue of $ 16.6 million.

Head of PNC Financial Services Group has been in office since 2000.Previous 28 years of his career, Rohr also devoted himself to work in affiliated companies with PNC.Jim Roore is the owner of the prestigious American Banker of the Year Award.

9. Richard Fairbank, $ 18.7 million

The head of the Capital One fund "earns money" on the Board of Directors of MasterCard International. Fairbank is the owner of many prestigious titles, among them "The Best Business Manager of the Year" and "The Entrepreneur of the Year in the Field of Credit Cards."

8. James Cracchiolo, $ 18.8 million

The head of Ameriprise Financial has been in office since 2005.However, the activities of Mr. Cracchiolo are not limited to the United States. Since 2003, he has been chairman of Threadneedle Asset Management, a London-based company specializing in asset management.

7. John Stumpf, $ 19.8 million

Stumpf is the head of Wells Fargo &Company since 2010.Prior to this, since 2005, he has held various managerial positions in the company. Stumpf - one of 11 children in the family managed to achieve such striking successes, including predicting the dollar to the ruble rate and other currency quotes. Most of his brothers and sisters became followers of the farmers' business of their parents.

6. Larry Fink, $ 21.9 million

The founder and head of the BlackRock investment fund once in his career incorrectly predicted the damage to the employer, Bank First Boston, in the amount of $ 100 million. According to Fink, this blunder taught him to better understand risk management, giving invaluable experience in building his own company.

5. Kenneth I. Chenault, $ 23.1 million

The head of American Express joined the company back in 1981.The Executive Director appointed him in 2001.Cheno is one of the wealthiest African-Americans in the world.

4. Jamie Dimon, $ 23.1 million

JPMorgan Chase head four times( in 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2011) was on the list of hundreds of the most influential people of the planet according to the edition of "Time".In 2011, Dimon was awarded the title of Best Executive Director of the Year.

3. John Strangfeld, $ 23.7 million

John has been leading one of the largest US insurance companies Prudential Financial since 2008, on the whole he gave the corporation more than 35 years of work.

2. George Roberts, $ 29.9 million

The second co-executive director of the private equity fund KKR only yielded slightly to his cousin, being on the second line of the rating. Together with Henry Krevis, Roberts was the founder of the company in 1976.

1. Henry Kravis, $ 30 million

Co-Executive Director Kohlberg Kravis Roberts &Co - the highest paid financier of the year and the 88th in the list of the richest people in America for Forbes. Henry's own business began with his cousin Roberts at the age of 33, in 1977.Krevis actively provides financial support to research and educational institutions.