Bed-transformer their hands: step by step instructions with photos

Chest-bed convertible chipboard

Chest Bed transformer made of particleboard made with their own hands

Most of the residents of apartment buildings faced with a small living space, on which you want to place and organize so many things. Bed transformer has become very popular due to these requirements. During the day, this model can be an ordinary desk or wall, and at night turns into a full-fledged bed.

Bright dresser bed desk

Bright dresser bed desk - practical idea of ​​your interior

Everyone wants the house was cozy and comfortable, so this type of furniture must meet the interior, features of the room layout. But the price of such products is large enough, not everyone will have to afford. Output is always there - with minimal skills, you can make your own hands convertible bed.

Bed-cupboard for two children

Comfortable light bed-closet with shelves and lighting in the bedroom of two children

The advantages of making furniture with his own hands:

  • space-saving;
  • affordable cost of necessary materials (in any case, will be much cheaper than buying the finished product);
  • the ability to create a unique model that matches your requirements;
  • all necessary drawings are available on the Internet;
  • confidence in the quality and reliability of the finished product;
  • sleep on a quality mattress bed is useful, and sofa can harm the musculoskeletal system.
Furniture for small bedroom

Furniture, built-in niche small bedroom for the rational use of space in the room


  • 1 We determine the design and construction of future bed
  • 2 process of manufacturing
  • 3 The last step - the decor of the finished product
  • 4 Video: Wardrobe bed with his hands

We determine the design and construction of future bed

Bed-in wardrobe in the disassembled and assembled

Bed-in wardrobe in the disassembled and assembled, used in a small apartment

Before looking for drawings, procure the necessary materials, select what kind of product you would like to receive and what model you would afford to make. Beds transformers are subdivided into several varieties.

  • Bed-closet - with the help of a box of the lifting device is pressed against the wall and looks like a simple wardrobe. This type is the most popular among the other and is one of predominantly practical in small housing. Bed convertible own hands this type of set up is easier than other models.
Double bed, wardrobe

A double bed, a wardrobe with a comfortable pillow-top mattress

Folding cabinet bed with desk-escritoire

Folding cabinet bed with desk-escritoire and with LED backlight

  • Bed-working place is popular for decorating children, because it includes a desk with all sorts of additional drawers, wardrobe and bed.
Table bed for teenager

Table bed for a teenager - functional furniture-transformer

Bed and desktop - two in one

Bed and desktop - two in one for a room in the loft

  • Bed-sofa can be seen as a normal and variant when the sofa transforms into a bunk bed.
A double bed-sofa in the interior

A double bed-sofa in the interior of the small cozy living room

Triple sofa-transformer

Sofa convertible into a three bedroom bunk bed

  • One of the innovations - the bed is raised to the ceiling and there is masked. It belongs to the transformer, as this design instantly releases a large amount of space, becoming invisible.
Exclusive Bed-transformer

Exclusive bed that rises up when necessary

Suspended from the ceiling bed

White hanging bed on the ceiling in the interior of the room in loft

If you are a small specialist and first start making the bed-transformer with their hands, stop for a simpler version. As mentioned above, such a bed-closet. To begin, make a drawing or find a future product with the required parameters, marking the site of attachment and connection.

Bed-closet with his hands

Bed that can be converted in the wall cabinet, if necessary

bed-cabinet model is divided into three main parts, which first need to be created separately and then combined into a single unit. The following are those items and materials needed for the production.

  1. The housing may be of any shape and appearance, most importantly - a great niche, which will be stacked bed. Niche should be made based on the parameters of the mattress. The material can be used laminated chipboard sheets, they are pretty unpretentious in processing, have affordable price. To avoid chipping during cutting, sawing chipboard better make the necessary parameters according to the manufacturer. This service is not expensive, besides, all the edge pieces you plastered with skirting tape.
    Enclosure frame bed

    Enclosure frame beds, which should be attached to the main wall

  2. The base of the bed - you'll need for making wooden beams - of which you make a frame and slats, or a sheet of plywood, which will go to the mattress. Particleboard or MDF sheets are fixed below the base - when folded, they will serve as the facade of the cabinet, so this part should be approached from a design point of view.
    A great option to save your space

    Bed hidden in a closet - a great option to save your space

  3. The lifting mechanism incorporates a wardrobe and bed. Since it accounts for a large part of the load, it is advisable to buy such a mechanism as a finished product. This is one of the main parts of the transformer bed, do not skimp on it, give preference to quality system.
The mechanism of transformation vertical cupboard-bed

The mechanism of transformation vertical cupboard bed unassembled

process of manufacturing

Connection of two parts

Connect the two parts for a double bed - frame and bedroom

Installation of transformer-type bed consists of two points - the first step is to make a frame for the folding mechanism, and then - a berth. On the Internet you can find ready-made dimensions for standard single and double models, but if you need other options, calculate them have their own. This program will be a great help "Furniture Designer".

Attach the frame using parts

Attach the frame with the help of corners on anchor, if you have a wall of concrete or brick, or screws if the wooden house

Make rigid fixation anchor bolts sturdy metal rack on the wall. It will need to strengthen the framework of metal corners. For the base frame take two reliable boards - they perform the function of the carrier, the average length of the standard forms beds Transformers is about two meters. Along the edges, top and bottom, with glue and screws fasten their transverse board. An adhesive compound, and screws secure the trim on the finished frame. Remember - it is necessary that the depth of the box corresponds to the thickness of the bed. To ultimately did not get the box without accommodating the finished product, it is better to make it a few centimeters more.

Mounting frame bed cabinet

Installation bed cubicle with bed lifting mechanism

Then you can start to mount a folding bed. As a basis, take the plywood, the relevant necessary parameters. To avoid damage and sagging material, reinforce its bottom, setting the four board length and breadth of the future product. For greater comfort can be equipped with a variety of bed base board, but remember - lifting mechanisms, nothing should prevent.

United and base frame

United frame and base, with increased construction in the middle of a block of wood

The next step - mounting frame to the wall. For a long service life of the finished product, select only high-quality fasteners. Loops secure the hinged portion of the frame, and its free end secure with special fasteners - precisely because of their convertible bed is kept folded and unexpectedly biodegrade. If you cover the wood varnish surface, it is more expedient to do so as long as the hinged portion is not fixed to the frame.

The last step - the decor of the finished product

Built-in bed in the closet with mirrored facades

Built-in white bed in a closet with mirrored facades in the interior of the living room

Bed transformer can be supplemented by small cabinets, shelves or mirrors that give greater functionality design. In embodiments of modern design the product can be painted with acrylic paint - the most popular are the bright colors in children's rooms. Bedroom can be arranged with a combination of multiple colors, and deposition patterns. If you can not draw, on the Internet you can find a variety of stencils - print right and use it to create a unique design.

Bunk-bed children cupboard with a picture

Bunk-bed children cupboard with a picture of two children

To better fit with the cabinet, the outer side of the article can be issued with a bill of accessories, false beams and imitation handles. You can also create additional niche using mirrors or install additional lighting elements - light bulbs, light-emitting diodes.

Wooden panel with two folding beds

Wooden wall with two folding beds with a beautiful facade of treatment

Butt boards Arrange self-adhesive edge - it can be purchased at any hardware store. Apply the adhesive side of the edge to the end, go over it with a hot iron. Next, perform a dry cloth, carefully pressing. Excess trim and grind sandpaper.

As you can see, the result beds transformer, made with his own hands turn out no worse than the factory, and in some cases even better and will be unique in its kind. The main thing - the desire, patience, strict adherence to the instructions and the use of quality materials.

White bed-closet with illumination

White bed-closet with wood frame and illuminated the interior of the

Video: Wardrobe bed with his hands