Choosing a base for bed: orthopedic or continuous

With this choice faced by many when it comes time to buy a bed. The question is, why buy orthopedic base, when you can do orthopedic mattress?

orthopedic base

If you decide to heal your body, enjoy a selection of orthopedic bed base.

orthopedic mattress

Buying a good orthopedic mattress - this is a good investment in your comfort and excellent feel.

This article will answer that question and tell us what are the advantages and disadvantages of the bases, what to look for when buying.


  • 1 types of substrates
  • 2 Features a bed with orthopedic design basis
  • 3 Dimensions
  • 4 Choosing orthopedic base
  • 5 Orthopedic base with adjustable
  • 6 Summing up
  • 7 helpful hints
  • 8 VIDEO: bed assembly instructions with orthopedic base.
  • 9 Bed with orthopedic base - 50 photo-ideas:

types of substrates

For beds produce two types: flat and continuous orthopedic grating.

1) represents a continuous flat surface, made of planed boards, plywood or particle board (made of pressed wood chips).Processed protective and decorative means mounted to the frame. Solid base heavier than orthopedic less mobile. And most importantly, does not allow the mattress to reveal all of its orthopedic characteristics and capabilities. Thus, sleep is getting worse.

solid base

Such a foundation is worse interacts with the mattress due to poor ventilation, so the reduced period of its service life.

2) The orthopedic grating base for a bed consists of a metal or wooden frame with a lifting mechanism and the legs, wood slats, which are fastened thereto by means of latoderzhateley.

base slats

Lamella - a curved wooden slats.

Furniture slats can be made of the following types of wood:

  • Birch;
  • Beech;
  • Nut.

Birch lamellas are optimal material. They perform their functions adequately and thus cheaper than the slats of the other wood.

slats birch

Furniture slats of walnut and beech wood is more expensive, but they are durable and can withstand more weight.

Standard dimensions of the slats:

  • The thickness of 6 to 8 mm;
  • The optimum width of 63 mm;
  • according to the dimensions of the base length;
  • Lamella spacing of 70-80 mm, such distance allows to improve orthopedic effect;
  • The optimal number of slats of 11 to 13 pc.
bed slats

Furniture slats provide a comfortable and anatomically correct positioning of the body.

These dimensions slats allow us to bed easier. They give it elasticity, harmonious interaction with orthopedic mattress, which allows for maximum comfort.

bed slats

The lattice of slats withstand a load up to 150 kg.

All orthopedic bases pass all required tests of strength.

Features a bed with orthopedic design basis

In addition to these advantages, this design allows the bed to be more mobile, which considerably saves space in the machine when moving facilitate loading and unloading.

disassembled bed

This option is well suited for rented apartments, motels and hotels.

Sleep design with such bases disassembled and assembled without any particular effort, separated from the carcass following elements:

  • Sleeping area;
  • legs;
  • The upper base with slats;
  • The lower part with drawers for clothes.
bed lift

Disassemble the structure, it can be transported by car.

Such designs are equipped with a lifting mechanism, have the ability to compactly store things bedding. The legs are disengaged, pulled out of the slats latoderzhateley, Is a metal frame with a mattress.

disassembled bed

All other parts of the design, compact fold into the carton.

Designs are available in 2 types:

1) No adjustment of the stiffness;

bed frame

bed base without the possibility to change the stiffness of the slats.

2) With the stiffness control (very important, at the same time, a convenient feature for double constructions).

stiffness adjustment

This feature is useful for the bed where people sleep with a different weight.

By adjusting the stiffness can be adjusted orthopedic base individually for each person lying on it.There are 7 points stiffness zones:

  • Head,
  • shoulders
  • Back,
  • Taz,
  • hip,
  • Knees,
  • Feet.
stiffness adjustment

Bed with adjustable stiffness of the slats over their entire length.

To the base of the bed, it is important to choose the right mattress. Orthopedic mattresses are made with different fillings. Basically this spring, horse hair, coconut coir, latex natural.

bed with mattress

All of these fillers do not cause an allergic reaction, well-ventilated and moderately elastic that creates a maximum effect for a comfortable sleep.


Basal length should be 20 cm more human growth Single base width should be at least 80 cm. These dimensions make it possible to comfortably settle down on a bed.

size bed

The bed of this size does not take up too much space in the room.

The legs are made of ductile metal, the most convenient length legs 24-25 cm. They are dependent on the height of the base. Structural stability provides the number of legs (which happens to 7 pieces per frame).

bed frame with slats

To enhance the central frame structure extends centrally.

The total height of 27-28 cm., It all depends on the manufacturer. Grille slats provides for the proper distribution of weight on the mattress and extending the service life of the mattress.

Choosing orthopedic base

When choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Quality slats (they should not be large knots and cracks);
  • The base should not squeak, creak causes discomfort;
  • The metal frame should not have rust, chips and scratches;
  • Wooden substrates must have frayed mounting holes, sharp rough edges;
  • Completeness of accessories;
  • Furniture slats should not be chipped;
bed choice

An important criterion is the brand of the product, ie. To. The quality of the product depends on the sleep comfort, lifetime orthopedic base.

Details slat attachment affect the price and quality beds.Furniture slats are attached to the base - latoderzhateley.


Latoderzhateley - this attachment, designed to hold the slats in the bedroom design.

Lamellas are mounted convex side up.They are made of rubber and plastic.Rubber more elastic and expensive.


Plastic latoderzhateley cheaper, but more rigid and durable than rubber.

Orthopedic base, producing a lifting mechanism. Mechanisms are divided into several types.

  1. Manual mechanism reliable and has a longer service life than all the rest, but uncomfortable, t. To. During opening has to keep the base and the mattress at the same time.
  2. Spring, hard climbs, but copes well with its task, it will eventually have to be replaced due to the fact that the stretch of the spring.
  3. Gas shock absorbers open smoothly and noiselessly, used mainly for heavy lifting bed designs.
  4. Lifting mechanism with electric drive - it is convenient to use, it is in motion control.
bed with lifting mechanism

Beds with lifting mechanism can be equipped with drawers for clothes, thus saving space in the bedroom.

The legs are made of ductile metal, have a convenient height, and easily disconnected are joined to the frame of the bed, ensure the stability of the whole structure, and more bed mobility.

Orthopedic base with adjustable

Adjustment is of two kinds.

1. Regulation slat rigidity.

stiffness adjustment

This adjustment allows you to adjust the bed under his weight.

2. Adjustment of the upper and lower base parts.

adjustable bed bases

This type of adjustment will allow comfortably enjoy breakfast, provide blood flow to tired legs, putting them at an angle.

From these functions reliability and durability is not lost t. To. The manufacturers take into account all the points in the tests.

Summing up

The advantages of the classic bed with the solid base that they are calculated on the weight of a big man than with orthopedic bars and more stable due to its weight.

Disadvantages based on such beds is that they are more cumbersome, less mobile, they have a smaller mattress life, they repaired more difficult than the bed in which the prosthetic base.

Bed with orthopedic base, too, have a number of advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of these beds is much greater than the disadvantages. they passchitany on the weight of 150 kg, Legkie by weight mabundant, btaken quickly assembled and disassembled. therePOSSIBILITY adjust the stiffness of the bed individually. There is a large districtVariety of designs, wWide price range. The framework can be used independently from the bed. Bed, equipped with a lifting mechanism, easy to operate.

bed slats

In the manufacture of such beds, modern technologies are used, which empowers them and gives additional comfort.

Only disadvantages is that these beds designed for lighter weight.

helpful hints

If the sleeping person weighs more than 90 kg, it is necessary to use a narrow slats, wide suitable for people with less weight. Some manufacturers produce bases and mattresses. It is recommended to choose the mattress and the base of the same manufacturer.

Bed mattresses

Additionally, you can get a discount on the product.

Pay attention to completeness, some manufacturers legs bought separately. To experience the full effect of the orthopedic mattress, the mattress is bought first, then the base under it. If you do not have enough money to buy a suitable option in many outlets you can get credit, thus you will make long-term investment in your health.

double bed

An additional advantage of the orthopedic grating is a quick repair.

Instead broken slats can always order the product right size, buy in the store. Many sellers offer their customers free shipping reason This is another nice bonus. Sellers and manufacturers who value their reputation, always meet customers and exchange goods in case of manufacturing defects.

Bed base with orthopedic

Remember: quality, properly executed prosthetic base is the key to healthy sleep.

VIDEO: bed assembly instructions with orthopedic base.

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