Top 6 critical mistakes that businessmen make every day

It happens that even when investing a lot of effort and labor, businessmen do not get the expected profit, and sometimes even work at a loss to themselves. Very often, this is due to the fact that in the course of doing business, unacceptable mistakes are made every day, hindering the development and prosperity of their business, and gradually leading to the closure of the firm. Let's look at these errors.


  • Error # 1
  • Error # 2
  • Error # 3
  • Error # 4
  • Error # 5
  • Error # 6

Error # 1

Not willing to test. If you do not test advertising, prices, oral presentations, etc., you will never know the real value of your product. Acting on the standard, you can only guess how much the market is willing to pay for your product or services. Change the prices, advertising and speech of your sellers and draw a conclusion from the results. The most profitable option is mandatory, and continue to test further.

Error # 2

Not uniqueness. Increasingly, stores are raised on the basis of a unique offer. Analyze what uniqueness your store has, if it does not already have it, come up with some unique difference. It can be twenty-four-hour working hours, ultra-fast delivery, warranty service and so on.

Error # 3

Do not encourage repeat sales. If you manage to convince your buyer within 45 days after the first purchase to buy a similar product or service, you thus automatically increase the value of this customer. A wonderful way to dramatically increase revenues and reduce losses.

Error # 4

Ignoring the needs of consumers. You should always be aware of what your client wants and give it to him. Your employees must do the same. If buyers want an ultra-low price - organize it on some inexpensive product. Remember, a satisfied customer will always come again, but a dissatisfied customer is unlikely to visit you again, even if for a long time it was permanent.

Error # 5

Not willing to tell the buyer what he needs. The buyer himself will never find those goods to which you have lowered the prices, entered an action and so on. You should always inform about such events by means of advertising. You bought too much of a certain product - advertise it and report the discount on it to the best buyers, wholesale buyers or buyers who are ready to buy another such product.

Error # 6

Forcing the buyer to work. How easily can customers navigate through the product groups in your store? Can I order a product by phone? And to receive it by mail?

Accounting for and eliminating these errors will fundamentally change your sales. Learn from your mistakes, and take on new heights.