The best cities of the former USSR for doing business

In many countries of the former Soviet Union, Russians feel at home. Russian entrepreneurs are eagerly awaiting here, officials do not repair obstacles in issuing visas and permits, and the local population has high solvency, which is beneficial to any business.

After evaluating a number of factors, Forbes experts named the best cities on the territory of the former USSR for doing business .


  • 10. Baku
  • 9. Tbilisi
  • 8. Yerevan
  • 7. Riga
  • 6. Astana
  • 5. Alma-Ata
  • 4. Vilnius
  • 3. Tallinn
  • 2. Minsk
  • 1. Moscow

10. Baku

The average salary in Baku is $ 754.In the city there is a magnificent sports village, a five-star resort, business centers, shopping complexes. The share of the Russian population in the megalopolis is 5.3%.It is noteworthy that Baku has the lowest crime rate in ten.

9. Tbilisi

The city has the highest unemployment rate among the participants - 29%.Russians actively open hotels, restaurants, car rental points in Tbilisi. The average salary in the city is $ 430.The share of the Russian population is 3%.

8. Yerevan

Almost 25% of Armenia's foreign trade turnover falls on Russia. The average salary in Yerevan is only $ 415.The share of Russians is very small - 0.6%.But almost all understand the Russian language, which is important for doing business.

7. Riga

To obtain a residence permit in the country, you need to buy a property with a minimum cost of 143,000 euros. Russians are owners of shares in almost 4,5 thousand Latvian companies.

6. Astana

The average salary in the city is $ 925.Attractive is the VAT rate of 12% versus 18% in Russia. Prospects for business development here were appreciated not only by Russians - Arab businessmen are building a huge multifunctional center "Abu Dhabi Plaza" in the city.

5. Alma-Ata

The GRP of the largest city of Kazakhstan was $ 32 billion last year. The average salary in the city is $ 880, the share of the Russian population is more than 33%.The cost per square meter of real estate in Alma-Ata is $ 2195.

4. Vilnius

Many Russian companies use Vilnius as a launching pad for the transfer of business to the European market. Interferes with business activity is one of the highest rates in the EU for allocations to various social funds.

3. Tallinn

Unfortunately, Russia and Estonia have not yet signed an agreement on avoidance of double taxation by business and protection of investments. But the registration of the company on the territory of the country gives the right to receive an Estonian residence permit for 5 years. In addition, the Estonian tax on undistributed profits is 0%.

2. Minsk

Business in the city is developing very actively.73% of the revenues to the municipal budget are deductions from private enterprises. Half of the top 10 taxpayers in Belarus are partly or wholly owned by Russians. Among them are Lukoil-Belarus, Slavneftekhim, Gazpromneft-Belnefteprodukt, MTS, Gazprom Transgaz Belarus.

1. Moscow

The best city for doing business .The average salary in Moscow is $ 1,524, which guarantees a high purchasing power for customers of any business. The unemployment rate in the city is only 2%.One of the biggest problems for entrepreneurs is the cost of renting premises.