Top 10 best ideas for business from scratch

Many people once decided to open their own business. Why did they take a chance? Everyone had his own goal. Someone got bored with gambling on "aunt" or "uncle", someone wanted to become a leader, and some dreamed of putting an end to unemployment. We present to you Top-10 best ideas for business from scratch .These options are suitable for those who want to do their thing.


  • 10. Assembling furniture at home
  • 9. Providing psychological services to
  • 8. Providing accounting and legal services to
  • 7. Courier service
  • 6. Airbrushing workshop
  • 5. Design studio
  • 4. Organization of children's holidays
  • 3. Touristagency
  • 2. Sale of hand-made goods
  • 1. Tutoring, trainings

10. Assembling furniture at home

No sphere of activity is not without furniture. Doing it in-house is a good way to start a long journey. For such a business, you will need tools, glue, etc. This is the best thing to do in the company. So you can do a lot of work faster. For one collected kitchen set can get from 40 US dollars.

9. Rendering of psychological services

In our modern world there are so many problems, troubles that many simply can not stand nerves. As a result, people need a psychologist. Specialists assume that it is within us that the root of all problems sits. If you pull it out, it will all go away. Psychologists do this. They listen, understand, do not judge, give good advice. This will be the essence of your work. For such activities, you must have an education. You need to graduate at least psychological courses. The cost of training you for a month with a small load reimburse. In one session people will pay you from $ 25.

8. Provision of accounting and legal services

To provide such services, you must have the necessary education. You will advise different citizens. For such an activity, there is no need for an office. What is the essence of the work? You will advise people in legal matters, prepare reports, documents and more.

7. Courier service

This is a fairly popular idea, as large companies often use courier services. To open such a business you need a phone and a map of the city. For one delivery they pay from 4 US dollars.

6. Airbrushing Workshop

It's worth doing this if you have the ability to draw, as well as enough finance. In this business you need to invest well, since the airbrush and the necessary inventory are expensive. You will need about 15 thousand dollars, but soon you will recover the costs. Aerography on the car can cost from five to fifteen thousand dollars.

5. Design studio

If you have an architectural or art education, then you can open such a case and try to get into the rating of design studios in Russia. You can deal with the interior design of apartments, as well as with the design of paper products( calendars, business cards, etc.).For this case you need an office and a computer. You may also need a printer. If there is no finance for this, then there is another option. You can hire remote employees and work through the Internet and phone.

4. Organization of children's holidays

This is a great idea for business from scratch. To open such a case, you will need costumes, growth dolls, requisites and scripts. For advertising, you can conduct several performances in schools or kindergartens. For an hour of such work you can get from $ 70 or more.

3. Travel agency

Rest is an industry where you can make good money. You can open your agency for organizing tours. This can be a photo tour or tours for fishing enthusiasts. There are many ideas in this area. The main thing is to choose a reliable tour operator.

2. Sale of hand-made goods

Since ancient times, handmade goods have been very much appreciated. Remember at least Persian carpets. The embroidered carpet cloth costs from 300 dollars. In this area you can earn by selling different goods. Can you embroider? Sell ​​embroidered pictures. Do beautiful jewelry? Sell ​​brooches and earrings. Do you know how to make soap or cosmetics at home? Then start selling handmade cosmetic products.

1. Tutoring, trainings

You can teach everything you know yourself. You can open courses in culinary arts or learning a foreign language. To conduct such business is real even through the Internet, using special programs for communication. To prepare children for the state exam is another opportunity to earn money. For one hour of training you will be paid from 4-5 dollars.