Top 10 visa-free countries for recreation all year round

If the decision on vacation is taken unexpectedly, and it is necessary to arrange a trip in the shortest time, then preference should be given to countries in which Russians do not need a visa.

Fortunately, such states are more than enough. We today offer Top-10 visa-free countries for recreation all year round .After all, there is a rainy autumn ahead, a snowy winter, which means that those areas where the tourist season is in full swing will be in demand.


  • 10. Bali
  • 9. Dominican Republic
  • 8. Cuba
  • 7. Egypt
  • 6. Brazil
  • 5. Vietnam
  • 4. Sri Lanka
  • 3. Maldives
  • 2. Israel
  • 1. Thailand

10. Bali

The change of seasons in Bali is not usual for Russians. Seasons here are divided into dry( from May to October), and also rainy( from November to March).The visa is given to Russians at the airport for a period of up to a month.

9. Dominican Republic

Many kilometers of beaches and turquoise water attract tourists here all year round. For a period not exceeding a month, a visa is not required, only a passport is required, the validity of which covers the entire period of stay in the Dominican Republic.

8. Cuba

The main costs during a trip to Cuba - this flight. The country is very inexpensive and are living, and food, and entertainment. Within a month, Russians can enjoy rest without a visa.

7. Egypt

As soon as the hot summer ends, the highest season starts in Egypt. Hundreds of thousands of Russians go to the best hotels in Egypt from the autumn bad weather and even for the New Year. Registration of a visa is not required if you stay in Egypt for up to a month.

6. Brazil

Russian citizens can visit Brazil without a visa provided they stay there for no more than 90 days. Temperamental Rio and snow-white beaches of Copacabana are not yet filled with Russian tourists, but are clearly gaining popularity.

5. Vietnam

Original and exotic Vietnam is becoming more popular every year. When traveling for a period of up to 2 weeks, a visa is not required. Tourists have a rest here all year round, but the period from the very beginning of November and to the middle of May is considered high.

4. Sri Lanka

Here you can plunge into the unique and mysterious culture of the East, as well as enjoy the riot of tropical vegetation and magnificent beaches. Entry to Sri Lanka without a visa is possible for a month.

3. Maldives

To get into a tropical paradise, Russians do not need a visa. The Maldives archipelago includes 1190 islands in the Indian Ocean. Many of them are unique hotels that occupy the whole island.

2. Israel

Rich culture, the Dead Sea, unique nature and millennial traditions all attract millions of tourists to Israel. The term of stay for Russians without a visa in the country for rest in winter is not more than 3 months.

1. Thailand

Russian citizens can visit the best hotels in Thailand without a visa for a period not exceeding 3 months. Tourists in Thailand can organize more active holidays on the mainland or a completely relaxed beach option on the islands.