Warm floor under the tile

Construction of a house or apartment - one of the main difficulties for everyone. After all, every moment is important and it is important not to be mistaken with the choice of materials and all sorts of plants. Therefore, every step of the repair and construction work is always a lot of problems, and one of them is the choice of a warm floor under the tile. The fact that there is a need to insulate such a peculiar coating no doubt, but with what type of flooring to choose - here there are lots of difficulties. It is therefore necessary to learn about all the possible solutions to ...

Options and alternatives

The heat source can be - electricity and water. Thus, it is an opportunity to insulate the surface with water sex or purchase alternatives available today - cables and mats Film warm system. Each of the options will help you solve the problem, but in the selection is important to consider all of the features of each system.

Water floor

This option may fairly effective, but he has its own peculiarities. You need to get this permission to implement this decision. Should visit any one instance, approve and assure a large list of documents. But, when it comes to apartment buildings, not the fact that will be able to legalize your project.

The most problematic in such a system installation as it may seem, but an additional complication - the installation of the heating boiler, installation of the screed. All this entails additional costs, and thus on the efficiency of such a system need to think about.

For private water well house floor can be a better solution. Here you do not need documents and permissions, a heat source (heating system) often already installed. The case remains for small - to be calculated and set.

Electric underfloor heating different kinds

It should be said that each of the possible options for floor heating is a profitable and successful. Compared to the previous analogue of such floors can be quickly installed in any of the rooms as a private house and apartment. Installation calculations - all of these steps will not take much time. The result in each case justify the expenditure.

Types of electric floor

Adjustable floor heating rod

The most inexpensive and affordable option. It is easily installed under a different cover - carpet, linoleum, tile. Self-regulating rod floor heating mounted in a thin screed, which reduces the total cost of all the work. For dry and damp locations - it is equally good solution.


  • It does not overheat;
  • withstand load (on a warm floor can be safely installed furniture and other home furnishings overall);
  • installation is possible even under the granite.

Solid film floor

Durable material that will provide heat in every room of your home. He simply and easily installed under the tiles, it is permissible to use the bathroom, hallway. It is safe, able to withstand any shocks. In complex areas that require angular leaf cutting, it will fit well.

Heating mat or cable

Two versions are available, and the like for implementing the idea of ​​a warm floor.

Heating mat - it is the same cable, but who already has a progressive accommodation. That is why the value is higher than the mat. This means that the cable can be cost-effective alternative.

The choice is yours!