The small size of the bathroom design

An integral component of any living space, bathroom (or a separate room for the toilet) can rarely please their large size. Typically, this is a bathroom in which very little space and atmosphere depressing. State building codes even in modern buildings do not provide a comfortable environment. However, output is still there from a hopeless situation.

Using modern technology, building and plumbing materials, it is possible to modify the size of a small closet design so that it is compensated for the lack of space. There are certain visual tricks that can enhance wall and deceive the geometry of space visually. With the right approach, it will create an atmosphere of comfort (instead of claustrophobia), even in such a small room.


  • project planning
  • design nuances
    • Experiments with color
    • style concept
    • doors
    • Lighting
    • nuances finish
  • Tile
  • Wallpaper
  • Installation of modern equipment
  • conclusion

project planning

Modern interior of the small size of the bathroom starts with a careful study of all the details and measurements of the room. That is, it will need pencil and paper. Next, you need to provide in the project such basic items as:

  • Dismantling works;
  • Repairs;
  • Finishing activities;
  • Installation of modern equipment.
The modern design of a small closet in eco-style with an unusual sink

Every item you need to paint the detail, to identify specific actions. Of key importance will be the spatial possibilities of the premises to be used as efficiently as possible. To do this you must pay attention to those inconspicuous places like room corners, various niche areas near the toilet.

Small bathroom in white with unusual shaped toilet

You should also ask whether it is possible to hide the plumbing and utilities in the thickness of the wall. Because if they were previously in the mind - it will win extra meters of such an important space. Next, the following points may be improvement false walls, embedding compact niches for storage of household goods, placing water meters. However, before probably require alignment floor surfaces and walls. When this defined, can roughly be thought free zones for the installation of sanitary equipment. It may even be a heating boiler, if it is compact size.

Design a small toilet with a niche

The last point will be the task of the competent organization of lighting, which means not only choosing the proper lamps, but also carrying a concealed cable wires in the room.

design nuances

Despite the fact that we are all on the nature of genius, the study of existing ideas, coupled with expert advice can help to correctly determine the optimal materials for the project. Unusual interior of the small size of the bathroom design - it is a complex and interesting task, which will delight the owners of the house for many years. So what tricks can be found in the public domain:

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Experiments with color

It should be carefully considered color scheme, because it is able to visually enlarge the volume space toilet. On the example of everyday clothing, we know that black makes us slimmer and lighter shades are more complete. It is also true about the design of the bathroom. Ideal for increasing the sense of space suit tiles large, milky-white shades. However, the variations are, in fact, a lot. Beige, pink, blue, lemon - all these colors will play for the good. The ceiling must also give the effect of the height of the air space and in any case should not put pressure on the owner.

A small toilet in the tiled and with a niche

Good will look a combination of white elements of sanitary ware with decorative chrome-plated metal parts. Relevant will use a variety of decorative moldings, in harmony with the finish. That is, the principle is clear. What should be avoided, since this dark tones and acid hues. It is better to dwell on regrets pastel.

style concept

The selected concept will determine the further interior view of a small closet. The aesthetic design of the most profitable way will refresh the atmosphere of the room and bathrooms to allow a blind eye to minor inconveniences. The result will be better than the owner will adhere more strictly defined concept, reproducing the style as in the photo.

Small bathroom in white with dark floor

For example, you can select a popular design style called Provence. This originally French invention that combines the rustic theme with refined decor taste. Where welcome only natural (wood) material, color white panels and fanciful decoration accessories.

Or a modern high-tech, featuring its rigor and love everything new, electronic.

WC in the high-tech style with a hygienic shower

But often in the design of a small closet affects interior decoration of the rest of living space. That is, if the house is designed in classic style, where for comfort meet strict lines and elements of high art, the bathroom should not stand out from the general rhythm. Toilet with a classic interior will be associated with an elegant procedure, when the hosts around the stick style.

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Particular attention is paid to this element arrangement humble toilet is located right door. Extremely it is not recommended to install them in such a way that they open deep into the small room. For it is obvious and biggest mistake. When choosing a product should pay attention to his appearance, that it is harmoniously combined with a corridor, as well as the quality.

The combination of walls and floors in a painting small restroom

This material must be moistureproof, not subject to deformation due to temperature changes or the possible formation of condensation.

Recently gaining popularity practical plastic doors, which are gradually replacing the usual wooden. The fact that the latest technology without the use of water-resistant lose their marketable appearance after a few years.


Topical application of compact and stylish lighting in a small closet is almost as important as finding the lush chandeliers for the living room. The modern form of fixtures may advantageously be filled with a bathroom with soft light and give it bulk. Sometimes drastic mood changes need only one light beam is directed to one or another wall. That is strongly encouraged spotlights designed for wet areas. There are also options for halogen or mounted models, but everything should be in harmony with the overall concept of style.

Original lights in a small closet with a hanging unit

nuances finish

Consider the two main types of finishing materials - wallpaper and tile. Informed choice of finishing can significantly brighten up the cramped toilet space. So, what characteristics it should have:


Classic finishing option characterized by their universal practical properties. Among its advantages are the following:

  • Ease of operation, cleaning;
  • Resistance to the use of household chemicals;
  • Resistance to all kinds of smells.
A small toilet in the dark color with shelves

On the example of the small size of the bathroom design in pre-fabricated house, you can find out which of the recommendations offered by experts. So, for a small space, the following rules:

  • If the floor surface is rectangular in shape, the styling is applied in a special way the same shape tiles. It should be placed on the plane so that the long side is docked with the short wall of the room.
  • If at all cramped space unnecessarily high ceiling there in the bathroom, the method of dealing with the following imbalances. It is necessary to visually divide the room in half and cover with light tiles its upper part. Lower, on the contrary, darker trim. This will minimize the annoying height to nothing.
  • When owners confuse the low ceiling at quite tolerable width, should be used on the walls of an elongated decor, tile lines with contrasting inserts.
  • And you can divert attention from the narrowness of a rather unusual way: to make laying tiles on all surfaces of the diagonal method.

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Toilet small area of ​​tile

Only in any case not to use the small mosaic, which is only suitable for large rooms.

Similarly, do not apply too much tile - large tiles can make disharmony in the overall style of the space.

Melenky toilet with colorful tiles and painted walls


This type of decoration is distinguished by its quite good performance and relatively budget price. Aesthetic side of the fabric can be combined with practical purposes, will be used if suitable, waterproof material. For example, vinyl wallpaper with non-woven backing. They can be washed, and the range of their decor impresses with its diversity. Because it can simulate different texture and have a unique picture, almost no distinguishable from the photo.

Small toilet with wallpaper on the walls

Installation of modern equipment

It is quite obvious that the design of the interior of a small bathroom includes small-sized elements of plumbing. For example, excellent ergonomic properties boasts hanging toilet. Optimal data units for a small toilet due to such moments as:

  • The absence of visible utilities;
  • Open floor contributes to the expansion of visual space, makes it possible to consider the interesting decor;
  • There is a possibility of installation of floor heating.
Small toilet with a modern and vibrant kombounitazom mazaikoy

In addition, there are corner toilets. A good way to improve visual room bathroom is tiny hygienic shower, use of mini shells. But the most modern sanitary invention is kombounitaz. This is extremely ergonomic combination of components such as a bidet, a toilet and a washbasin. The latter is placed directly on top of the toilet tank cover unit. Thus, we achieve savings - water from the sink drain enters the tank. Similarly, in this model, you can attach a sanitary shower, with a neat hose fixation on the wall. the small size of the bathroom design with a water heater is also possible to perform in a similar way. We just need to find a compact boiler.

Toilet with kombounitazom


Using the time-tested techniques and modern technology, small toilet can be modified beyond recognition. His room becomes wider, acquire volume, will no longer cause a feeling of tightness. Design developments to help with registration, and high-quality equipment will provide the required comfort.