Kitchen Design 4 square meters. m: 50 Photo of interior ideas

Nightmare inhabitants of Khrushchev -. Kitchen Design 4 square meters liked the elegant buffet, hands reach for the button "Order", but a minute later comes the realization that, in addition to secretaries, to fit in the room only fridge. And will have to forget about the cooking and washing up functions with the suite. Living as a place meal - a good option. a separate room for dining atmosphere indescribably cozy. However, it is to imagine how you will be three times a day to rush from room to room with a hot pan, salad and tea, covering the horror grows. So, you need a dining table, and not just the working surface. Just thinking thigh treacherously begins sadnit. Only God knows how many times you attach a foot on the corner of the table, trying to quickly cook the pasta in a space defined by four-legged monster. In the process of cooking a small area will be transformed into a fiery hell. Do not be surprised if soon you will cause the visit of two dwarf with a strange ring. Avoid nightmares awkward galley on the far voyage life will help this article.


  • Re-planning and zoning
  • Color spectrum
  • Lighting
  • Repair, finishing and small alteration room
  • How to accommodate all
    • Kitchen set
    • How to install equipment
    • dining group
  • choice of style
  • decoration
  • conclusion

Re-planning and zoning

Re-planning - not an easy task. Road traffic regulations are written in blood, and the redesign of rooms - flooding. It will not work to change the room space, if the neighbors from above and below is not to do the same. If it is impossible to expand or transform apartment into the kitchen the living room, not bad way to be combined with living room. Bearing wall does not become an obstacle to this design decision, out there with the help of the arch.

That smells of food did not spoil the aroma of new leather sofa, a passage equipped with a transparent partition. To break - not to build, so think about the advantages and disadvantages of the project before its implementation. Visually divide the area to use for different area, make measurements. Defeating the complexity of close space without radical measures will help qualitative zoning, choice of furniture and appliances with combined functions, the right look and feel.

Zoning kitchen 4 sq m

Calculate the probability of the nuances, create layouts that mimic the shape of the desired equipment and, in practice, check whether the planned zoning convenient.

Shelves on the wallPistachio furniture in the kitchenMicrowave oven on the tableBamboo mat on the floorThe combination of yellow walls and white furniture

Color spectrum

Bringing comfort in a narrow space will contribute to the harmonious coloring situation. Linear separation walls horizontally in different colors - the best option for a small kitchen. Finish the bottom surfaces requiring constant cleaning is carried out in dark shades. Bright top walls and ceiling will be removed oppressive effect. The interior of a small room looks organically in many colors.

  • Classic black and white version is released rigor and sophistication. The similarity with the color of the keys on the piano will show the guests that with housekeeping you dealing with virtuosity avid pianist.
  • Beige and brown looks great in an alliance with furniture made from natural wood species. With a set of "wood" bright colors will look silly and inappropriate.
  • A diverse mix of thick cream and shades of yellow will make a model of casual style kitchen.
  • Blue and green show the importance of water elements and forces of nature in your life.
  • Reds will add strength, energy and vitality.

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Bright colors in the interior of the kitchen 4 sq mChair ottoman on the floorThe painting on the floorWhite chairs and table in a turquoise interiorBlinds in the kitchenWashing window


Casual concoction - employment traumatic. Slippery floor from spilled water, a huge variety of cutting-sharps, monstrously high temperatures - factors that put your health at risk. Protect yourself work, providing good visibility at any time of the day. The main source of light must be on top. It is important to be able to adjust its brightness. Needless to intense lighting spoil cozy intimate environment for dinner. Fading ceiling lamp shades subtract saturation situation and walls, making your kitchen dull and lifeless. Adaptation is expressive lighting to fit your needs - an excellent option.

Kitchen lighting 4 sq m

The backlight in closets and refrigerators help save time when searching for the right ingredients and tools. Illumination on the exhaust allows qualitative check the readiness of dishes. The light in the oven performs the same function. Prerequisite is the highest intensity of illumination table, which makes preparation and slicing products. Attention! Each working surface should have a separate coverage.

The clock on the wallThe combination of black and white apron furnitureKeys on the windowMulti-colored tiles in the kitchenLime accent in white interior

Repair, finishing and small alteration room

You do not plan to redo the room completely? Remove or hide the shortcomings of the existing means of decoration or small alterations simple. First, determine the points which do not coincide with your vision of a model kitchen.

  • uneven walls darkened by time, do not require costly and complex manipulations. Will do a couple of bags of putty, a jar with water-based paint and new wallpaper. But do not rely on self-repairs. If there is any doubt in their own qualifications in this regard, better to trust the professionals.
  • Identify and cons of e-gas filling the room to eliminate the possibility of explosion or short circuit. Replace worn wires, old pipes, antediluvian gas column, ventilate the room and protection from moisture.
  • Correct minor problems. Pereveste cupboard, the door is not open completely and constantly beating on the refrigerator. Round off the sharp corners of tables and stools, bed sheets rough linoleum instead of glossy, buy new furniture handles.
Kitchen Furnish 4 sq mInterior with chess wallRed walls in the kitchenKitchen with wooden worktopsTV in the kitchenWorking area with shelves on the wall

How to accommodate all

For tiny kitchens need multipurpose furniture and built-in appliances. Modern progress miracles guarantee association sink with a dishwasher, a sideboard with a microwave, an oven with a working surface. Folding table, similar in outline with a bar will chip room and save a lot of space. Large family suit reclining seat from the walls or cabinets, do not clutter up valuable space. Compactly placed headsets, and kitchen utensils has lost its position? Loop through the sets, discard all that is not used during the last couple of years, and the problem is solved. To press the seasoning can be, gluing the bottom of the hanging cabinets cover vessels.

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Placing the kitchen furniture 4 sq m

spice jars screwed into the lid kept on weight and are always at hand. A lot of hooks, brackets and shelves on the walls provide additional space for the home location details. If you purchase new equipment, the compact size of a refrigerator, cabinet or corner stove with two burners instead of four, you will greatly facilitate the task of the alignment.

Apron MosaicKitchen with corner layoutDining table by the windowMosaic on the wallApron with flowers

Kitchen set

The choice of material for the headset depends on the purpose of use of its parts. Built-in appliances require equipment constructed of sturdy wood. For a pleasant appearance and not heavy objects fit cupboards MDF. Glossy plastic sideboards will create harmony with the colors of the electronics "on stainless steel."

The bottom line of furniture is better to create drawers. Then you do not have to bend down to get an object from the bottom of the cabinet. With the active lifestyle and constant rush will be good headset with a sealant. Abruptly closing the door, you will not harm the subject, sideboard and dishes, being in it. Two women in the family do not cost the same table. They will constantly interfere with each other, to feel uncomfortable, move erratically. Sly Cat, possessed by a desire to steal a few teaspoons force install drawers with locks. So that the characteristics of the kitchen units are completely dependent on the specifics of your hanging and needs of family and friends.

Beige set the kitchen 4 sq m

How to install equipment

The installation technique most importantly - to consider in advance all the possible consequences.

  • Make dangerous for children inaccessible devices, placing Soup or higher control panels.
  • Determine equipment away from flammable objects.
  • Put on a stove, microwave, electric loud sound calling to the appliance forgotten.
  • Provide the right amount and placement of outlets, so as not to abuse extension cords and do not clutter up the space of the wires.
  • If you are powerless in front of the large number of tubes and cords in the room, with their camouflage to cheer cope podium. The room, located on a hill, will appear as an art studio.
  • Similar in method of operation it is important to locate a number of items. Dishwasher in one end of the kitchen and dryer in the other - inconvenient and impractical.
  • Not mandatory for premises equipment - a coffee machine that you use even every day, washing machine - can be accommodated in another room, so as not to occupy the space for something more required.
The alignment of the kitchen appliances 4 sq mCheckerboard floor in the interiorFlower on the fridgeChandelier over the tableDecorative plates on the wallWashing window

dining group

Solid wood dining furniture looks noble, helps maintain good posture when eating. Metal bands quite elegant, high durability, but the inhabitants of cold regions should refrain from preferences iron kit. Chairs adapted for human posture will rest shoulders and back after a constant daily supply. Tables offer an infinite variety of shapes: round, oval, rectangular, square, even with wavy edges. Fans of upholstered furniture can advise seat with upholstery or ottomans. It will be more compact seating area or a small table with bean bags. They will come at any time to hide in the closet, and look such devices is quite creative. Glass furniture - perfect. From buying a dining group of people holds glass only its fragility. Transparent plastic versions have the same appearance, but more finesse than their glass counterparts.

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Dining the kitchen 4 sq m

choice of style

Limited area Khrushchev particularly corresponds to minimalism. But meekly dwell on it not worth it. Consider the style of Provence, do not be afraid to experiment. Curved metal parts, the transparency of a cream-colored abundance of living elements of decor will transform everyday life into a painful brilliance of unpredictability. Cubism is not a burden to the interior of angular forms, on the contrary, emphasize the individuality of each piece. avant-garde elements will bring a little chaos, noting the nature of the explosive flashing landlord. High-tech made in red and black colors attract attention sophisticated stroked mirrors seduce guests a successful combination of extravagance and pretentiousness. Classic find success with many housewives, but the site is strongly limited in square meters, embodied in the classic style will lose in naturalness seems florid and paradoxical. The Scandinavian style of shake-out all-encompassing white, shed light on the miniature kitchen kingdom.

Kitchen 4 square meters in NouveauFurniture with marble topsTable-sill in the interiorPictures on the wallA vase of flowers on the tableExtractor hood with lighting above the stove


Ideas for decorating final took place finishes. You want to add the finished repair of originality?

  • Decorate wall hanging pots with herbs. Dill, parsley and chives possess comely neat leaves. They will become part of the interior, will be useful for any dish.
  • Extraordinary look signs with rules of conduct. Fun and unusual, they jokingly will present important information. No longer have to monitor the behavior of guests in the monastery of homemade delicacies.
  • Paintings, mosaics, vases, bottles of colored grains are making a purely aesthetic effect without any practical use. In view of the meter of free space, you can place the eccentric trinkets, strengthening them along the length of the ceiling.
  • Embroidered curtains, embroidered napkins show talents and preferences of tenants, complement the individual style of interior unobtrusive brilliance.
  • We should not forget about the seasonal decoration. Prepared in advance box with trinkets will create a unique atmosphere of the summer heat, winter freshness, spring and autumn identity afterburner.
Décor kitchen interior 4 sq mDark curtains on the windowKitchen with one windowThe combination of red and white apron topsTV on the wall in the dining areaBlackboard in interior wallpaper


Four square meters, or ten - no difference. The share of creativity will be equipped with a microscopic area, in whatever manner. Diligent study of the possible layouts of furniture and equipment deployment favors compact their home. Note desired function space, the greatest number of persons simultaneously present, impressions required from the overall appearance of the image. In the kitchen, place the saddest frank conversations, marked all the significant events. Where, if not here, is a haven of collective and private conversations, covering all intoxicating and tragic aspects of life. The environment should comply with such essential purposes impress relaxation, inner peace and sincerity. Eating - one of the main physical human needs, and it is also required to undergo practical and comfortable. So the design of the kitchen - the primary task, which the implementation should not be neglected.