How to arrange the furniture in the kitchen, as well as the location of the equipment, car wash

Repair in kitchens often brings a lot of trouble, especially when associated with the purchase of a new headset. The correct arrangement of furniture in the kitchen depends convenience and safety of work, rest, meals in the room. The harmonious interior design of Feng Shui to avoid injuries, other health problems.


  • The main features of the rules arrangement of furniture and fittings
  • kitchen zoning
    • Work zone
    • Dining room or dining area
  • triangle rule
  • Typical options of furniture arrangement
    • One line
    • The two lines
    • L-shaped
    • U-shaped space
    • G-shaped
    • Peninsula
    • Isle
  • Especially lighting, kitchen lighting
  • Unusual ideas for kitchens of different configurations
    • Small kitchen
    • Big kitchen
    • square kitchen
    • Rectangular or elongated kitchen
    • Kitchen with bay window
    • Kitchen-living room
  • Feng Shui and layout of the kitchen
  • conclusion

The main features of the rules arrangement of furniture and fittings

Before you start the alignment you need to draw at least a rough plan, specify meaningful size. There are rules placement of kitchen items - keeping them room equips the most convenient, nice:

  • work area equipped with a table, which is the approximate height - 80-95 cm. The exact parameters are selected for the growth of the individual. Here cooking spends most of the time;
  • place the meal also has a table, the height of which is usually done at the same level as the working top. Less commonly, it is made lower - 70-80 cm;
  • Sink is the most deep, to fit a lot of dishes, it is equipped with a long mixer. The modern kitchens are very popular design with two bowls;
  • stove with oven is at least 55-65 cm from the balconies, windows, doors.

It is not advisable to place an item in the corner - close to the wall to put it is forbidden, and countertops with wash oil, and other contamination is much easier than with the new wallpaper;

  • extract is suspended in a 65-70 cm from the plate surface. If the growth of people living in the apartment, more than 175 cm, the product is mounted above 10-15 cm. At a higher altitude than fixed hood than spacious room (studio, kitchen, living room), the more powerful it should be;
  • refrigerator is placed in a corner, but so that the door opens to the nearest wall. In some models, the opening direction is easy to change;
  • dishwasher is placed near the sink and the wall outlet to spend as little communication as possible. The same applies to the washing machine;
  • placement options depend on the design performance of the room - the individual interior styles require compliance possible symmetry.
Furniture in the kitchen

kitchen zoning

Zoning - not just a certain someone the way of arrangement of objects. To the kitchen has always been the procedure, it should be properly allocate space for cooking, eating, storing utensils and equipment. Optionally, for this purpose each niche, a protrusion element that can not be transferred. The division of a large room into zones is done by the individual light sources, the ceiling height drops, low catwalks, arches, columns, tight spaces zoned color, a small bar, photo wallpapers, other elements decor.

kitchen zoning

Work zone

In this zone there is food cooking because it should be located directly next to a place to store food, utensils. It is important to observe the rule "work triangle", with its important elements, ie, refrigerator, sink and stove are not in a straight line, and at a certain angle.
In the workspace, do not place extra decor, furniture, such as chairs. The minimum width of the passages near the work area - at least one meter, if the apartment lives up to three people, and the kitchen is not communicating; 120 to 170 cm - when the kitchen goes way to the balcony, the other room, and four or more people.

Hood arranged above the slab - are larger than the space, the more powerful it is selected.

The working area in the kitchen

Dining room or dining area

Place a meal at a maximum distance from the cooking zone - in the opposite corner, bay window, separate pieces of furniture and others. When the table is so that by him often go, including to another room, away from sharp speakers countertop corners should be abandoned, especially if you live in an apartment visually impaired people, Small children. The space for free movement here is not less than 70-90 cm.

In close sometimes dining room adjoins directly to the cooking zone, lying on the other side countertop or the bar, which is a continuation of the desktop. To maximize isolate a dining area in a vast space, it "lifted" by the podium, at the same time being a place to store certain items. Place the meal at the enlarged window sill - it is also not uncommon.

table size depends on how many people will eat him at the same time - enough for one width of 0.6-0.7 m, a depth of about 0.45 m Standard construction height -. 0.72 m, permissible -. 0,7-0,77 m When space is sorely lacking, making folding table, folding, retractable, convertible and compact stand-alone - are provided with wheels. Chairs must comply with the table not only in height, but also in design. The width of the footprint of about 0.5 m, depth - 0.4 m, the maximum dimensions of the chair equipped with armrests - 0.75 m.

Above the dining table is not desirable hang bulky shelves with sharp corners - they are often the cause of various injuries.

dining area

triangle rule

"The working triangle" includes a sink, cooker with an oven, a refrigerator. The scheme of arrangement of these items - the triangular, the recommended distance between them - 120-170 cm. With this arrangement, the person engaged in cooking, will not lose a lot of time moving around the kitchen - first he would get out of the refrigerator products, after the bear to wash them in the sink, then narezhet and put on plate.

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The sink is mounted no more than two meters away from the riser - otherwise there will be problems with the discharge of waste water. In the immediate vicinity put the washing machine and dishwasher, the latter is usually placed on the right side (if the one who will cook in the kitchen - left-handed, it is permissible to drive on the left location).

Plate put around the pipeline, in a private house - 50 cm and more. from a gas cylinder, a few meters from the boiler, when using a domestic gas. Everything for exhaust duct should be close. The approximate distance from the plate to the washing - 50-170 cm, the best - 95 cm. This usually inscribe the cutting surface. On the other side of the plate, to comply with safety regulations, and leave at least 40 cm. The distance from the plate to the box - 50 cm, put it in the corner of an extremely uncomfortable. Gas water standard is placed on the wall - it is hidden behind the facades of cabinets, transferred to a suitable location, or leave unchanged.

Fridge put near the sink, but at a distance of at least a meter from the stove. In general, the subject of close kitchenette put into another room, which violates the "work triangle", but frees some space for free movement.

Refrigerator and forbidden set plate abutting against a wall from the rear wall. It is desirable to leave at least five cm. for air circulation.

The work triangle in the kitchen

Typical options of furniture arrangement

Place furniture can be different - it depends on the area of ​​the premises, the size of the headset, and the dining room table, the availability of recreation areas. How can you arrange the items in the kitchen:

  • in one or two lines;
  • L-shaped;
  • U-shaped;
  • G-shaped;
  • with the island;
  • with the peninsula.

Sometimes the expansion of space, convenient placement of all items removed, transferred to the door, change the direction of their opening, replace sliding and others.

Variants of arrangement of furniture in the kitchen

One line

The linear layout is suitable for extremely tight spaces "Khrushchev", as it is the most compact version. There are no protruding corners, complex shapes, because this option is the most expensive to implement. The alignment of one line is optimally suited for smaller studios, spaces, combined with the living room, hallway, narrow rooms having a width less than 2-2.5 m. Less is only one - to comply with the rule "work triangle" does not work, because such a small kitchen suitable only to those who have little, rarely engaged cooking.

All the furniture is spread along the short or long wall, blocking it completely, wash desirable to incorporate between the refrigerator and stove.

Linear kitchen layout

The two lines

When the two-row arrangement along one wall put the headset, next to the other - still a part of the headset, as well as a dining table with chairs. It is easy to observe the "working triangle" cycling two opposite walls. Variant well suited for elongated dishes having a width of not less than 2.4 m, through-spaces, rooms without dining area. To a lesser extent, this arrangement is suitable for large square room, but in the middle there will put the dining table.

Cons parallel layout - low security, if the room is a feedthrough, and the distance between the two sides of the headset of less than 150 cm. This room will seem too small, but if the width of the passage of more than two meters, the cooking will bring some inconvenience. It is advisable to plan the placement so that on one side was a refrigerator and the other - the cooker and sink.

Two-row layout kitchen


With this arrangement, involve two adjacent walls. Version of the most popular, he performed in several ways: the headset is located along the window, and the working table top combined with a window sill or activated any other wall. The main plus of planning - the maximum use of the corner, which put a sink, a roomy corner cabinet equipped with draw-out storage system. In terms of the creation of such a model headset a little more difficult as you need to correctly plan also external angles - usually at least one of them make a beveled so as not to clutter up the entrance to the kitchen.

Disposition optimally suited for square rooms are medium in size - 9-13 square. m. Dining are located diagonally from the headset.

L-shaped kitchen

U-shaped space

U-shaped variant created in the small kitchen, dining area if you will be located in another room. Capacity is the maximum space, since the two angles are utilized, and all that is needed for cooking, is right at your fingertips. Sam set will be quite expensive, cumbersome - a place of a meal here will put only in the center, but the kitchen area at the same time should not be less than 15-17 meters. Layout is ideal for families, where there are many, and often prepared.

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Passage space U-shaped arrangement will not work issue. In small spaces have to use the window-sill. The ideal width of the passages here - 110-180, see if they will be more or less space becomes uncomfortable.

If the U-shaped kitchen unit seems too heavy, one or two sides make no upper cabinets.

U-shaped kitchen


Such planning is usually made bar - placing embodiment will be intermediate between the U-shaped location and the peninsula. Smartly divide the space as much as possible following the "work triangle" is the easiest way. Set this configuration will be able to place only in the spacious, including the combined indoor and manufacture to order. Sam boss often becomes rounded, it is recommended to use as a place of meals.

G-shaped kitchen


Kitchen with peninsula is convenient, it is easy to fit even on a relatively small area, as one of the ends of the island adjacent to the wall, and not a "free-floating". This is the best solution for mid-size kitchens located in studios, kitchens, hallways, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens. The peninsula is often the one hand is equipped with a bar, or this part is a full dining table. On the passage width should not skimp here - you must always take care of security.

Kitchen with peninsula


Insular location of the headset creates an unusual, convenient layout, it is easy to distinguish the working, dining, living areas. Planning with even very small island is suitable only for large or combined premises area not less than 17-19 square meters. meters.

On the island has a working space, integrated in it hob, oven, sink, dining area, storage systems. Instead, the table is sometimes placed island bar. It is important to keep the width of the passages - at least 100-120 cm.

Embedded in the island plate is more convenient than the sink. It is desirable that the two elements located opposite each other.

Kitchen with island

Especially lighting, kitchen lighting

Light sources necessarily done some - at least one for each of the logical space area. In modern kitchens, except the central ceiling chandelier, it is necessary to place a few more local. The working area is illuminated as much as possible with the help of bright spotlights, spots, lamps on a special rail that are easy to move in almost any location. light sources are often mounted on the lower part of the hanging locker. It is desirable to execute the backlight lamps workstation cold natural light flux which does not distort the color of prepared meals.

Dining illuminated lamps giving a warm light. When placing an island table, they are suspended from the ceiling, but if the place adjacent to the wall, it is permissible to use lamps, lamps on clothespins. Any recommended ceiling lamp equipped with a mechanism to adjust the brightness, the height of the location above the tabletop. Here the original look of light beams, and floor lamps are suitable only for very large rooms.
Decorative lighting in the form of LED strip "embarks" on:

  • the perimeter of the kitchen apron;
  • top and bottom of the headset;
  • Free plinth wall;
  • ceiling cornices;
  • the edges of the hood over the stove.

Local lighting diodes often do in glazed cabinets, and in the vast corner sections, hidden behind blind facades, a small light bulb lights up in response to the opening of the door, allows you to quickly find the right items.

backlight cuisine

Unusual ideas for kitchens of different configurations

The premises of various shapes made out very differently. If it is absolutely unclear how to fit in the room all our plans, individual items or separately each paint on the walls and floor with chalk, respecting the existing dimensions, taking into account the length, the height of the furniture. Use a standard or a more original, but it is difficult in terms of the execution plan, the owners decide to premises on the basis of its size, the planned financial expenses.

The design of the modern kitchen

Small kitchen

Close kitchenette should try to visually expand all available means: to paint the cabinet fronts bright gloss light up every corner of the room, hang a few mirrors, put as little as possible items. Furniture is also put small-sized - a narrow refrigerator, a compact washing, dishwasher, ceramic hob with only two burners.

To fit all kitchen utensils, dishes, linens, cabinets made of the highest, reaching the ceiling. If the refrigerator is no place, it put into the hallway, hallway, on the insulated balcony or loggia. Dining room and transferred to another room or place for a folding bar, have expanded the window sill.

Design a small kitchen

Big kitchen

It considered a large kitchen, which has an area of ​​14-18 square meters. It's easy to fit not only a place of cooking, but also a spacious dining area, a place of rest, and others. In this room, you can not save on the dimensions of the furniture - to put a large round table with four or six chairs, a sofa bed, which will be a place for sleeping if desired, one or two guests. On top of all - bar, which does not become the main place of the meal, and will be used only for a friendly get-togethers, cocktail parties.

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The design of a large kitchen

square kitchen

Room, having the shape of a regular square or close to that, the easiest way to draw. A suitable layout - L-shaped, the G-shaped, U-shaped, rarely used linear and two-row. Insular options here also look good, and the observance of symmetry, if required conceived interior style does not make much effort.

Design square cuisine

Rectangular or elongated kitchen

For a long narrow kitchens, various correction methods of its awkward shape. The most convenient option arrangement - a linear or two-row. U-shaped, island options are placed is impossible - for them is simply not enough space. To make the room visually close to the square, on the larger side placed great mirror smaller decorate podium surround sofa having a storage section in the backrest and armrests.

Premises elongated sometimes curved, L-shaped - it concerns kitchens with niches, fully attached balconies. Experts recommend to isolate the lower part with sliding partitions, folding screens, bar, equipping it one of the functional areas.

rectangular kitchen

Kitchen with bay window

Erker is an architectural projection with several large windows. Kitchen appliances set here is not very convenient, since the need to "pull" the pipeline, electrical, water supply pipes and others. When it is decided to organize a holiday in the bay window seat, a sofa to put a semi-circular shape and a low coffee table. For decorating the dining area expand the window sill, turning it into a kind of bar, sitting at which you can admire the spectacular views from the windows. If the area of ​​the room allows, in the bay window make a mini-greenhouse, which heals the atmosphere in the house, decorate the room.

To symbolically separate the large bay area, makes a wide arch, put a folding screen, mounted glass door, hang the curtains, roller blinds. The space is also highlighted in a different color, a small podium, the individual light sources.

Kitchen with bay window

Kitchen-living room

Kitchen combined with living room, usually goes very spacious. The project is usually made with the help of online programs, it is also desirable to make the drawing - set for premises of irregular shape often made to order. The most important thing to endure all the available space, choose furniture in a single style - then it will look like the most harmonious. A selection of different zones of color is acceptable: the smaller are made in lighter colors.

Zoning is made clear by means of a rack, a large bar with a "blind" facades, podiums, arches or purely symbolic - other flooring, bright photo wallpapers, etc. Interesting subject, delineates the kitchen and the living room, serve as a fireplace, which is a real or a fake.

Kitchen-living room

Feng Shui and layout of the kitchen

When making kitchen facilities, many are guided by the principles of Feng Shui. It is believed that in the room, decorated in such a way flows "chi" energy circulating throughout properly distributed, which is beneficial to family relationships, well-being of everyone living in apartment.

Esotericism believe that:

  • The kitchen should not be seen from opening the front door, because there goes all the family wealth. If it can not move, the entrance hung a garland of bells, light paper or thatched structures;
  • multiple shiny facades of cabinets, a kitchen apron bad influence on a person cooking food, as they reflect on it all the energy that falls on them;
  • in the presence of mirrors, it is not desirable that they can be seen from the window;
  • any differences floor height, ceiling lead to distortion of the energy flows, making them negative;
  • undesirable cook, eat, standing or sitting out of the back room. If otherwise not, then keep the kitchen door closed;
  • heavy dark top, in combination with white bottom is not allowed - the interior looks unstable, dangerous;
  • mirrored ceiling floor, wall tiles breaks up the image - "breaks" life;
  • acidic and aggressive colors, an abundance of sharp corners leads to conflicts in the family quarrels;
  • stove, fireplace does not put in the window as the window with the warmth and richness of flies;
  • cooking is better to make a fire, but not in the microwave, which emits radiation. Excessive abundance of home appliances "steals" energy from household;
  • clutter furniture, abundant debris prevents unnecessary "chi" proper circulation, which leads to diseases;
  • in order to achieve harmony of all should be OK -nozhi sharpened, dishes washed, trash taken out, the chairs are pushed under the table.

According to Feng Shui it is believed that in a food premises requires the presence of the four elements: fire, metal, water and wood. Last it is not always available, but it must be present - suitable potted palms or miniature tree bonsai, the image of nature in a painting or a plastic figurine. Fake fruits are also suitable.

plan kitchen of feng shui


By selecting a suitable arrangement of furniture in the kitchen space depends on a harmonious appearance, usability bathroom. Properly arrange the room can own, podsmotrev appropriate option on the internet, glossy design magazines or see a specialist. The easiest way to draw the right plan with the help of special programs, the designers offered online on websites relevant topics.