Top 5 reasons for early skin aging

It seems that only yesterday words like "aging" and "wrinkles" seemed distant and unfamiliar. But today the skin of the face does not seem so young, blooming and healthy. Why is she so quickly losing her vitality, looks flabby and tired?


  • 1. Photodegeneration of
  • 2. Dehydration of
  • 3. Stress of
  • 4. Toxins of
  • 5. Smoking of

1. Photoaging of

Despite the fact that the sun plays a key role in human life, it causes irreparable harm to the skin. All people tend to get a smooth, beautiful tan and spend whole days on the beaches under the scorching sun rays. But very few people know that sunburn is not a natural state of the body, but its protective reaction. Due to the fact that the skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, it becomes dry and flabby. UV rays cause aging of the facial skin.

2. Dehydration

The human body is 70% water. Therefore, moisturizing is one of the main procedures for the preservation of a young type of skin. Dehydrated skin is dry, tightened, flaky, covered with wrinkles. Many women mistakenly believe that moisturizing requires only a dry type of skin, and fatty and problematic can be mercilessly wiped with alcohol and drying lotions. As a result, the problem skin becomes also overdried and sensitive. Therefore, moisturizers must be at every woman.

3. Stress

Doctors say that the cause of all diseases is the nerves. Our skin also reacts morally to the mentally unstable state of our body. As a result of stress, lack of sleep and overwork, you can get an unhealthy complexion, pallor, dryness, wrinkles.

4. Toxins

Our body is a huge storehouse of toxins and other harmful substances. They can accumulate there because of the constant intake of drugs, the use of poor-quality food or water. The organism, contaminated with toxins, directs all forces to self-purification. Therefore, the facial skin loses its elasticity, elasticity and healthy color.

5. Smoking

Many women mistakenly assume that smoking will help them to calm their nerves and support the figure in the form. In fact, they will only get sluggish, wrinkled skin with a painful hue. Nicotine promotes the formation of free radicals in the body, because of which the skin ages faster. In addition, cigarette smoke, penetrating the skin, prevents its saturation with oxygen and reduces the formation of collagen, which is responsible for maintaining the skin elastic and healthy. In addition, smoking can cause the appearance of pigmented spots, and then you have to think about how to remove pigmentation spots, because if you do not do it in time, then there may be consequences in the form of skin cancer.