Top 5 sites for finding and organizing treatment abroad

It is commonly believed that treatment and diagnosis abroad is an expensive pleasure. In some cases this is true, but in others such a trip will not only save time and money, but also get high-quality medical care in the world's leading clinics.

Find and organize quality medical care in the world, as well as save budget help Internet services to find and organize treatment for .

Modern Internet services are the most popular alternative to the traditional way of organizing such trips "through intermediaries", as intermediaries do not always work in good faith and transparently, often do not provide estimates directly from clinics and "wind up" the cost of services.

In our today's compilation we will describe Top-5 of the best world sites for searching and organizing treatment abroad .Some of these clinics are aggregators of clinics, some work only in certain regions, some - around the world and provide additional services.


  • 5. Medical Departures
  • 4. TreatmentAbroad
  • 3.
  • 2.
  • 1. MEDIGO

5. Medical Departures

Singapore online service for finding and managing treatment in Asia. The service is young, attendance is about 30,000 visitors a month, the main customers are Americans and residents of Southeast Asia. Recently, the company received an investment of $ 2.5 million from the Singapore Venture Fund DMP and plans to continue the active development of the project in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Russian version of the site yet, so the service is suitable for those who speak English, Spanish or Thai, as well as for those who plan to pick up a clinic and undergo treatment in Asia.

4. TreatmentAbroad

The service aggregator has been around for 10 years, and despite this, the attendance of the resource is small - only about 64,000 visitors a month. The service provides an opportunity to find clinics or medical intermediaries around the world, a variety of content on medical tourism, as well as other pleasant options, such as comparing prices for certain procedures around the world.

In general, this is a website that gives the maximum number of recommendations for those who decided to go abroad for treatment. The main visitors are the British and the Americans. There is no Russian version.


Russian-Israeli telemedicine service where patients can receive direct video consultations of doctors from Israel, India, Spain, Germany in different medical fields. The service is focused on the Russian-speaking market, so all doctors are mostly Russian-speaking. The service was established in the summer of 2014, and in May 2015 the service received $ 0.5 million from the Millhouse investment fund under Roman Abramovich.


Service works on the principle of an aggregator: clinics and medical intermediaries pay a fee for their profile to be present in the search output of the platform. On the platform you can read reviews, compare the approximate prices and services of intermediaries or clinics. The request from the patient is redirected to the chosen clinic or intermediary - the service itself does not provide any additional services and is not the organizer of the treatment.

The site boasts a high attendance - about 1.6 million users per month, more than 19% of which are residents of the UK.As stated on the site, now the service has more than 120,000 clinics and intermediaries in 135 different countries. There is no Russian version, unless the English version.


One of the best international platforms for finding and organizing treatment, which has a Russian-language version of the site. The service started in 2014, the attendance of the resource today is more than 135,000 visitors a month. With the help of the service it is possible to compare clinics in different countries, the cost of treatment, communicate with the support service - the patient is provided with estimates directly from the clinic through the service, and the service itself, if the patient arrives for treatment, charges a fixed organizational fee for organizing the trip.

The site has more than 700 leading clinics in 23 countries, the service has helped to find medical services for more than 20 000 patients from 178 countries. Now the site is presented in 6 languages, including - in Russian. Russian-language support service that can help with the choice of the clinic and additionally provide the organization of a transfer, an interpreter, visa issues, works 24/7.