How to choose a hair dye: change your appearance

Hair coloring, in our time, is a common procedure among many women. Well-chosen hair dye, gives your locks a beautiful shine and shade, it is a universal helper when masking the gray hair, with the help of it you can radically change your image, which often leads to a change in mood.

Sometimes even experienced women of fashion, are lost before a large number of brands, hair dyes, various colors and shades. In this article we will tell you how to choose hair dye, talk about their varieties and learn how to choose a quality product.

What are the colors for hair - varieties

In order to make it easier for you to understand which paint to choose, let's talk about their varieties. All modern hair colors can be divided into three groups:

  • Physical( shade)
  • Natural
  • Chemical( resistant)

The first group of paints are various foams, shampoos, hair balms with a color effect. Try to choose such a product, concentrate on the products that do not contain ammonia. This substance interferes with the dye, fixes inside the hair.

Hair color shades, when staining, do not come into contact with the keratin of hair, because it is easy to wash off. With the help of such a product, you will not be able to disguise the gray hair or change the hair color to the opposite. Penki, shampoos and balms with a coloring effect, are intended primarily to change the shade of the hair.

Natural hair dyes are natural dyes. The most common natural dyes are henna and basma. The great advantage of natural hair colors is the fact that they not only color your hair well, but also strengthen it, give it a natural sheen and a healthy appearance, and also contribute to the elimination of dandruff.

To drawbacks of natural colors, you can include a limited range of their shades, as well as the difficulty in obtaining the desired color. If you paint with henna and basma for the first time, then guess what will be the color of hair when mixing these two components is quite difficult. In this case, it is best to conduct a small experiment.

To do this, cut a small strand of hair and check the natural dye on it. If the result you get will triple, then you can start painting your hair using this dye.

You can not abruptly switch to natural dyes, if before that you used chemical( persistent paints).Abrupt transition from natural to chemical is also not recommended. In view of the fact that the expected color from the painting, in this case, may not correspond to reality. It can also hurt your hair.

In order to minimize this, the risk of such consequences. It is better to wait a while( until the previous paint is washed away) before changing the natural dye to a chemical dye or vice versa.

Another significant disadvantage of natural hair colors is that it is impossible to lighten hair with a few tones by henna. This means that when using this paint, you can not be transformed from brown-haired into a brunette. Another drawback - you can not dye your hair only with basma, without using henna. Otherwise, your locks will acquire a green tint, which few will like.

Chemical( persistent) paints include dyes that act in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide and organic compounds of metals such as copper, lead, silver and others.

If you use a permanent paint, you can color it in any color. Chemical hair colors are considered oxidative. Before dyeing the hair with such a paint, mix the dye and oxidizer. The "mixture" obtained in this way intensively stains the hair, penetrating into their structure.

Ideal for painting graying and easily apply a variety of cream paints. If you are not sure, in what color hair you need, then the experiment is best suited semi-permanent paint. In view of the fact that such paint completely comes off, after you wash the head about 10 times. Semi-resistant paints contain less hydrogen peroxide, and there is no ammonia in them.

How to choose the color of hair dye

In many respects, the color that your hair will get after painting, depends on what color the hair was before it. Therefore, the color that is depicted on the paint package, in practice will differ. Try to choose the paint, on the packaging of which, there are images of possible colors after staining( most often in the image there are four possible colors).This will give you an approximate idea of ​​how you will be transformed.

If you dye your hair for the first time, do not change the color to the opposite. Best of all, change it to no more than two or three tones. This is necessary in order to understand whether this color is coming to you or not. After all, your eyebrows and complexion, combined with the natural color of hair, what will be after coloring is not known. Therefore, it is best to hedge without changing the color for more than two or three tones.

If you wake up in beauty salons, then there are no problems. For a good price, they will choose the perfect hair color for you. More information about the selection of paint colors, you can read in our article on how to choose a hair color.

Learning to choose high-quality hair dye - we study the

label In order to choose a quality paint that does not harm your hair - you need to carefully study the label of the product you like.

Hair colorants that contain salts of heavy metals such as zinc, iron or manganese are not recommended for use. Such components destroy the structure of the hair and are poorly excreted. Therefore, it is better to avoid such products.

If you need a persistent paint, for the use of which hydrogen peroxide is used. Choose those products in which the percentage of hydrogen peroxide is from 6 to 9%.Oxidizers with a large percentage of hydrogen destroy hair very much.

It is best if the hair color selected by you does not contain ammonia. But be careful, quite often, it is replaced by amines. Advantages of amines, in relation to ammonia, is the absence of a sharp odor. And this is their only virtue.

Disadvantages are much more important. Amines, continue to oxidize the hair even after painting, which can greatly harm your hair. As for ammonia, it is washed off very quickly. From which we can conclude that the colors with ammonia content are safer than the dyes, which contain amines.

Try to choose a paint, which contains vegetable oils. They will protect the structure of your hair and prevent them from collapsing. The use of paint, which includes panthenol and UV filters, will also have a positive effect on the health of your hair.

When choosing a paint, do not forget to pay attention to its expiration date. Products in which the expiration date is already expiring, change their color and are not safe for the hair and the health of the body as a whole.