Which epilator is better to buy - beauty without victims

What is women's beauty for men? A source of aesthetic pleasure. For a woman, beauty is an important strategic resource used in the competition for the most worthy member of the stronger sex. Modern concepts of beauty are inseparably associated with smooth and even skin.

And here the way to perfection for a woman is blocked by the treacherous desire of her own body to become covered with hairy vegetation from the heels to the crown, The easiest way to deceive nature is shaving. But the effect of this procedure is very short, moreover, the hair after it grows faster and becomes tougher."After all, hairs can be pulled from the roots!" - the bloodthirsty French guessed and invented the epilator. In this article we will discuss which epilator is better to buy.

Choose a depilator: announce the entire list, please!

Inventive mankind came up with many ways how to permanently get rid of hair on your legs. There are several types of epilators:


In such a device, the main working element is a spiral or spring, which, rotating, grasps the hair and pulls them together with the bulb. This principle can be safely called antediluvian and in modern models it is practically not applied.


During the evolution of an impractical spring replaced by several pairs of metal disks. They also have to rotate, while in each pair of discs with a certain periodicity are pressed against each other, grabbing and removing hair. In the improved version, some of the discs are made of ceramics. In this design, the hairs break less often. Disk type epilators are very common.


The most "advanced" and popular category of epilators. The principle of action is the same - to grab stronger and tear more forcefully, but do it no longer drives, but the plates that make pinch movements. This technology in its epilators are used by all manufacturers, although they call it differently. Philips calls this system "Satinell", it consists of 21 pairs of plates and is capable of performing 733 tweaks per second( second speed).Another well-known manufacturer - the company Rowenta - produces devices of the Precision series. In addition to 30 pairs of tongs, it has 4 rows of brush-feeding brushes. And in the system Silk Epil from the company Braun provides adjustment of the pressing force of the plates.


Epilation with the use of hot wax is the most gentle for the skin. This method allows very clean and high-quality removal of hair in the most inaccessible places. Simultaneously, the skin is treated with a nutritional composition and herbal extracts, which remove irritation. If you have not decided what it is better to buy a depilator - pay attention to these devices.

Epilators for the bikini line

The bikini zone as well as the armpits are highly sensitive and require a special approach. These epilators, as a rule, have removable heads, one of which is intended for epilation, and the other works like an electric shaver( in case the skin is too sensitive).The tweezers in the epilation attachment work alternately so as not to trap too many hairs at the same time. During the procedure, the skin stretches and massages, which relieves pain.


Until recently, such hair removal could only be done in specialized salons. Now there are portable models that anyone can buy. Laser hair removal is virtually painless, because the laser beam that destroys the hair bulb lasts for a short time, measured in milliseconds.

Speed ​​regimes

By its structure, the hair growing on different parts of the body can be different. Accordingly, and to work on them need differently. Thin hair should be pulled slowly, otherwise it just breaks off, leaving the skin prickly stubble. Thicker hair can be removed more quickly, painful sensations thus will not be so strongly expressed. Manufacturers have taken into account this feature, so that the light appeared multi-speed epilators. To decide which epilator to buy, pay attention to how many speeds this model has. The more of them - the more universal the instrument is and the more convenient it is to work with it.

It hurts me, it hurts!

Epilation of hands with a depilator( as well as other parts of the body) - this is terribly painful! Therefore, the decision on which epilator to buy is directly influenced by the method of anesthesia, applied in a particular device. Most often used:


Complete with a device is a nozzle-container for chilled water. But this is not the only option. So, for example, the company Braun produces epilators with a special glove and cooling gel in the kit, which are used for several procedures.


After hitting, for example, the angle of a table or bedside table, we instinctively massage the bruised place, trying to calm the pain. This technique was adopted by the manufacturers of epilators. In the kit you can find all kinds of nozzles with vibrating brushes or balls, which relax the skin, thereby reducing pain.

Perforated nozzles

This idea finds application in inexpensive models of epilators. There are several randomly spaced holes in the nozzle. Due to their presence, the epilator does not remove all the hair on the skin area, but only those that get into the holes.

Which epilator is the most painless? Of course, these are machines with a cooling effect. They can make hair removal not only painless, but also in some way pleasant.

Additional functions: trimmer

Due to repeated epilation, a side effect occurs: the hair grows on the legs in the skin. After thinking about how to get rid of ingrown hair, the engineers of the manufacturing companies created a special attachment - a trimmer.

With this "device" you can carry out preliminary cleaning of the skin. If the hair has grown into the skin, then the trimmer will exfoliate it, freeing the hair and making it available to the epilator.

Power supply of the

device On sale there are devices both working only from a network, and having accumulators. Please note that the presence of a battery is not an empty whim. This epilator is not "tied" to the outlet. But the main advantage is that it is very convenient for them to use.

Manufacturers of

There are many manufacturers of epilators: they are little-known companies, both handicraftsmen and companies with a worldwide reputation. Constant leaders in this field for many years are the famous companies:

  • Braun;
  • Philips;
  • Rowenta.

Thinking about what the best epilator, pay attention to the following:

  • which firm is better than a depilator: do not buy products of unknown origin. It is better to buy a device from a well-known company that gives a warranty on its products;
  • appointment: if, for example, you want to use a depilator for a bikini zone, do not buy a device that is not designed for this procedure. You can save money, but using the purchase will be excruciating.