How to choose curlers: make curly hair

Curly hair always looks very beautiful and attracts the attention of representatives of both male and female sex. In order to make an interesting hairstyle, you need curlers.

Thanks to this hairdressing attribute, you can give your hair the desired volume, and also put them in the right direction.

Nowadays, there are a lot of curlers that differ from each other in the shape, the material of which is made, the coating, the diameter influencing the shape of the curl, and also the method of fixing the strand. In this article we will help you choose hair curlers.

What are the types of curlers for hair - their varieties

One of the first to appear thermobigi. They are a device of cylindrical shape, with a special coating. Inside this device is paraffin, so they quickly heat up( about 10 minutes) and slowly give off heat, which contributes to better fixing the hairstyle.

Such a hairdresser's "tool" is quite simple to use. In order to heat the immobilizers, they are lowered into boiling water, and then fixed on the head with the help of special clamps.

Thermobooks are best suited for short hair, but for long hair, the heat that makes up such a device may not be enough. The most modern are the electric thermobigi. These curlers are heated by electricity, which is very convenient. They are less harmful, but also are much more expensive. Although electric thermobigi and have a number of advantages.

But remember that any thermal treatment harms your hair. Therefore, the use of such devices should not be abused.

A more gentle way of laying is with velvet curlers. Thanks to the velvet covering, velvet curlers provide a more gentle laying that does no harm. Such hair curlers can be used for hair, any length and thickness.

Such devices are fixed with the help of special plastic sticks that pass into the curler opening. Most often, velvet curlers are used in beauty salons.

Very simple and convenient to use hair curlers. Such a device does not have any fastenings, but they cling to the hair thanks to a rough surface. With the help of such curlers, it is very difficult to create curls, but in creating volume and fluffiness of hair, they have no equal.

Because Velcro curlers have a specific surface, when you remove them, they can confuse or damage your hair. Therefore, for owners of long hair, it is desirable to avoid the use of such curlers.

To date, the most popular curlers are papillotki or as they are called boomerangs. They are very convenient to use, do not cause any harm and are better than any other suitable for night laying. Such devices are made of dense foam rubber, inside of which there is a flexible wire.

Hairpins are suitable for any length and type of hair. If you need small curls, then you should use small papillot, and to create large curls, larger curlers are needed. It is often possible to find curlers that are made of less dense foam rubber. They are more convenient for night laying.

However, due to the increased softness of such a device, it can flatten and then you will have a curl of an angular or oblate shape.

In hairdressers for chemical perm, use this type of curler like "Bobbins".Create curly locks with the help of such a device you can and yourself at home. They are made of plastic, wood and aluminum.

With the help of bobbin wheels you can create a beautiful hairstyle made of fine, elastic hair. Such curlers are fixed with the help of rubber bands. It is best if the bobbins are wooden. The tree is the most gentle material for the hair, which greatly speeds up the drying process. The plastic product is less useful, but it has the same effect. Well, the worst metal bobbin.

Classical curling is the use of plastic curlers. To ensure that the hair does not slip, such curlers have a special surface that is covered with small spines. To fix the hair, in such adaptations a special lid is used, which is attached to the fixing band. They are best suited for large curls.

Exactly the same form and method of fixing hair, as in plastic curlers, have metal curlers. They have special holes that help to quickly dry hair. If you dry your hair with a hairdryer, while they are wound on metal curlers, you risk damaging them, due to the heating of the metal. Therefore, it is best to use similar plastic products.

Which curlers to choose

Depending on what time of day you will be laying, your choice of hair curlers should be based. If you are going to wind hair in the morning, when there is some limitation in time, then you should choose the devices that speed up the styling.

For the morning wave, very suitable for the thermal cabbage. Best if they are electric. However, it should be remembered that it is often not recommended to use such devices.

Ideal for the morning styling are velvet curlers, besides they do not harm your hair. To quickly create a volume of hair, the large Velcro-Velcro will perfectly fit, so they are also good for use in the morning.

Due to the fact that at night the hair can be worn, then for evening styling, it is best to use curlers having a dense shape. These are plastic curlers and bobbins. However, sleeping on them is inconvenient. Therefore, the most optimal option for night laying is a hair clip.