The most secure family cars according to the Euro NCAP version

Any driver knows how important the safety of a car is, so when choosing the right iron horse it is worthwhile not only to its price and comfort, but also to the data on crash tests conducted by Euro NCAP.This is the European Committee for Car Independent Crash Testing, which evaluates both active and passive safety.

We present to you top-10 of the safest family cars , successfully tested in Euro NCAP and earned a five-star( highest) safety score.

10. BMW 5 Series

  • 9. Audi Q5
  • 8. Land Rover Discovery
  • 7. Toyota C-HR
  • 6. Volvo S90 / V90
  • 5. Audi Q2
  • 4. Ford Edge
  • 3. Hyundai Ioniq
  • 2. Suzuki Ignis
  • 1. Mercedes-Benz E-Class
  • 10. BMW 5 Series

    The car of this series was awarded five stars, including for an impressive 81 percent level of pedestrian safety. According to the conclusions of Euro NCAP experts, the car has shown a good universal performance in accident protection thanks to its new platform, hull and safety functions. In the BMW 5 Series there are many driver assistance systems, which significantly reduces the risk of an accident. However, the model is one of the most resold in the first year after purchase.

    9. Audi Q5

    To achieve a five-star safety rating, the car should positively prove itself in four key areas, namely:

    1. protection for the driver and adult passengers;
    2. protection of passengers-children;
    3. pedestrian protection;
    4. assistance in providing road safety. That is, there must be appropriate devices in the machine.

    Audi Q5 showed good results( 93%) in the safety test for the protection of adult passengers. In this test, the level of protection against whiplash injuries and the degree of safety in front and side impacts are assessed.

    8. Land Rover Discovery

    Protection of children in the car depends on three aspects:

    1. protection provided by child restraint systems for frontal and side impacts;
    2. the possibility of placing in the vehicle child restraints of various sizes and designs;
    3. availability of devices for the safe transport of children in the car.

    The new Land Rover Discovery showed an 80% efficiency level in this area.

    7. Toyota C-HR

    In the seventh place in the rating of the safest family cars is a reliable car Toyota C-HR, providing excellent protection for pedestrians. This protection is determined based on the design of the front of the machine, namely, the hood, the windshield, the front of the bonnet and the bumper. Auto gained 76% in this area. And the level of protection efficiency of adult passengers was 95%.

    6. Volvo S90 / V90

    This worthy product of the Swedish automotive industry has reached the most impressive figures in all areas.

    • The level of protection efficiency of adult passengers reaches 95%;
    • level of assistance in providing road safety - 93%;
    • child protection reaches 80% efficiency;
    • pedestrian protection is effective at 76%.

    The Volvo S90 / V90 driver is equipped with ancillary technologies such as an electronic stability control system, a seat belt reminder, automatic braking and a belt-assist system. Volvo - the only car, awarded five stars in the list of the safest family cars in 2017.All other cars were tested in 2016.

    5. Audi Q2

    The compact crossover with Audi badge will always be popular, even despite the high price. Audi Q2 very well protects adult passengers and the driver( the level of protection efficiency is 93%) and slightly worse, but still well - young passengers( 86%).

    4. Ford Edge

    Experts testing the Ford Edge noted that this car has excellent technology to ensure safety on the road. By efficiency( 89%) they are inferior only to the leader of this direction - Volvo S90 / V90.

    3. Hyundai Ioniq

    Five star safety Euro NCAP awarded to all versions of Hyundai Ioniq, including electric vehicle and hybrid( PHEV).This Korean car provides many security systems, including lane departure warning and dead zone detection, automatic braking and adaptive cruise control.

    2. Suzuki Ignis

    In 2016 Euro NCAP introduced a new "double rating" system. It means that the default rating is based on a car security check in standard equipment, mandatory for models that are sold in all 28 EU countries. And additional tests are conducted to determine what result the machine will show with an improved safety package. Suzuki Ignis in the standard set proved to be the average among the safest brands of family cars, "earned" only three stars .However, the SZ5 model in the top package deserved a rating of five stars.

    1. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

    It would be strange if a luxury and high-quality sedan, such as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, did not receive the maximum five-star safety rating according to the Euro NCAP version. It provides a 95% safety level for the driver and adult passengers.

    Also among the safest cars for family travel are: Peugeot 3008/5008( it was named the car of the year in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show), Kia Niro, Renault Scenic, Subaru Levorg, Toyota Hilux, Alfa Romeo Giulia, SEAT Ateca, VolkswagenTiguan and Toyota Prius.