Rating of the safest machines( by toxicity)

When it comes to car environmental safety, exhaust gases immediately come to mind, causing significant harm to our health. However, the interior space of the car, in the decoration of which a variety of materials are used, can also represent a real danger.

Experts of the Ecological Center Foundation( USA), when examining cars, were looking for chemical compounds that in the course of operation release into the air toxic substances and carcinogens.

So, today we offer you rating of the safest machines , the production of which uses the least amount of toxic materials.

10. Smart Passion 2011. Comfortable and faultlessly high-quality "kid", designed to conquer the city's main lines, was also very environmentally friendly. On a five-point scale of toxicity, the car earned 0.79 points.

9. Toyota Venza 2011. All-wheel drive crossover in addition to excellent technical characteristics, panoramic roof and twenty-inch wheels has only high-quality materials in the interior trim. The assessment of the experts from Ecological Center was 0.77 points.

8. Smart Coupe 2011. Another Smart vehicle is among the ten most secure. Evaluation of this model Smart( 0,74 points) is the same as for the three following participants in the rating, i.e. The safety of four cars, according to experts, is the same.

7. Audi S5 2012 ( 0,74 points).The updated coupe from Audi accelerates to a hundred in 4.9 seconds and has an upper speed limit of 250 km / h. And the pleasure of traveling in this luxury car will contribute to a healthy atmosphere in the cabin!

6. Acura ZDX 2012 ( 0,74 points).In the interior of the car used the most luxurious and modern materials, a unique monolithic center console changes its color to black when turning off, leather and the steering wheel and seats are naturally equipped with heating. And all this is done in compliance with strict security requirements.

5. Acura RDX 2012 ( 0,74 points).The car is assembled by the Honda plant in the US state of Ohio. This worthy competitor of the BMW X3, Cadillac SRX and Audi Q5 was also extremely environmentally friendly in terms of the atmosphere of the cabin.

4. Nissan Cube 2011 ( 0.65 points).This compact four-door station wagon offers a lot of space for passengers, which is especially pleasant, given the non-toxic atmosphere in which riders will spend the entire trip.

3. Honda CR-Z 2011 ( 0.55 points).Completely modernized look of this sports car is recreated using only the highest quality materials.

2. Toyota Prius 2011. The updated version of the car has as many as 5 trim options and any of them meets the highest safety standards.

1. Honda Civic 2012 is recognized as the most non-toxic car due to the fact that the manufacturer does not use plastics containing bromine-containing substances that are often used to reduce flammability. Small complaints were caused only by the floor covering and the transmission lever, but in general, the car scored only 0.46 points on a five-point scale of toxicity.

Of 900 experts surveyed by experts, the worst was Mitsubishi Outlander 2011( 3.17 points).Plastic interior trim includes bromine-containing substances, and the leather used in the seats is treated with chromium - all this creates not the most favorable microclimate in the cabin.