Top 5 resorts on the Mediterranean coast

It is not easy to find on our planet any place other than the Mediterranean, where crowds of multinational tourists try to get into the whole calendar year. Thanks to the incredible variety of Mediterranean resort areas, travelers - even if they are too demanding - will find it easy to find wonderful beaches here for a pleasant and at the same time useful pastime.

It is not easy for tourists to determine which of the picturesque cities of this wonderful land are worth visiting more than others, because in each of them there is a variety of entertainments, and the delights of rest on the long sand and pebble coasts. Still, the most active and knowledgeable travelers manage to single out several Mediterranean resort towns, which are considered to be the real pearls of of this amazing land.


  • Ayia Napa, Cyprus
  • Kemer, Turkey
  • Sousse, Tunisia
  • Salou, Spain
  • Nice, France
    • Which resort of the Mediterranean coast is better?

Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Travelers who choose to rest in hospitable Cyprus, in these regions, primarily attract the many contemporaries' time-spending opportunities away from the noisy and overpopulated large and medium-sized cities. However, for most young tourists who come to the picturesque Ayia Napa - a cozy resort town, famous for its fine sandy coast - these places are primarily associated with bright and diverse entertainment.

More often than not, young people prefer to have a noisy and fun holiday on Nissi - a pretty crowded two kilometer beach. Thanks to fashionable British DJs in the evenings, almost all the coast turns into a stylish disco, which sounds famous tunes of different styles and directions of advanced Western music.

On the beach there are also many exciting activities for passionate admirers of secluded fishing and beloved young windsurfers. The same entertainment is waiting for holidaymakers on the glamorous Makronissos - a fairly long sandy beach, known for its lack of people and excellent conditions for a fashionable diving.

Resort will please all guests with a variety of local club life. It is unlikely that any of the young travelers will not want to visit cheerful parties in a medieval fortress or a cozy ice cave. It is in this exotic style that the halls and facades of the giant Castle and the small and cozy Ice are decorated - two famous clubs. As in them, and in other similar places of entertainment in the hospitable resort, vacationers are waiting for meetings with famous European DJs and progressive musicians.

Kemer, Turkey

Russian tourists have long been accustomed to rest in the magnificent resorts of the picturesque Turkish Riviera. In each of them vacationers are waiting for a variety of entertainment both on sandy and pebble beaches, and on the almost always warm azure sea. More often than not, most tourists, who know Turkish resorts, dream of a serene pastime in Kemer and its picturesque surroundings.

Both in the town itself and in the neighboring towns of multinational travelers, the harmonious coexistence of old buildings and modern landscaped pebbly beaches, luxury hotels will surprise. On the sea near the central promenade of the resort you can always see a lot of luxury yachts, for the sake of riding on which come here groups of wealthy Europeans. Thanks to the thick pine forests and orange gardens, the beaches here look like giant, well-groomed parks.

Young people are fond of small pebbly beaches of the cozy Tekirova and famous for the ancient structures of Olympos - two hospitable villages that enter the resort area of ​​the above-mentioned Kemer. In the last of these young travelers attract not only noisy evenings at local discos, but also a unique opportunity to live a little in one of the houses on the trees.

Here, vacationers can unexpectedly become grateful participants of a short but fascinating journey to the unknown past, having visited the remains of the Pirate Fortress and the ruins of the once huge temple complex. Adult travelers and their children will be pleased with the shallow sea and cleanliness of several sand and pebble beaches of the mentioned Tekirova.

True legends go about "Moonlight" - a picturesque park complex, located along the long sandy coast of Kemer. Small tourists are attracted here, first of all, a sincere desire to visit the bright and memorable view of the Dolphinarium they love. In adult travelers, moods also always rise during the incendiary performance of two talented dolphins and a good-natured sea lion.

Unending flows of uneven-aged travelers are sent to the territory of the "Dino" - a giant park, similar to a fantastic city. Walking past the moving and scary strange sounds of huge figures of dinosaurs, visitors feel caught on our planet during the reign of these gigantic creatures.

Sousse, Tunisia

For the majority of Russian travelers, rest on the North African coast of the Mediterranean Sea is associated, above all, with well-developed Egyptian resorts. But none of them is connected with the Mediterranean coast. Throughout the African Mediterranean, tourists are attracted by a long coastal strip, on which several well-known resorts of ancient Tunis are comfortably located.

Most often lovers of distant wanderings choose a relaxing holiday on the ten-kilometer coast of the ancient Suss. Clean sand and small waves of turquoise sea can be enjoyed by tourists on Bu-Jafar - one of the two crowded beaches of this Tunisian resort. There are also a lot of usual and floating fish restaurants, always crowded with overseas visitors. On Las Vegas - another fine sandy beach of hospitable Sousse - admirers of fashion windsurfing will be pleased with the local waves.

On the rich history of Tunisia, associated with the name of the famous and not fully explored Carthage, you can find it by visiting Medina, which is amazing with its ancient age. This is how the Arabs call the ancient quarters of the city, where travelers have a unique opportunity to be inside a fairly well-preserved Ribat - a touristy often visited by the fortress. In the evenings, the guests of the resort rush to the romantic musical fountains in the nearby Port of El Kantaoui.

The coast of this famous suburb has long been chosen by numerous divers. Visit the local amazing variety of attractions "Hannibal Park" - a sincere dream of small travelers. To become drivers of miniature cars or machinists of a children's train is a great and fascinating adventure for disobedient children and their caring parents.

Salou, Spain

The rest of the legends are composed of a variety of recreation in the Spanish resort areas of the Mediterranean Sea. Different-aged travelers often talk about beaches of picturesque Salou, a calm resort town, comfortably located on the famous Costa Dorado.

Travelers usually rush to these wonderful lands not for the sake of luxurious pastime on local beaches, but for the purpose of visiting the famous Port Aventura - the beloved and the kids, and their affectionate parents a complex of attractions. To be in the Enchanted garden, the tangled Labyrinth of the Wild West or in other unusual areas of this gigantic theme park is a sincere desire not only for young travelers, but also for representatives of other generations of different ages.

On the local decorated with flowers and palm groves and the best Spanish hotels, the coast is always crowded and interesting. In the morning and afternoon hours travelers enjoy a pleasant pastime on local fine sandy beaches. On the kilometer East beach specially equipped and fenced off areas await parents and their naughty kids.

Western European travelers, especially the British, can always be found on the Long Beach. Lovers of seclusion and silence will enjoy a pleasant and relaxing holiday on a miniature Lengudent and cut off by rocks from other places of Capellansse - two cozy sandy beaches.

Nice, France

Among the numerous French Mediterranean resorts, truly thrilling feelings arise for Russian travelers to the sumptuous Nice, closely connected with the compatriots who emigrated to these parts. Along the English Promenade, which has been chosen by multinational tourists, there are several remarkable large pebble beaches. Each of them belongs to one of the magnificent hotels on the coast.

On the beach located in the central part of Blue Beach resort, vacationers can enjoy not only the charms of sunburn, but also the exquisite taste of drinks that are carried by waiters of the local luxury restaurant. Virtually no different conditions await travelers on the long Galion, wide Neptune and other cozy beaches of Nice.

The divers who have chosen the resort are never disappointed with the rest here. Of the three local diving centers, they most often gather in the Club nautique - a popular club, relatively expensive, but even satisfying fans of this extreme entertainment. Nice will please connoisseurs of high art a wonderful opportunity to become grateful spectators of the reconstructed Opera House or visitors who always surprise with their avant-garde exhibitions of the Museum of Modern Art.

In the summer in the evening, not only tourists, but practically the whole city can be seen on the brightly lit by the colorful lights of the English embankment. A lot of excitement among travelers is caused by walks along the medieval Massena Square. It surprises with a harmonious combination of old buildings standing here and the multicolored statues that have appeared on special poles, as if they came from a fantastic film.

Which resort of the Mediterranean coast is better?

Thanks to the abundance and diversity of the Mediterranean resorts located on the territories of significantly different states, travelers are both easy and not easy to choose a place for their long-awaited vacation. Difficulties are, first of all, in almost identical conditions of rest and comfort.

Each resort tries to keep up with its neighbors, preparing for travelers a lot of not even quite foreseen opportunities for entertainment and pleasant pastime. But it is due to the truly fierce competition here that travelers in any of the mentioned and many other resort towns of the Mediterranean are always fascinated by a wonderful holiday on this famous coast.