Rating of regions of Russia in terms of quality of life 2017

For the fifth year in a row, RIA Novosti published a rating of the best regions of the Russian Federation in terms of quality of life. This term is understood as a set of indicators that demonstrate how easy it is to find a job in a particular region, to earn money, to get education and medical care, to live in normal housing, to go to the cinema and theaters, and not to suffer from environmental problems. A total of 72 criteria were chosen. The position of the region was determined on the basis of the set of scored indicators - the higher the number, the more favorable the place for living.


  • 10. Tyumen region - 55.13 rating points
  • 9. Lipetsk region - 57.41 points
  • 8. Khanty-Mansiysk AD - 57.82 points
  • 7. Voronezh region - 58.87 points
  • 6. Belgorod regionregion - 61.82 points
  • 5. Krasnodar Territory - 61.97 points
  • 4. Republic of Tatarstan - 63.12 points
  • 3. Moscow region - 68.55 points
  • 2. St. Petersburg - 76.49 points
  • 1.Moscow - 76.54 points
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10. Tyumen Region - 55.13 rating points for

Following the results of 2016Ode Tyumen region entered the top ten leaders. If in 2015 she occupied the eleventh place, then last year she made a step forward. And the population of the region has increased - according to the migration gain, the region is on the sixth place, and on the change in the number in the positive sense - on the third.

9. Lipetsk region - 57.41 points

The unemployment rate in the Lipetsk region is one of the lowest among the regions( seventh place), and they do not stay long in search of work( fourth place).And in general, businesses are profitable, because the number of successful organizations in the region is seventh.

8. Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area - 57.82 points

In addition to the Tyumen region, in the top 10 quality of life in the regions of Russia there is another representative of the Urals Federal District - the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. Although his position has been shaken compared to 2015 and he has lowered to a step below, it is still good to live there. The Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug is in the top ten at once on several indicators, including the money / goods and services ratio( fourth place) and the volume of deposits per person( ninth).Separately it is worth mentioning the medical service - the infant mortality rate there is the lowest in the country.

7. Voronezh Region - 58.87 points

Compared to 2015, the Voronezh Region has become better off living, it rose from the eighth place to the seventh. In terms of indicators, it is rather a strong average, as most of them are in the second and third ten.

6. Belgorod region - 61.82 points

The Belgorod region can rightfully be considered the most sporting area in Russia - the number of sports facilities per person there is the highest in the country. The population itself also strives to maintain a uniform - according to the number of employees, students and students involved in sports, it is in the third and fourth place, respectively.

5. Krasnodar Region - 61.97 points

The leader of the southern regions of Russia was in the top 10 best places to stay. And it is not surprising - in assessing the favorable climate, the Krasnodar Territory is one of the first places( along with Sevastopol, the Republic of Crimea and the Stavropol Territory).And in Krasnodar, it's good for motorists, because the region is in the top three in terms of the quality of roads.

4. The Republic of Tatarstan - 63.12 points

In Tatarstan, the least needy is the share of the population with incomes below the subsistence level there is the lowest in Russia. In addition, residents of Tatarstan are among the most physically developed in the country. According to the number of people systematically engaged in physical education, Tatarstan ranks third. Kazan tops the rating of Russian cities in terms of quality of life in 2017.

3. Moscow Region - 68.55 points

Most of all square meters per capita falls exactly in the Moscow region. By migration, it is even ahead of Moscow itself. And the workers are always there - the unemployment rate in the Moscow region is one of the lowest in the country( fourth place).Although the job is searched for a long time, the area occupies 24 lines for the duration of the job search.

2. St. Petersburg - 76.49 points

In relation to salary / expenses, St. Petersburg is second only to Moscow. And the share of the population with incomes below the subsistence minimum there is even less than in the capital. If Moscow on this indicator in seventh place, then St. Petersburg on the second. In St. Petersburg there is work for everyone - the unemployment rate there is the lowest of all regions and to search for it the fastest( both indicators come first).In the housing issue, although St. Petersburg suffers from overpopulation( 58th place), but the share of dilapidated housing there is the lowest among all regions. And the most comfortable apartments in Russia.

1. Moscow - 76.54 points

The capital of Russia continues to hold the position of the most comfortable place for a year already, although the capital of the north already begins to step on its heels. The ratio of salary / consumer goods and services among other regions in Moscow is still the most profitable( first place).And the population prefers to keep surplus money in banks, thanks to which Moscow ranks third in terms of deposits to an individual. In Moscow, most of all modern educational institutions( first place).Suffer Muscovites only from the housing issue - per square meter per person at the capital one of the lowest rates( 78).Although the existing housing is repaired( third place) and landscaped( second place).

Rating of Regions for Quality of Life( full list)