The best ski resorts in the world. Top 10

With the arrival of winter lovers of skiing begin to prepare their equipment for the new season. They take out ski suits from the cabinets, wipe glasses of glasses, remove slightly dusty skis from the mezzanine and start choosing a resort where winter rest will be most comfortable. To make the choice of a place for a little easier, we offer to your attention the top ten ski resorts in the world( the rating is compiled by the popular AskMen portal).The top included ski resorts in the US, Canada and the alpine countries of Europe: France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

10. Aspen / Aspen is a ski resort in the US state of Colorado, chosen by rich and famous people. It offers vacationers four nearby mountains with steep slopes. This resort is known for its high-quality trails and a well-equipped area for recreation of skiers. The only negative resort of Aspen - fabulous prices for all types of services.

9. Cortina d'Ampezzo / Cortina d'Ampezzo is a popular Italian resort, in 1956 it hosted the winter Olympic games on its snow-capped mountains. Today it has the status of one of the first capitals of mountain skiing and one of the most beautiful places in Italy.

8. Mont-Tremblant / Mont-Tremblant - a ski resort in the French-speaking province of Canada - Quebec. Mont-Tremblant was opened in 1939, becoming the first Canadian ski resort. Fans of active recreation consider it a paradise for skiers and, getting there, happily dip into the embrace of luxury. Another pleasant moment relates to the location of Mont-Tremblant - it is just an hour's drive from Montreal - the largest city of Quebec.

7. Stowe is a relatively new ski resort in the state of Vermont( USA).Stowe is often called one of the most picturesque resorts in the world. It successfully combines the characteristic for New England charm and the steepest vertical descents of this region. With the nearby recreation areas the resort is connected by a well-designed system of lifts. Comfort to this resort is added located here more than 90 shops and 60 restaurants.

6. Chamonix-Mont-Blanc - a resort in France, in 1924 served as the venue for the first Winter Olympic Games. High-class ski runs allow this ski resort to claim the title of the world's most famous zone for skiing. The resort is famous for its tracks, which have the status of the longest in the world( 22.05 km), as well as an impressive vertical descent, the maximum height of which reaches 2807 meters.

5. Lake Louise is a glacial lake located in the heart of Banff National Park in Canada. This Canadian ski resort is considered the most picturesque in North America or even all over the world.

4. Vail is a ski resort in the state of Colorado( USA), which received the title of America's most favorite resort. Therefore, it is only natural that he entered the top five of the rating. The resort is the largest in the US territory for mountain skiing, the total area of ​​which is 21.5 thousand m².Vail offers its guests not only active leisure activities, but also more relaxed - here there are museums and art galleries. Also on the territory of the resort you can ride dog sleds, snowmobiles, play hockey and even fly in a balloon.

3. Zermatt is a famous Swiss resort known for its calm and cozy atmosphere. In this place there is no noise of cars, there are no industrial enterprises, the local landscapes are unusually picturesque, and a successful geographical position provides a lot of light.

2. Kitzbuhel / Kitzbuhel - the most popular ski resort of the Austrian Alps. On the territory of the ancient Austrian resort with a 700-year history, winter competitions are often held, and the tracks are always crowded with skiers.

1. Whistler Blackcomb is a ski resort in the Canadian province of British Columbia, famous for its largest vertical downhill in North America. For 30 years, 600 million dollars have been spent on the construction and arrangement of a luxury ski resort. The cozy town of Whistler offers entertainment for all tastes: from ski equipment and snowboards to restaurants, which there are more than a hundred.